Scania – pushing a change towards tolerable transport

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Scania will horde a Sustainable Transport Forum in Paris on Aug 23, in and with a launch of a new era Scania. Keynote speakers during a eventuality embody a former Secretary-General of a United Nations, Kofi Annan.

The Sustainable Transport Forum in Paris underlines Scania’s goal of heading a change towards a tolerable ride system, a exigency for fulfilling a objectives of a Paris agreement and for achieving Sustainable Development.

“When we launch a new era Scania we wish to take a event to accumulate some of a many successful leaders to strengthen a tellurian joining to achieving tolerable societies,” says Mr. Henrik Henriksson, CEO during Scania.

Scania wants to use a Transport Forum to prominence a broader context within that we act, and uncover how a universe can go from tellurian agreements to tellurian actions. We are removing closer to a indicate when it might indeed be too late to act.

“We need to hook a bend of tellurian CO2 emissions within 4 years and afterwards steeply revoke emissions to strech a hoary giveaway universe economy until 2050. For me, it’s no longer a doubt if amiability will pierce in a tolerable direction, though if we will conduct to do it quick enough. The travel zone plays a critical purpose in a mutation that has to happen,” says Professor Johan Rockström, Director Stockholm Resilience Centre.

Scania also wants to enthuse a rest of a attention by focusing on opportunities outset from partnerships and by addressing a world’s subsequent model change – relocating from a industrial to a digital age – along with looking during what hurdles need to be faced to grasp loyal sustainability.

“When we demeanour behind in some twenty years time, I’m certain we will be means to contend that a change towards tolerable transports started here and that we were a partial of a solution. I’m unapproachable that Scania, together with a devoted partners, is heading a approach towards a some-more tolerable future,” says Mr. Henrik Henriksson.

The Sustainable Transport Forum will be hold during Grand Palais in Paris on Tuesday Aug 23, speakers include:

Mr. Kofi Annan, former secretary General of a UN

Mr. Georg Kell, Founding Director of a United Nations Global Compact

Mrs. Anna Johansson, Swedish Minister for Infrastructure

Mr. Andreas Renschler,

Andreas Renschler, Chairman Board of Directors Scania, Member of a Executive Board of Volkswagen AG obliged for blurb vehicles and CEO of Volkswagen Truck Bus GmbH

Mr. Michael Treschow, former Chairman of Unilever

Professor Johan Rockström, Director Stockholm Resilience Centre

Henrik Henriksson, CEO and President Scania

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