Scania links adult with Ericsson to exam 5G mobile technology

Posted on 25. May, 2016 by in Volkswagen Canada

Scania has turn a initial association to exam a communication giant’s new 5G record components, as partial of a partnership between Scania and Ericsson Research exploring a use of 5G networks in ride communications.

The record will underline prominently in trials of unconstrained pushing and connected vehicles. Three state-of-the-art mobile bottom stations have been commissioned during Scania’s RD trickery and a exam network will be invariably updated with new record as it is being developed.

Explains Anders Ställberg, Scania’s Project Manager for City Automation, “The new exam network with a 5G components allows for a high peculiarity mobile network service, with low-latency and high bandwidth, where a lot of formidable information can be eliminated really fast and really reliably – providing us with a ‘priority communications lane’ when it comes to projects such as unconstrained pushing and platooning.” Having a ‘priority lane’ has infrequently been an emanate in swarming pre-5G networks, where users have to shove for space with those who are streaming films, song or games, for example. 5G will support many some-more instances of use than 4G networks – quite in communication between machines.

For Scania, a low latency (delay) in 5G connectors means that a new record could be used by vehicles transmitting braking or directional information to any other, where speed and trustworthiness are vital. It could also be used to assistance urge a trustworthiness and speed of a sell of a information between a dual or some-more vehicles in a lorry platoon. Where formerly WLAN record has been used, a 5G technology, with a guaranteed turn of latency and bandwidth, could offer an alternative.

The new record can also play a pivotal purpose in tests of Scania’s unconstrained car system, such as self-driving vehicles invariably updating a map for unconstrained driving, stored on a executive server, for placement to other vehicles in a system.
Both Scania and Ericsson feel that a 5G trials will infer to be of good value. Says Anders Ställberg, “It allows Scania to serve rise a capabilities underpinning a ongoing projects, while Ericsson fulfils a enterprise to exam a new record in a working, unsentimental environment.”

Torbjörn Lundahl, Programme Director for a 5G National Research Programme during Ericsson Research, agrees. “We wish to uncover other companies how 5G can capacitate and support a digital mutation of their industry. “We wish to benefit profitable insights and innovations that will pave a approach for serve digitalisation, regulating 5G as an enabler. The trials with Scania will assistance us to know a mandate to safeguard they are met by a 5G customary and products, and deepens a knowledge with a travel zone that is a concentration attention for Ericsson.”

Looking ahead, a trials will not only be singular to a Södertälje contrast facility. Scania will also have entrance to a 5G tie during Ericsson’s conduct office. In fact, Ericsson’s 5G exam network in Kista was already used to hearing smaller, self-driving buses during a finish of Apr during Drive Sweden’s ‘Kista Mobility Week’. And, Kista will be a venue for destiny demos of unconstrained vehicles for Scania’s city automation project.

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