Scania ranks high in sustainability

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Ranked in place 38, Scania is a top ranked Swedish company

Scania is once again ranked among a world’s 100 many tolerable corporations, according to a prestigious Corporate Knights Global 100 list. The list, that is announced any year during a World Economic Forum in Davos, includes companies from all sectors of a economy.

Ranked in place 38, Scania was a top ranked Swedish company, and a second top in a automotive attention after BMW.

Inclusion in a Global 100 index is dynamic regulating twelve quantitative sustainability indicators, including a volume of income companies beget per section of appetite consumption, a ratio of CEO to normal workman salary, mislaid time damage rate, CO emissions and care diversity.

Focusing on sustainability is a pivotal success cause for Scania. More than 90 percent of a environmental impact of Scania products occurs during use. That is because Scania by toolbox product offerings like Ecolution by Scania, helps business to dramatically revoke costs and CO while improving highway safety. Scania also works tough to yield protected and healthy workplaces and to safeguard that a company’s possess operations and products are as gaunt and purify as possible.

According to Toby Heaps, CEO of Corporate Knights, a Global 100’s out-performance of 3.21% over this duration speaks to a investment advantages of sustainability. “The formula pronounce for themselves. Topping a well-diversified benchmark is not easy, though a Global 100 has managed to cheep out extrinsic out-performance opposite a violent duration in a story of a collateral markets. We charge this additional lapse to a flourishing investment aptitude of core sustainability themes.”

To review some-more about Scania’s sustainability work and “Ecolution by Scania” revisit

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