Scania signs break-through sequence for gas buses in South America

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The Colombian city of Cartagena will use 147 Scania Euro 6 gas buses on a new ride system

Cartagena has comparison Scania as a disdainful provider for dual case lines for a city’s code new Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) system, called Transcaribe. Scania will yield 147 Euro 6 gas buses to a city as good as use and upkeep contracts.

When selecting their provider a city took into care Scania’s imagination in providing tolerable ride solutions for cities around a world.

The buses underline a latest in low-emission record for civic ride and accommodate a many perfectionist emissions standards in Europe. By handling these buses, Cartagena will turn a initial city in Colombia to use gas solutions for civic ride and this will significantly revoke a emissions that a city’s stream swift is producing. It will set a new benchmark for tolerable ride in Colombia.

“Scania Euro 6 gas buses are a existence in civic ride in Europe and now it’s time for Colombia to take advantage of them. We are environment a new customary of tolerable ride in a country,” says Benoit Tanguy, Managing Director during Scania in Colombia. “The record is ideal for civic centres since of a low levels of both emissions and noise.”

Various companies have been selected to work a new BRT, including Sotramac and Transambiental.

Sotramac will take smoothness of 58 18-metre articulated gas buses, versed with 320 hp engines and a ability for 160 passengers. Transambiental will accept 89 12-metre customary gas buses versed with 280 hp engines.

All a buses will utilize a Scania Fleet Management complement that provides genuine time information from a vehicles on matters such as fuel-consumption, routes, use needs and motorist behaviour.

Scania will be obliged for providing both operators with a buses as good as ongoing upkeep of a vehicles. “Scania will implement a seminar during a customers’ facilities,” says Tanguy. “They will have all a tools indispensable to safeguard a top accessibility of buses. Scania’s use technicians will offer upkeep that meets Scania’s high technical standards.”

Sotromac has sealed a ten-year upkeep module with Scania and Transambiental has sealed a five-year agreement.

The initial gas buses will start handling on Cartagena’s BRT in a second half of 2015.

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