Scania signs clarity and anti-corruption stipulation with Colombia

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Scania has sealed a stipulation of clarity and anti-corruption with a supervision of Colombia as partial of a new Swedish Corporate Social Responsibility Network.

The Swedish Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Network has been determined by a Swedish Embassy in Colombia and grown with a South American country’s Secretariat of Transparency, partial of a Presidency of a Republic. Sweden is a initial nation in Colombia to make this kind of pact.

The prophesy of Sweden within a horizon of tolerable business is that all companies should emanate value and perform operations that foster tolerable growth within, for example, economic, amicable and environmental areas.

The Swedish Embassy in Colombia is ancillary Swedish companies on these issues and heading a network of CSR with a sold concentration on 4 areas: tellurian rights, work rights, sourroundings and anti-corruption.

The matter of clarity and anti-corruption has discipline and standards for how companies operate. The discipline embody 0 toleration for corruption, anti-corruption initiatives upheld by Swedish companies and a joining from them to strengthen and exercise programs and collection opposite corruption.

“Scania has always had a concentration on clarity in all a operations and that is because we immediately upheld this declaration,” says Benoit Tanguy, Managing executive of Scania Colombia.

Scania is apropos an increasingly tellurian association and is building business in new tellurian markets. A pivotal plea is to safeguard that a same high standards and processes are in place wherever a association operates.

“Scania needs to set a good instance of corporate shortcoming wherever we work in a world. we consider it is really certain that Scania works in partnership with a Embassy and others with obligatory areas like these”, says Andreas Follér, Sustainability Manager during Scania.

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