Scania to broach a record 1,500 trucks in a UK

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William Stobart, Group Chief Operating Officer and Scania's CEO and President Martin Lundstedt shake hands on a 1,500 trucks dealBritish ride companies Eddie Stobart and A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products have systematic 1,500 Scania Euro 6 trucks in a largest singular sequence for vehicles to date in a UK.

The order, that will be filled over dual years, follows a new joint-procurement agreement between Scania and a dual companies. The initial such agreement was sealed in 2010 and was updated in 2012. Under these agreements, Scania has delivered 2,000 trucks.

William Stobart, Chief Operating Officer during Stobart Group, says, “Our preference to continue holding Scania vehicles is formed on their proven record within a Eddie Stobart and A.W. Jenkinson fleets. We saw no reason though to continue this attribute as we enter into Euro 6 production, with a new understanding giving us a lot of coherence going forward.”

The Euro 6 glimmer customary became mandatory for all new trucks in Europe on 31 Dec 2013. Scania launched a initial Euro 6 trucks in 2011 and followed with a second era of a vehicles in 2013. The association has to date sole 6,500 Euro 6 trucks. Meanwhile, trucks owned by Scania’s possess ride company, Scania Transport Laboratory, along with Scania Euro 6 exam vehicles operated by business have lonesome some-more than 26 million kilometres.

Scania (Great Britain) Limited, Managing Director Claes Jacobsson says, “It is with good pleasure that we announce this, a third vital joint-procurement agreement with Eddie Stobart and A.W. Jenkinson Forest Products. Since signing a initial such sequence 4 years ago, a UK sales and use teams have worked tirelessly to safeguard that we have continued to accommodate a expectations and final of these dual critical operators. we am therefore gay that Scania has once again been selected as a elite code by both companies.”

The agreement will engage a supply of vehicles with a far-reaching accumulation of specifications and designed for a far-reaching operation of ride applications, including G- and R-series trucks. Repair and upkeep will be rubbed by Scania’s use network in a UK.

Eddie Stobart truckEddie Stobart, partial of Stobart Group, is one of a many recognized and strongest brands in Britain, best famous for a iconic immature trucks. Today, Eddie Stobart is a name behind a highway haulage swift of 2,500 vehicles. It employs some of a best car utilization practices in a industry, maximising both potency and environmental benefits.

A.W. Jenkinson truckA.W. Jenkinson Forest Products and a subsidiaries hoop over 2 million tonnes of immature waste, roundwood, chips, sawdust, bellow and other joist co-products any year. This is collected from forestry sites, sawmills and other timber estimate industries via a UK. The association is a largest UK retailer of woodchip and bellow products.

Scania is a vital retailer to British attention of trucks, buses, coaches and engines for industrial and sea applications. Additionally, a association provides a far-reaching operation of interrelated and subordinate services in support of a products and business by a 90-plus-strong network of use centres. In 2013, Scania’s share of a UK complicated lorry marketplace was 18.1 percent and a total train and manager marketplace share amounted to 8.3 percent.

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