"Schutzranzen" protects children in highway traffic

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• Coodriver GmbH and Volkswagen pointer vital partnership

• Smartphone or GPS transmitters send signals about children’s position to vehicles

• Full formation designed into arrangement and handling system

Volkswagen has sealed a vital partnership with Coodriver GmbH. The concentration of a team-work is a “Schutzranzen” (protection satchel) app that will assistance motorists to see children on a highway in time to equivocate dangerous situations. The new focus will be integrated into a arrangement and handling complement of new Volkswagen models in future.

A child unexpected runs out from between dual parked vehicles onto a road, right in front of an coming car. This is a calamity unfolding for any driver. Young children in sold are frequently unknowingly of a dangers of trade and are therefore victims of highway accidents. The “Schutzranzen” automobile app aims to equivocate such accidents involving children in destiny by alerting a motorist in time about dangerous situations visually and/or audibly. The dual plan partners, Volkswagen AG and Coodriver GmbH, a cloud-based focus use provider for trade reserve have motionless to work together on this.

Dr Volkmar Tanneberger, Head of Electrical and Electronic Development of a Volkswagen brand, comments: “Interconnecting with a sourroundings will in destiny urge a reserve of all highway users. Thus a “Schutzranzen” app is a serve building retard in destiny intelligent sourroundings monitoring technologies. Moreover, a thesis of “children” is really critical to us, since we can now improved brand and strengthen a many exposed people on a roads.” In a middle term, Volkswagen AG and Coodriver GmbH will be jointly building a record that entirely integrates “Schutzranzen” into a arrangement and handling complement of a vehicle.

Once children have downloaded a app on their possess smartphone, it sends their stream position to a Coodriver cloud. Children who do not have a smartphone can send a vigilance to vehicles around a GPS conductor integrated in their satchel. This tracker is offering giveaway of assign by Coodriver GmbH. The position of a child and of a motorist is dynamic by a complement and transmitted in encrypted form to a cloud. The cloud server calculates a compulsory reserve stretch between a child and vehicle. If it falls next a certain level, a visible and heard vigilance integrated in a automobile app warns drivers about children on a roadside. And that happens prolonged before a motorist is even means to see an coming schoolchild. This gives drivers adequate warning to be means to stop in time.

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