SEAT and GAS NATURAL FENOSA boost a use of healthy gas in a automotive industry

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From left to right: Ramón Paredes, a Vice-President of Governmental and Institutional Relations for SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain, and Daniel López Jordà, CEO of Retail Energy Business of GAS NATURAL FENOSA.The CEO of Retail Energy Business of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, Daniel López Jordà, and a Vice-President of Governmental and Institutional Relations for SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain, Ramón Paredes, have sealed a vital agreement to rise and foster a use of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in a automotive margin in Spain, in a entrance years.

The agreement will concede both companies to value their care in this sector, strengthen their particular positions in a Vehicular Natural Gas market, and foster among companies and people a use of CNG in a area of mobility.

Collaboration by several initiatives
By trait of a vital agreement, both companies will settle several corner movement lines over a subsequent dual years to foster a use of Vehicular Natural Gas as an choice fuel. Therefore, a companies will cruise opposite business models for a selling of CNG vehicles that might cover a whole value chain: a automobile itself, infrastructure and gas supply.

Among a initiatives agreed, a companies will investigate their corner appearance in projects associated to a graduation of CNG in automobile fleets of companies and between individuals. Likewise, a companies will work to incorporate a SEAT vehicles using on CNG in a vehicles fleets of GAS NATURAL FENOSA and a partner companies.

Additionally, a appetite association and a automobile association will jointly cruise a installing of publicly permitted CNG stuffing points during dealerships deliberate applicable to foster this form of fuel.

From left to right: Ramón Paredes, a Vice-President of Governmental and Institutional Relations for SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain, and Daniel López Jordà, CEO of Retail Energy Business of GAS NATURAL FENOSA.Finally, both companies will work on a investigate and growth of tolerable sources of healthy gas as good as on a technical implications that can be practical to a engines of a automobile brand. 

“To GAS NATURAL FENOSA, a association that has worked for some-more than a decade in a investigate and graduation of a use of gas in civic transport, this agreement is an critical step for a growth of mobility by choice fuels as healthy gas, being accepted as a approach to foster sustainability and emanate value for society”, pronounced Daniel López Jordà, after signing a agreement.

On a other hand, Ramón Paredes pronounced “To foster CNG record in a nation together with a partner such as GAS NATURAL FENOSA is a pledge of success. SEAT already sells CNG-powered vehicles in markets such as Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland and a Netherlands, where they have an optimal infrastructure to accommodate a direct for dense healthy gas. Our joining to sustainability is also reflected in sales, given 85% of a cars sole in Spain and 60% worldwide are low glimmer vehicles (120g/km.)”.

CNG, a tolerable choice fuel
Compressed healthy gas is a fuel that offers environmental and mercantile benefits, and provides an choice to normal fuels.

Compressed healthy gas can revoke airborne emissions and urge atmosphere peculiarity in cities. In this sense, it can revoke by some-more than 85% a emissions of nitrogen oxides and helps to revoke by 24% a emissions of CO2 -the categorical hothouse gas-. Furthermore, from an mercantile indicate of perspective it permits fuel cost assets of between 30% and 50%.

Currently, SEAT has designed dual vehicles that run on dense healthy gas. The Mii Ecofuel that with 79g/km is a mass made automobile producing a lowest CO2 emissions in a story of a association and that is surpassing a sales forecasts in markets such as Italy, where a CNG record is good implemented.

And, in early 2014, a New LEON 1.4 TGI that is a serve instance of SEAT’s joining to CNG.With really low expenditure sum and a lowest fuel price, a New LEON is one of a many careful vehicles in a market. The LEON TGI in CNG mode offers a operation of over 400 kilometers and an normal expenditure of 3.5 kg (3.5 euros approx.) of gas per 100 kilometers, producing CO2 emissions of usually 94 g/km. Meanwhile, in a gasoline mode it offers an additional operation of 900 kilometers and, with both fuel tanks full, can transport some-more than 1,300 kilometers.



SEAT is a usually association in a zone with a full-range ability to design, develop, make and marketplace cars in Spain. A member of a Volkswagen Group, a multinational has a domicile in Martorell (Barcelona), exporting some-more than 80% of a vehicles, and is benefaction in some-more than 75 countries. In 2012 SEAT had a sum turnover of some-more than 6 billion euros, with altogether deliveries amounting to 321,000 units.

SEAT Group employs 14,000 professionals during a 3 prolongation centres in Barcelona − Zona Franca, El Prat de Llobregat and Martorell, where it manufactures a rarely successful Ibiza and Leon, among other models. Additionally, a association produces a Alhambra in Palmela (Portugal), a Mii in Bratislava (Slovakia) and a Toledo in Mladá Boleslav (Czech Republic) during Volkswagen Group plants.

The Spanish multinational also has a Technical Center, a ‘knowledge hub’, bringing together tighten to 1,000 engineers whose idea is to be a pushing force behind creation for a series one industrial financier in RD in Spain. In line with a announced joining to environmental protection, SEAT undertakes and bases a core activity on sustainability, namely rebate of CO2 emissions, appetite efficiency, as good as recycling and re-use of resources.


GAS NATURAL FENOSA is one of a heading multinational companies in a gas and electricity sector, and a heading association with honour to healthy gas selling in a Iberian Peninsula and a initial healthy gas distributor in Latin America.

GAS NATURAL FENOSA is a heading association in appetite potency in Spain and is an general benchmark in this field. The association considers a potency as a categorical apparatus for ensuring appetite supply, minister to a competitiveness of a business and urge environmental sustainability.

The association provides a business mobility solutions, including a use of choice fuels, a cost and environmental impact of that is reduction than a normal fuels used in a automotive industry. Among other technologies, a vehicular healthy gas and electric vehicles are enclosed in this section.

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