SEAT awards prizes to patents and innovations grown by employees

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• 122 inventions were submitted in 2015, of that 39 patents were registered
• The Inventors Awards beginning encourages employees’ active participation
  and creation enlightenment by rewarding their inventiveness

SEAT’s Inventors Awards have once again rewarded association employees for their contributions and ideas, and in 2015 their expertise resulted in 39 new patents. The awards aim to inspire a enlightenment of creation among workers by enlivening them to benefaction inventions that will boost and strengthen a company’s expertise and minister innovative solutions to all a company.

In 2015 a sum of 122 inventions devised by employees were submitted, that led to 39 obvious registrations. Of these, 26 are inhabitant and a remaining 13 are general in scope. Prominent among a patents presented were proposals traffic with improvements and new solutions or applications relating to record and product, as good as in a area of sales and marketing.

The 2016 book of a Inventors Awards rewarded a circle cove system, that controls a circle cove angle on racing vehicles with Best International Patent, while a Best National Patent endowment went to a pulsing ignition switch. In terms of Innovation, a Parkfinder BCN app, that displays accessible circuitously parking spaces in a city of Barcelona, was comparison among all a proposals as a best.

SEAT Vice-President for RD Dr. Matthias Rabe, pronounced that “for a vehicle attention and generally for what lies ahead, a destiny is about electric mobility, it’s about involuntary pushing and connectivity, digitalisation. We need creation in these areas in sequence to stay ahead; we need good ideas and we need to strengthen them”.

Since SEAT launched a programme in 2006, a company’s stream portfolio facilities 285 patents in force. The Inventors Awards are a pointer of SEAT’s joining to a employees and of how a association promotes their active appearance and a enlightenment of creation in a workplace. In addition, these awards aim to inspire them to digest even some-more and improved innovations to be protected.

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