SEAT boosts participation in Mexico with Leon

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SEAT opts for Mexico as pivotal nation for expansion and internationalisation. The Spanish association has presented a new Leon, with that – in further to a Ibiza – it hopes to connect itself among a 10 best-selling brands in Mexico, after flourishing 60% over a past dual years. SEAT has started 2013 by flourishing during a rate of 8.5% in Mexico; in a initial 4 months of a year it has already purebred 7,360 vehicles, creation it a ninth best-selling code in a country.

“We are gay during a approach a code has been moving”, pronounced Edgar Estrada, conduct of SEAT in Mexico. “We are assured that a strength of a new Leon will assistance us continue to grow in Mexico. Our blurb offer is renewed with a Leon, that enables delight of a latest record and offers good value for money”, he added.

The Spanish code has not stopped flourishing in Mexico given 2010, when it available a share of 1.7% in newcomer cars sell sales. That year it sole 13,380 units, flourishing to 18,115 in 2011, and rising to 21,114 final year. SEAT has a network of about fifty dealerships in a nation and that will grow over a subsequent few months.

These information make Mexico SEAT’s sixth many critical marketplace during this moment, and a second many critical outward Europe, after Algeria. For a zone as a whole, Mexico is a world’s fifteenth many critical automotive market, and a third many critical in a Americas, entrance usually behind a US and Brazil. In 2012, sales were tighten on a one million mark.

The success of a Ibiza in Mexico is unprecedented, and SEAT wants to repeat that success with a new Leon, some-more than 25,000 units of that have been sole in Europe in reduction than 6 months. The five-door Leon will start to be marketed in Mexico in June, and a SC three-door chronicle of a compress automobile will arrive in a final entertain of a year. Both models will be built during a Barcelona Martorell prolongation plant. In Mexico SEAT distributes a three- and five-door versions of a Ibiza, a Altea XL and Freetrack, a new Toledo and, to date, a second-generation Leon.


The Leon is a initial prolongation automobile to demonstrate SEAT’s new pattern language. The new compress automobile is versed with a far-reaching operation of ground-breaking technological solutions improving reserve and augmenting connectivity. At a same time, it is a initial automobile in a shred to offer constituent LED headlights. The new Leon is made on a new Volkswagen Group MQB height and, nonetheless 90 kilogrammes lighter and 52 millimetres shorter than a predecessor, has some-more room inside. The far-reaching operation of energy units provides business with a pledge of anticipating a many suitable one for their needs. The new Leon is also versed with Start/Stop record to boost efficiency.

During a display Fermín Soneira, conduct of Complete Vehicle Development and Chassis during SEAT, explained that “the new Leon combines a impetus of a brand’s pattern denunciation with a latest technology. The accurate pattern and a peculiarity of a execution simulate a high turn of development”. Soneira combined that “the new Leon provides good pushing pleasure and extensive efficiency, together with superb pattern and a high grade of functionality”.

Jorge Díez, SEAT’s Exterior Chief Designer, underscored a fact that “the new Leon offers plain and protected handling, as good as looks that seem only right. It is an superb and sporty vehicle”. “The volumes of a Leon are intensely elegant and a fluent lines uncover off a dynamism, such as a outline of a headlights and a back light clusters. The new Leon only oozes character”.


SEAT is an instance of internationalisation. The Spanish association exports 83% of a cars and is benefaction in 77 countries, a fact that enabled it to grow worldwide by 11.5% between Jan and Apr compared with a same duration final year. In Apr SEAT sole 30,058 vehicles, 20.5% some-more than in a same month in 2012.

In Germany, a company’s categorical market, SEAT sales have grown by 30.6% so distant this year, reaching a figure of 23,702 vehicles. In Spain a code has delivered 22,356 vehicles (+10.7%), with another 14,784 (+9.0%) in a UK. The association has also seen clever expansion outward Europe during a same period, with 7,822 vehicles (+137.6%) sole in Algeria, 2,126 (+111.1%) in Turkey and 1,217 (+310.5%) in Russia, where in 2012 SEAT reinforced a participation and instituted a new proviso together with a Volkswagen Group importer.

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