Second 24-hour competition feat for Audi within 7 days

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This year, a classical continuation foe in a Eifel valid to be a loyal thriller. The ‘marathon’ had seen a violent commencement during a high gait with many incidents, and by a time a object rose on Sunday, if not earlier, it had incited into a genuine sprint. In a early morning hours, a fans watched an extraordinary duel for a lead. With a tenth-of-a-second opening Christian Mamerow in a #4 Audi was battling with a Mercedes of a Black Falcon team. Following position battles opposite several laps, a Audi motorist prevailed and, holding turns during a circle with with his team-mates Christopher Haase, René Rast and Markus Winkelhock, gradually extended a squad’s lead in a final third of a race. But a group never had any time to relax, as 5 opposite marques were battling in a tip 6 positions, with a tip 3 teams using on a same path for a prolonged time. In a end, a motorist party won with an advantage of 2m 59s. The second-best Audi to cranky a finish line was a R8 LMS ultra of a Audi foe experience. Stratosphere jumper Felix Baumgartner and his team-mates Frank Biela, Marco Werner and Pierre Kaffer reached a finish in ninth place. With that, Baumgartner managed a much-noted, successful entrance in a classical continuation race. Team Twinbusch was a third Audi patrol to grasp a tip 10 placing. Following an exquisite drive, a highwayman group with Dennis Busch/Marc Busch/Stefan Landmann/Manuel Lauck trailed a Audi foe knowledge in tenth place during a mottled flag.

While Christopher Haase and Markus Winkelhock had been partial of Audi’s 2012 winning team, currently noted a initial altogether feat for Christian Mamerow and René Rast in a iconic continuation foe in a Eifel. The brand’s feat was complemented by 3 Audi business achieving success in dual classes. Raeder Motorsport won a SP3T category forward of LMS Engineering. Both teams relied on a Audi TT RS. In a SP4T class, a Besaplast Racing group prevailed with another Audi TT RS.

Phoenix Racing was hapless with a #3 Audi R8 LMS ultra of Marc Basseng/Marcel Fässler/Frank Stippler/Laurens Vanthoor. Basseng had an collision on Saturday when braking in front of a Hohenrain equivocation though was not injured. Teams Prosperia C. Abt Racing, G-Drive Racing and a second Audi foe knowledge automobile had a violent race. Following a puncture and a penalty, Christer Jöns/Niclas Kentenich/Christopher Mies/Dominik Schwager of Prosperia C. Abt Racing had softened to seventh place by a 14th hour of a race. But a shop-worn expostulate missile and delivery change subsequently caused automobile #10 to dump to 62nd place. The Audi eventually crossed a finish line in 34th position.  

The sister model, automobile #9, had been using in a tip 10 as good when shortly before midnight a puncture following hit with another automobile in a margin meant an initial setback. After a delivery change on Sunday morning, Alexander Müller/Marco Seefried/Nicki Thiim/Richard Westbrook forsaken to 12th place. Two hours before a finish of a race, a patrol motionless not to keep a automobile in a race. G-Drive Racing had primarily achieved a good position as well. After starting from grid position 17, a Belgian group had softened to eighth place in a initial half of a race. A change of a delivery and a feverishness exchanger cost a automobile of Nico Müller/Stéphane Ortelli/Roman Rusinov/Edward Sandström a lot of time, that meant a finish of a foe in a 20th hour. The #18 R8 LMS ultra of a Audi foe experience, following several repairs due to accidents, took a mottled dwindle in 23rd place.

“Sincere congratulations to a winners and a frank ‘thank you’ to a business for their coming during a Nürburgring,” pronounced a gratified Romolo Liebchen, Head of Audi Sport patron racing. “We saw a loyal classical this weekend in that all a qualities of continuation racing were crucial: first-class technology, arguable drivers, a good plan and a plain group performance. I’m happy that we managed to bind a second feat in 3 years opposite such extreme foe in one of a world’s toughest continuation races. Congratulations also to a business in a SP3T and SP4T classes. For Audi Sport patron racing, a weekend could frequency have been some-more successful.”

Race results

1 Haase/Mamerow/Rast/Winkelhock (Audi R8 LMS ultra), 159 laps
2 Bleekemolen/Simonsen/Menzel/Arnold (Mercedes), + 2m 59s
3 Zehe/Hohenadel/Bastian/Engel (Mercedes) – 2 laps
4 Henzler/Dumbreck/Ragginger/Imperatori (Porsche) – 2 laps
5 Mücke/Turner/Lamy (Aston Martin) – 2 laps
6 Klingmann/Baumann/Hürtgen/Tomczyk (BMW) – 2 laps
7 Primat/Götz/Heyer/Rehfeld (Mercedes) – 3 laps
8 Stuck/Sandritter/Brück/Rostek (BMW) – 5 laps
9 Baumgartner/Werner/Biela/Kaffer (Audi R8 LMS ultra) – 6 laps
10 Busch/Busch/Lauck/Landmann (Audi R8 LMS ultra) – 7 laps
23 Frey/Frankenhout/Bastien/Bollrath (Audi R8 LMS ultra) – 15 laps
34 Mies/Jöns/Kentenich/Schwager (Audi R8 LMS ultra) – 21 laps

– End –

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