Second quarrel on a grid for Phoenix during a Nürburgring

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Four opposite marques in a tip 4 positions of a grid underscore a competitiveness in a GT3 category this year. Phoenix Racing competent for a second quarrel as a best Audi team. With a path time of 8m 14.117s, Phoenix motorist Christian Mamerow in a shoot-out event softened a provisional subordinate time set by automobile #4 on a dry lane a day before by 7.3 seconds. He will be rebellious a competition together with Christopher Haase, René Rast and Markus Winkelhock. The group of Ernst Moser, formed in Meuspath, will also yield a second-best Audi on a grid during a home round: Frank Stippler achieved a sixth-best path time. The 2012 leader is pity automobile #3 with Marc Basseng, Marcel Fässler and Laurens Vanthoor.

The third Audi motorist in a tip 10 was Pierre Kaffer. The veteran competition driver, who is pity a cockpit with impassioned contestant Felix Baumgartner, Frank Biela and Marco Werner, competent in eighth place for a Audi competition experience.

Prosperia C. Abt Racing in positions 12 and 19, G-Drive Racing in 17th place, a second automobile of a Audi competition knowledge in 26th place and a Twinbusch Audi in position 28, finished a formula for Audi on a initial 14 rows of a grid. The starting sequence is, however, of delegate significance for a 5 squads. The essential aspect was to have come adult with a set-up in a use and subordinate sessions that would give all a drivers a good bottom for a generation of a 24-hour race. The Audi teams also used a time adult to a subordinate event for consummate technical preparations of their R8 LMS ultra cars for a 24-hour race.

The competition will be started during 16.00 on Saturday. The fans backing a Nordschleife can demeanour brazen to a special coming preceding a race, as Le Mans leader Marcel Fässler will be pushing a path on a Nordschleife in a Audi R18 e-tron quattro. On TV, a fans can watch a competition for some-more than 15 hours on Sport1. The YouTube channel ADACZurich24hRennen and Fan TV that can be perceived on plcae around a DVB-T channel 27 are airing live broadcasts of Germany’s vital continuation competition as well.

Selected quotes

Romolo Liebchen (Head of Audi Sport patron racing): “We’re generally gratified with a subordinate results. We’ve put ourselves in a good position. We deliberately didn’t conflict for a fastest time since we didn’t wish to take an extreme risk. The gaps in a margin are close, that means we can design to see an engaging race.”

Christian Mamerow (Audi R8 LMS ultra #4/Phoenix Racing):
“I was a bit astounded about how quick we can be on a singular lap. we could frequency have driven any faster. The gaps adult to position 10 are really close. Our automobile felt good – ‘thank you’ for this to a team. We’re entirely prepared, have got a good motorist choice and feel competitive.”

Qualifying results

1 Kevin Estre (McLaren #66) 8m 10.921s
2 Maxime Martin (BMW #25) 8m 13.497s
3 Christian Mamerow (Audi R8 LMS ultra #4) 8m 14.117s
4 Adam Christodoulou (Mercedes #14) 8m 14.290s
5 Dirk Werner (BMW #19) 8m 14.848s
6 Frank Stippler (Audi R8 LMS ultra #3) 8m 14.868s
7 Andreas Simonsen (Mercedes #1) 8m 15.098s
8 Pierre Kaffer (Audi R8 LMS ultra #502) 8m 15.176s
9 Stefan Mücke (Aston Martin #7) 8m 15.834s
10 Alex Buncombe (Nissan #80) 8m 15.922s
12 Nicki Thiim (Audi R8 LMS ultra #9) 8m 16.359s
17 Edward Sandström (Audi R8 LMS ultra #17) 8m 18.132s
19 Christopher Mies (Audi R8 LMS ultra #10) 8m 18.514s
26 Christiaan Frankenhout (Audi R8 LMS ultra #18), 8m 25.326s
28 Dennis Busch (Audi R8 LMS ultra #16) 8m 30.155s

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