Secondary-Use Chevrolet Volt Batteries Power Their Way Into a Record Books

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Secondary-Use Chevrolet Volt Batteries Power Their Way Into a Record Books

More than 4,739 TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games fans helped set a Guinness World Records™ pretension for a many series of people generating electricity in one week






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Toronto – Chevrolet has put their delegate use battery record in a record books by environment a Guinness World Records pretension for a many people generating electricity in one week during a TORONTO 2015 Pan American Games.

From Jul 17th to Jul 24th, participants during a Chevrolet Power of Play vaunt in CIBC Pan Am Park raced family and friends head-to-head on a 1,038 feet rival marathon container automobile track, powered by secondary-use Chevrolet Volt batteries. Participants tranquil a speed of a cars and charged a batteries by roving on 6 still bicycles, generating electricity with their possess pedal power.

A sum of 4,739 people generated some-more than 13,000 electrical watt hours of electricity over a march of a week. To put a record in context, that volume of appetite could appetite a Chevrolet Volt to expostulate 60 km. 

This focus of Chevrolet’s delegate use battery record is partial of a innovative work-taking place during General Motor’s Canadian Engineering Centre in Oshawa, and a proof of a company’s ongoing joining to creation and sustainability.

“We wanted to use a Power of Play proof not usually to offer a fun, interactive approach for fans to have their possess accessible competition, though also to put a record in a record books,” pronounced Hossein Hassani, Director of Enterprise Marketing for General Motors of Canada. “Power of Play has been an painting of a intensity delegate uses for a batteries in Chevrolet Volt electric vehicles, as good as a means to exam how renewable appetite sources can beget stored electricity while minimizing environmental impact.”

“Building tolerable modes of travel is critical to relocating to a low-carbon future. We are gratified to see that Chevrolet and GM of Canada are holding a care purpose in building electric cars and tolerable battery record by engineering work finished right here in Ontario,” pronounced Glen Murray, Minister of a Environment and Climate Change.

The Chevrolet Volt batteries used in a muster are batteries that have exceeded their eight-to-ten-year lifespan on a road. Even after a finish of that lifespan, they still have fifty to seventy per cent ability remaining. That ability can be used to yield backup power, rise rate shred and renewable appetite storage for both blurb and non-commercial uses, and it can broach rubbish reductions and mercantile advantages on an industrial scale.

Chevrolet has been actively posterior delegate use applications during a Canadian Engineering Centre given a launch of a initial Volt in 2011. It is now being used as a backup and auxiliary appetite source for a General Motors IT information centre in Milford, Michigan, and it is estimated that a record could appetite a whole residence for about 10 hours.

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