Sensational feat in Spa-Francorchamps: BMW M6 GT3 celebrates altogether win on a 24-hour entrance in a Ardennes.

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Local heroes Pascal Ickx (BE) and Gérard Langlois (BE) cumulative BMW’s
initial delight during a Ardennes marathon in a BMW 1800 TI/SA behind in
1965. Nicky Catsburg (NL), Lucas Luhr (DE) and Markus Palttala (FI)
scored feat with a BMW Z4 GT3 final season. Now a successor, the
BMW M6 GT3, has also combined a name to a list of winners of the
24-hour competition in Spa-Francorchamps (BE) – and on a unequivocally initial appearance.

It was a competition of highs, lows and a ideal finish for the
winning #99 BMW M6 GT3. In a initial proviso in particular, yellow
flags, a reserve automobile proviso durability roughly an hour and a lot of traffic
in a array line kept blending adult a field. Martin, Sims and Eng were
even outward a tip 30 for a while. As a competition went on, they were
means to conflict their approach adult by a margin path by lap. When night
fell, a BMW M6 GT3 had determined itself among a front-runners
and led a field. The automobile entered a pits for a mandatory
five-minute stop to change a brakes during a yellow dwindle phase.
Afterwards, Sims, Martin and Eng continued to reason their belligerent among
a front-runners and were in fourth place median by a race.
They returned to initial place in a early hours of a morning.
Unperturbed by a fanciful conditions, ROWE Racing brought home
victory. The delight was a quite special knowledge for Belgian
motorist Martin during his home competition in Spa-Francorchamps.

Last year’s personality Nick Catsburg (NL), with Stef Dusseldorp (NL)
and Dirk Werner (DE), also gathering a illusory competition in a automobile 98. ROWE
Racing’s second BMW M6 GT3 was in a tip 10 for prolonged durations of the
competition and also finished laps as a leader. Like their teammates in
a sister car, Catsburg, Dusseldorp and Werner also done it through
a night though incident. They were in 16th place during a halfway
point, done it behind into a tip 10 with an superb arrangement of
driving, and determined themselves in a clever position. Then, an
hour and a half before a finish of a race, a #98 BMW M6 GT3
suffered a problem with a clutch. Catsburg, Dusseldorp and Werner
were forced to retire.

BMW DTM motorist Martin Tomczyk (DE) in a #15 BMW M6 GT3 was
also unequivocally unlucky. The German contested his initial 24-hour competition during the
“Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps” for BMW Team Italia. Tomczyk,
who gathering a initial stint, showed considerable gait right from the
start. The BMW works motorist started a competition from 47th on a grid and
delivered an considerable charging drive. At a finish of his double
stint, he handed over a BMW M6 GT3 that was contesting a Pro-Am
category to Stefano Colombo (IT) in 16th place. Unfortunately, Tomczyk’s
opening went unrewarded: a group was forced to lapse a automobile to
a garage after an collision in a early stages of a race. The
marathon also came to an early finish for Boutsen Ginion Racing; shortly
after 6 in a morning, a technical forsake forced a group to retire.

Quotes after a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps.

Jens Marquardt (BMW Motorsport
“Last year we bid farewell to a BMW Z4
GT3 with a win in Spa-Francorchamps. The fact that a successor, the
BMW M6 GT3, was means to repeat this pretentious success in a first
year in movement is fantastic. Congratulations to a whole ROWE Racing
group on their marvellous altogether win in Spa. The organisation did as flawless
a office and so did a drivers Maxime Martin, Philipp Eng and Alexander
Sims in a cockpit – and they some-more than warranted initial place. With this
success on a entrance during a 24 Hours of Spa-Francorchamps, a BMW M6
GT3 valid a huge intensity nonetheless again and showed that it is
totally arguable and competitive. we feel quite contemptible for Nick
Catsburg, Stef Dusseldorp and Dirk Werner. They gathering a unequivocally good race
before they were forced to retire their automobile an hour and a half before
a finish of a race. we would also like to prominence Martin Tomczyk’s
implausible arrangement of driving, he did a illusory office with BMW Team
Italia. Martin went on an considerable office during his initial appearance
in Spa; he and his group deserved to do well. It was also a contrition for
Boutsen Ginion Racing, who were not rewarded for their efforts in this race.”

Maxime Martin (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE
“I can’t report how I’m feeling. I’ve
competed in a 24 Hours of Spa 10 times now and have been in the
lead, though winning, in a 4 prior races. we had a technical
emanate any time, and we was kind of awaiting us to be detrimental again
this year. The whole group did a flawless job. We didn’t have a single
problem in a whole competition – we were consistently good. It was the
best win of my career, alongside my successes in a DTM. When I
embraced my father, we felt a swell of emotions. My family has won the
competition 7 times now, that is simply sensational.”

Philipp Eng (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE
“The feeling of winning here is fantastic.
There are some races that we wish to win in your career as a racing
driver, and Spa is unequivocally one of those. The fact that we are at
a tip in a BMW M6 GT3’s unequivocally initial year is incredible. This is my
initial vital success as a works driver, my initial vital win as an
continuation dilettante – we need to take it all in first. So much
happened in a race, and we also had some good fortune. Then when it
started to sleet again 30 mins before a end, we asked myself ‘Is
that unequivocally necessary, because now?’ we don’t need to knowledge that
tragedy ever again.”

Alexander Sims (#99 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE
“Honestly, we still can’t trust it. The last
army in sold was unequivocally emotional, and we attempted to concentration on ending
a competition safely. My group helped me a lot with that around radio, keeping
me informed. The 24 Hours of Spa has been a unequivocally special competition to me
given a start of my career in motorsport, and we never approaching to
win it after only 4 years of GT racing. we consider that everybody at
ROWE Racing and BMW Motorsport did a illusory office with a BMW M6
GT3. What an implausible start; a initial deteriorate for a automobile and the
initial feat during a 24 Hours of Spa. My interjection go to Philipp and
Maxime too. They were illusory from start to finish.”

Nick Catsburg (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE
“I’m still a bit ripped during a moment.
Naturally, we were incompetent to finish a race, though we were adult there
fighting for a heading positions for vast sections of a race. We
had a compulsory pace. The group did an superb job. And a sister
automobile brought home a win. we know what that feels like, and it is
something unequivocally special for Maxime Martin and a whole team. There is
no approach that anyone could have likely such a outcome in a BMW M6
GT3’s initial year. It unequivocally is fantastic.”

Dirk Werner (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE
“It was an hapless competition for us. We
mislaid a path during a start during a yellow dwindle phase. But from that
indicate on, things went flattering good for us. We had good path times, were
means to keep adult with a rivals, though were a path behind. This meant
that we were stranded in sixth or seventh place. Unfortunately, we were
incompetent to finish a race, that is a shame, though that can occur in a
24-hour race. Congratulations to a teammates on their win. They
gathering a illusory race.”

Stef Dusseldorp (#98 BMW M6 GT3, ROWE
“It is unequivocally frustrating. Somehow, a race
seems to have it in for me. It all feels a small bit like final year.
We were on a approach to removing a good result, everybody delivered a
clever performance, and afterwards something like that happens. It is really
joyless timid from a competition like that. Fortunately, a other
automobile achieved ideally and they were means to move home a win.
However, altogether everybody did a illusory job, that is because no one can
criticize anyone in a team.”

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