Seven Million Manual Gearboxes Produced in Mladá Boleslav

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– Twin jubilee: 6 million MQ 200 gearboxes and 1 million MQ 100 gearboxes constructed
  during a company’s categorical plant
– ŠKODA’s complicated member prolongation in Mladá Boleslav and Vrchlabí
– ŠKODA powertrain prolongation set to grow

The 7 millionth primer gearbox came off a prolongation line during ŠKODA’s Mladá Boleslav plant today. This array is divided into 6 million gearboxes of form MQ 200 and one million gearboxes of form MQ 100. Both transmissions are used in models done by ŠKODA as good as other Volkswagen Group brands. Almost 700 people are employed in ŠKODA’s prolongation of gearboxes in Mladá Boleslav.

“Producing 7 million primer transmissions proves a competitiveness of a member prolongation in Mladá Boleslav,” says ŠKODA Board Member for Production Michael Oeljeklaus. “The gearboxes constructed in Mladá Boleslav and a DSG transmissions done in Vrchlabí exaggerate a top peculiarity and comprehensive trustworthiness in millions of applications any day. Over a entrance years, we are going to serve strengthen ŠKODA’s powertrain production.”

The MQ 200 gearbox has been using off a prolongation lines during Mladá Boleslav given 2000. It is commissioned in petrol vehicles with an engine ability of 1.0 to 1.6 litres. These embody ŠKODA’s stream vehicles, as good as models done by Volkswagen, Audi and Seat. The prolongation volume for a MQ 200 is now around 1200 units per day.

The MQ 100 gearbox has been constructed in Mladá Boleslav given 2011. It was creatively recognised for a Volkswagen Group’s ‘new tiny family’ series, that includes a ŠKODA Citigo, VW up! and a Seat Mii. The MQ 100 gearbox has given also been used in a ŠKODA Fabia, as good as other tiny cars done within a Volkswagen Group, any in multiple with 1.0-litre petrol engines. The daily prolongation ability is approximately 1400 units.

In further to MQ public during a categorical plant in Mladá Boleslav, a prolongation of a complicated approach gearbox DQ 200 during a Vrchlabí plant is another post of ŠKODA’s delivery production. Since a start of prolongation in 2012, ŠKODA has invested some 210 million euros into a prolongation comforts there in organisation with a Volkswagen Group. Furthermore, a carmaker intends to enhance a prolongation ability during a Vrchlabí plant: The daily prolongation volume is set to boost to 2000 DQ 200 gearboxes by Mar 2016. Approximately 960,000 DQ 200 gearboxes have been constructed there to date. The site employs around 1000 people in a region.

The prolongation of transmissions during these dual locations highlights a Czech carmaker’s ability and competitiveness in a area of powertrain manufacturing. This includes a prolongation of three- and four-cylinder engines in a EA 211 array and powertrains in a EA 111 series.

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