Sidney Hoffmann and MC Fitti during Europe’s largest assembly of Beetle fans in Travemünde

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• The 11th Beetle Sunshine Tour starts during a Baltic Sea on 21 August
• Grand border programme for a whole family underneath a sign “Fun in a Sun”
• Every year a fan fest entices some-more than 1000 visitors to a Brügmanngarten festival lawns

From 21 to 23 August, Europe’s largest Beetle fan village will be assembly for a eleventh time on Travemünde beach. The organiser Gaby Kraft has already perceived some-more than 440 registrations – a new record. Volkswagen has been concerned in a Beetle Sunshine Tour as a unite for a series of years and in 2015 will be presenting a Beetle “Pink”. In April, a eye-catching judgment automobile caused a outcry during a New York Auto Show.

As a wise reverence to a new Marketing Manager of Volkswagen, Robbie Williams, Germany’s many frequently requisitioned Robbie Williams cover rope “Supreme RW” will be personification live on a Sunshine Tour theatre on Saturday evening. In Jul 2011, lead thespian Mario Nowack won a casting uncover ‘My Name Is’ on RTL 2 and was voted Germany’s best Robbie Williams comedian by a viewers. Also on a programme are a live bands “Urban Beach” and “SuperBrass”, who helped to emanate that genuine beach feeling final year.

On Saturday, enthusiasts will be environment off together with their Beetles, New Beetles or classical Beetles on an outing along a Baltic Sea. Following this, Sidney Hoffmann, obvious via Germany as a presenter of PS Profis, and a German rapper MC Fitti will be commenting on a many appealing Beetles and their special facilities as they arrive in Brügmanngarten. A fun time is guaranteed!

Anyone wishing to see a “Beetle Pink”, to applaud to live song with MC Fitti and Sidney Hoffmann, to suffer a endless border programme for a whole family and/or to take partial in a Beetle Sunshine Tour in their possess Beetle will find information on a website. This website also offers a event to book a place in a excursion. The Beetle Sunshine Tour starts 6 pm on Friday, 21 Aug on a Brügmanngarten festival lawns in Travemünde. Those not holding partial in a expostulate are politely invited to spin adult during any time.

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