Silver jubilee: Audi A4 celebrates the 25th birthday

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The Audi A4 set new standards when it went into prolongation in 1994 as a inheritor to a Audi 80 series. With a elegance, sportiness and comfort, it fast tender business all over a world. The indication became a bestseller in a first full year of prolongation in 1995, when some-more than 272,052 units gathering off a prolongation line. And today, a indication continues to launch highlights in a category with countless driver‑assistance systems. “For a quarter of a century now, a Audi A4 has symbolized a Four Rings like no other model. It stands for cutting‑edge record in a reward mid‑range, as good as for innovative prolongation technologies during a top level,” pronounced Albert Mayer, Plant Director during Audi’s site in Ingolstadt. “The Audi A4 is a pivotal post of a Ingolstadt plant in particular. Our employees’ untiring joining and passion for a code have been and continue to be a pushing force behind a considerable success story of the A4.”

Peter Mosch, Chairman of a Group Labor Council during AUDI AG: “The A4 is a pitch of a Audi brand’s success. Our colleagues have done this probable over a past 25 years with a lot of loyalty and commitment. This is a good feat of that we members of a Works Council are really proud, and on that we would like to honour everybody involved.”

Demand for a Audi A4 is unabated in what is now (since 2015) a fifth generation. Customers from China, Germany and a United States, many frequently confirm on an Audi of a A4 series. In 2018, about one in five cars delivered by Audi in a German marketplace came from this series. The many renouned Audi model in China is a long‑wheelbase A4, that is constructed generally for a Chinese market.

With a sum prolongation to date of some-more than 7.5 million units a A4 is a many successful Audi indication of all time. Since a launch of the fourth A4 generation in 2007, Audi’s two categorical plants in Germany – Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm – have common prolongation of the A4 around a so‑called prolongation turntable system. Audi manufactures a indication also in Asia for a internal markets there: in Changchun, China, and in Aurangabad, India.

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