Silver on a special day: Alessandro Zanardi wins his second Rio award on his “second birthday”.

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Rio de Janeiro (BR), 15th Sep 2016. Second foe during a Rio de
Janeiro Paralympic Games* (BR) and a second award for Alessandro
Zanardi (IT): after winning bullion in Wednesday’s time trial, the
49-year aged cumulative china in a stirring highway foe in a handbike H5
difficulty on Thursday. It was a special day, as on this date 15 years
ago – 15th Sep 2001 – Zanardi mislaid both of his legs in a race
collision during Germany’s Lausitzring. He mostly calls this day his “second
birthday” as he survived this critical accident. Now, 15 years later,
he has won a sum of 5 Paralympic* medals (three bullion and two
silver) and 8 universe championship titles in para-cycling.


As Zanardi had predicted, a 60-kilometre highway foe in Pontal near
Rio incited out to be a thriller, motionless in a 200-metre scurry towards
a finish. The heading organisation stayed tighten together over a whole
stretch until a athletes entered a finish true after a tight
hairpin. Zanardi exited a final dilemma in second position, and in
a following scurry he battled an sparkling duel with his opposition and
tighten crony Ernst outpost Dyk (ZA). In a end, he crossed a line just
a few hundredths of a second bashful of a South African, winning the
china medal. Zanardi’s initial gesticulate after a foe was to
honour outpost Dyk by laying his arm on his friend’s shoulders just
a few metres after a finish line. Bronze went to Jetze Plat (NL),
who crossed a line directly behind outpost Dyk and Zanardi. All three
were personal with a foe time of 1 hour, 37 mins and 49 seconds.


“First of all we wish to honour Ernst outpost Dyk for winning a
good bullion medal. He showed all his qualities as a sprinter, and today
he was substantially stronger than me. Nevertheless, to have won a silver
award is illusory for me,” Zanardi said. “It was a formidable race.
Let me explain: Sometimes we can't control your emotions and
yesterday, when we realised that we had won gold, we was really unapproachable but
psychologically we simply collapsed. All a vigour we had put myself
under, though that we attempted to omit all a time, fell off my shoulders.
So this morning we was not in a racing mood that routinely pushes you,
that creates we forget that we have reduction nap and that helps that you
don’t feel a pain in a muscles. So a day did not start in the
approach we was hoping. we felt dull in a commencement and it was a tiring
foe for me. But, notwithstanding this, we still managed to do a really good job
– and we am really unapproachable of it. To move home my china award underneath these
resources is a good and illusory achievement. So we am happy.”


The third and final foe for Zanardi during Rio will be a team
send with a Italian inhabitant group tomorrow, Friday, 16th September.
His mission: to move home another bullion medal.


“I feel that we am behind in that racing mood,” Zanardi emphasised. “And
now it is not usually a proclivity to do it for myself. Tomorrow, we am
racing for my group and for my country. And we guarantee you: we will give
it my best probable shot, and so we consider we have a good possibility to
finish a foe tomorrow with a large smile.”


The group send will be hold in a afternoon internal time.




BMW is not a unite or partner of a 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio
de Janeiro.


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