ŠKODA 2013: Success with new models

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ŠKODA AUTO has successfully implemented a general enlargement plan in 2013 again, offered 920,800 vehicles worldwide (2012: 939,200). Following a indication launches in a initial 6 months, ŠKODA saw poignant enlargement after in a year, and recently achieved a best ever Dec for ŠKODA. In a final month of a year, a association delivered 70,000 vehicles to customers, that is an boost of 5.8% over a prior December-record, set in 2012. In a years ahead, ŠKODA skeleton to grow further. To grasp this continued growth, a manufacturer will be introducing a new or revised indication on normal any 6 months until 2016.

“ŠKODA has demonstrated a strength this year. Despite a above-average series of prolongation start-ups and extreme headwinds from some markets, we achieved a second-best sales year in corporate story – This is an glorious result,” says ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “2013 was a record year with some-more new ŠKODA models than ever before. Eight new or totally revised models uncover a energy of a ŠKODA brand. The swift arrow is shining, and a new cars are being unequivocally good received. Our attractrive indication range, good upsurge of incoming orders and increasingly splendid destiny on a European automotive markets make us assured for 2014.”

2013 – a third year of a ŠKODA enlargement plan – was both a successful and an heated year for a Czech carmaker. Eight new or revised models, twelve general prolongation start-ups, enlargement of ability in a Czech Republic, as good as in a enlargement markets of China and Russia, combined to this a predicament in some markets: “2013 was unequivocally utterly a year!” says Dr. Vahland. After a initial half of a year had been characterized by a formidable marketplace conditions in Europe, as good as a prolongation start-ups and a compared reduce prolongation volumes, ŠKODA was behind on lane in a second half of a year. With a full accessibility of a new models, sales increasing significantly any month from Sep onwards. “Our indication debate is now display a full strength. We are flourishing strongly and expanding a marketplace shares continuously,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing.

The new models have been unequivocally good perceived – generally a new ŠKODA Octavia, that is once again proof to be a good hit. In December, ŠKODA Octavia grew once again in Western Europe with high double-digit enlargement rates: adult 52.3% compared to Dec 2012. In Europe as a whole, a Octavia available an boost of 19.1% in December.

In Western Europe, ŠKODA achieved significantly improved than a altogether disappearing marketplace in 2013. 369,600 vehicles sole represents an boost of 3.1% compared to 2012 (358,400). In December, Western European sales even rose by 17.8% to 31,300 vehicles (December 2012: 26,600). The ŠKODA marketplace share in Western Europe increasing for a year as a whole to 3.2% (2012: 3.0%). In a second largest market, Germany, ŠKODA grew to 136,400 deliveries in 2013, that is an boost over a prior year of 2.9% (132,600). The marketplace share rose to 4.6% and ŠKODA continues to build a position as a strongest import code in Germany. In a UK, a manufacturer increasing deliveries to business over a past year by 24% to a new record high of 66,000 vehicles (2012: 53,200). The Czech code also achieved double-digit enlargement in Denmark, adult 40.7 % to 14,600 vehicles (2012: 10,400). Sales in Spain have also seen a certain boost (13,400 vehicles; +3.0%), Italy (12,100 vehicles; +2.0%), Norway (6,800 vehicles; +2.1%) and Sweden (12,300 vehicles, +1.4%).

In Eastern Europe, including Russia, ŠKODA delivered 125,400 vehicles to business final year (2012: 137,100; -8.5%). ŠKODA’s marketplace share reached 4%. In ŠKODA’s third-largest market, Russia, a manufacturer achieved 87,500 deliveries (2012: 99,100; -11.7%). The new Octavia was introduced there in a second half of a year. The Rapid is to follow in a initial 6 months of 2014. Considerable enlargement was also seen in Kazakhstan in 2013, where 4,700 business motionless on a new ŠKODA, that is an boost of 145.7% over a prior year (1,900). ŠKODA achieved enlargement in a Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania), where a code grew by 3.4% to 4,600 vehicles sole in 2013 (2012: 4,500). In Serbia ŠKODA increasing deliveries by 12.4% to 4,200 units (2012: 3,700).

ŠKODA grew once again in Central Europe in 2013. Deliveries to business rose by 2.0% to 126,500 vehicles (2012: 124,000). ŠKODA’s marketplace share rose to 19.2%. In December, code deliveries in Central Europe grew by 13.5% to 11,300 (December 2012: 9,900). In a domestic marketplace – a Czech Republic, ŠKODA sole a sum of 60,000 vehicles in 2013, an boost of 0.6% (2012: 59,700). ŠKODA is fortifying a tip position also in Poland. With 38,700 vehicles sole (2012: 36,300), representing an boost of 6.6% over a same duration final year, a Czech carmaker stays a undisputed marketplace personality for 2013.

Once again, China was ŠKODA’s strongest particular marketplace in 2013, where a manufacturer delivered a sum of 227,000 vehicles to business (2012: 235,700 units; -3.7 %). The marketplace launch of a new Octavia is on a cards usually for a start of 2014. In India ŠKODA achieved a sum of 22,600 deliveries in 2013 (2012: 34,300; -34.2%). In 2013 ŠKODA was also quite successful in Israel (14,400; +11.7%), Turkey (12,800; +23.2%) and Algeria (9,100, +85.3%).

ŠKODA deliveries to business in 2013 (in units, dull off, according to model; +/- in % over 2012):

ŠKODA Octavia (359,600; -12.2 %)

ŠKODA Fabia (202,000; -16.0 %)

ŠKODA Superb (94,400; -13.4 %)

ŠKODA Yeti (82,400; -5.7 %)

ŠKODA Roomster (33,300; -12.3 %)

ŠKODA Rapid (103,800; +320.3 %)

ŠKODA Citigo (Only sole in Europe: 45,200; +51.0 %)

ŠKODA deliveries to business in Dec 2013 (in units, dull off, according to model; +/- in % over a same month in 2012):

ŠKODA Octavia (25,400; +3.5 %)

ŠKODA Fabia (14,400; -18.5 %)

ŠKODA Superb (5,100; -18.9 %)

ŠKODA Yeti (6,700; -5.6 %)

ŠKODA Roomster (2,900; +2.1 %)

ŠKODA Rapid (12,400; +312.4 %)

ŠKODA Citigo (only sole in Europe: 3,100; -34.3 %)

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