ŠKODA – Double-Digit Growth in May

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The brand’s worldwide deliveries grew 15.2% in May to 91,200 vehicles (May 2013: 79,100), creation this May a best in corporate story and a ninth month in a quarrel of continual growth. Western and Central Europe were pushing force behind a expansion augmenting by a quarter. In China a code achieved 10.8% some-more deliveries than in May final year. The new ŠKODA Octavia continued to win a hearts of customers, with an boost of 76% in Western Europe, and Chinese business are looking brazen to a approaching marketplace launch.

“The glorious formula from May continue a success seen so distant in 2014,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “ŠKODA is in a center of a many extensive indication debate in a story of a company. The total uncover how good a new cars are being perceived by a customers. We are picking adult a gait and will be bringing out a new or totally revised indication on normal each 6 months until 2016.”

The new ŠKODA Octavia G-TEC has been celebrating a sales premiere over a past few days. This automobile is a initial Octavia to run on healthy gas. The new ŠKODA Octavia Scout is to be launched on a initial markets in August. The code is also expanding a successful Monte Carlo Family with 3 new Monte Carlo models of a ŠKODA Yeti, ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback and ŠKODA Citigo. The new ŠKODA Octavia is shortly going to be launched on a Chinese market.

ŠKODA demonstrated a full strength this May in Western Europe. Deliveries to business rose 25.2% to 37,900 vehicles (Mai 2013: 30,300) – during a same time, a brand’s marketplace share in this segment increasing 20.4% to 3.57%. ŠKODA grew in roughly all Western European markets. In Germany ŠKODA’s sales increasing 26.7% to 13,800 units. ŠKODA has once again reliable a brand’s series one position among import brands in a strongest European market. In a UK, a manufacturer achieved a sales boost of 28.5% to 6,800 vehicles sole in May alone.

ŠKODA also available double-digit expansion in France (1,800 vehicles; adult 21.1%), Spain (1,800 vehicles; adult 39%), Switzerland (1,600 vehicles, adult 33%), Belgium (1,700 vehicles; adult 22.2 %), a Netherlands (1,500 vehicles, adult 51.9%), Denmark (1,500 vehicles, adult 14.7%), Italy (1,300 vehicles; adult 12.7%), Finland (1,000 vehicles, adult 28.4%), Norway (700 vehicles; adult 69.2%), Portugal (300 vehicles; adult 49.7%) and Greece (300 vehicles; adult 48.5%). 

In May in Eastern Europe, ŠKODA sole 10,400 vehicles after 10,900 deliveries in Mai 2013. In Russia a code sole 7,600 vehicles (Mai 2013: 7,600). However, a manufacturer did grasp double-digit expansion in a markets of Romania (700 vehicles; adult 38.8%), Serbia (500 vehicles; adult 62.3%) and in a Baltic States (500 vehicles; adult 35.1%).

ŠKODA grew by a entertain in May in Central Europe, where deliveries to business increasing by 25.3% to 13,200 vehicles (May 2013: 10,600). In Czech Republic, ŠKODA grew by 13.3% to 5,800 vehicles delivered (May 2013: 5,100). In Croatia, a code roughly available a six-fold boost in sales to 700 vehicles. In Poland, ŠKODA achieved an boost of 30.6% to 4,000 deliveries (May 2013: 3,100). The manufacturer also saw double-digit increases in Hungary (800 vehicles; adult 41.9%) and Slovenia (500 vehicles; adult 50.5%).

China was once again ŠKODA’s strongest particular market. 23,200 deliveries to business represents expansion of 10.8% over May 2013 (21,000). This May, ŠKODA sole 900 vehicles in India (Mai 2013: 1,800).

ŠKODA deliveries to business in May 2014 (in units, dull off, by model; +/- in % over May 2013):

ŠKODA Octavia (32,800; +12.0%)
ŠKODA Fabia (14,700; -22.4%)
ŠKODA Superb (8,200; -5.2%)
ŠKODA Yeti (9,700; +26.4%)
ŠKODA Roomster (2,500; -20.3%)
ŠKODA Rapid (19,500; +158.8%)
ŠKODA Citigo (sold usually in Europe: 3.900; -3.3%)

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