ŠKODA appetite retailer ŠKO-ENERGO strengthens energy grid fortitude regulating innovative electrode boiler

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The appetite provider ŠKO-ENERGO, in that ŠKODA AUTO binds a 44.5% stake, has currently consecrated a new electrode boiler in Mladá Boleslav. The innovative Power-to-Heat complement produces environmentally accessible district heating, and during a same time serves as a aegis during rise loads in a open appetite grid. This once again creates ŠKO-ENERGO a colonize in fit and resource-efficient appetite production. In addition, a association is creation an vicious grant to a environmental targets tangible in ŠKODA AUTO’s ‘GreenFuture’ environmental strategy. Among other things, ŠKODA AUTO and a company, that has been handling for some-more than 20 years, have been means to separate a appetite consumed in prolongation any vehicle.

“ŠKO-ENERGO as an appetite provider and retailer of appetite services for ŠKODA AUTO constantly strives for creation in a margin of appetite production,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, who serves as both ŠKODA AUTO Board Member for Production and Logistics and Chairman of a Supervisory Board during ŠKO-ENERGO. “ŠKO-ENERGO works closely with ŠKODA AUTO to invariably revoke a expenditure of resources. By implementing a ‘Power-to-Heat’ project, ŠKO-ENERGO has achieved another poignant miracle in innovation.”

The electrode boiler, designed jointly by ŠKO-ENERGO and a appetite retailer E.ON Czech Republic – also a shareholder in a company, is connected to ŠKO-ENERGO’s complicated thermal appetite hire in Mladá Boleslav. The new complement translates electrical appetite into heat. The core is a cylindrical tank in that electrodes feverishness a H2O during a voltage of 6.3 kV. In ŠKO-ENERGO’s power-to-heat project, a electrode boiler is joined to a feverishness exchanger that feeds a feverishness generated into a existent district heating system.

In further to generating district heating, a ability of a open electricity network can be regulated around a electrode boiler. If vicious bucket peaks start during durations of low consumption, a additional stream is used to feverishness a boiler. In this way, a new complement reduces a risk of blackouts and increases a confidence of a appetite supply in a Czech Republic and Europe.

Miroslav Žďánský, who instituted a plan of a electrode boiler during ŠKO-ENERGO, explains: “With a power-to-heat project, we have once again stretched a portfolio and combined a new vicious use for a network user ČEPS – in an innovative and rarely fit way.” As an disdainful use provider, ČEPS operates a electricity network in a Czech Republic, that is also closely related to a European-wide networks.

In further to ŠKODA AUTO Board Member Michael Oeljeklaus, a heading member of E.ON Czech Republic, ŠKO-ENERGO and a other shareholders of ČEZ and VW Kraftwerk took partial in a commissioning of a electrode boiler.

ŠKODA AUTO combines all environmental activities underneath a powerful of a ‘GreenFuture’ plan that rests on 3 pillars: ‘Green Product’ deals with a growth of environmentally accessible vehicles – both in terms of fuel expenditure as good as materials and recycling capabilities. With ‘GreenRetail’, a code supports dealerships and workshops by environmentally accessible management. ‘GreenFactory’ summarizes all activities ancillary prolongation operations that are as resource-efficient as possible. ŠKO-ENERGO has been creation an vicious grant to these measures given a association was founded in mid-1995.

ŠKO-ENERGO has been ŠKODA AUTO’s appetite retailer for over 20 years. The categorical charge of a association located in Mladá Boleslav is to supply ŠKODA AUTO’s 3 Czech plants in Mladá Boleslav, Kvasiny and Vrchlabí with electricity, water, heat, healthy gas and dense air. In addition, residents, businesses and institutions around Mladá Boleslav are granted with district heating. ŠKO-ENERGO’s shareholders are, in further to ŠKODA AUTO a.s. (44.5%), VW Kraftwerk GmbH (22.5%), E.ON Czech Holding AG (21.0 %) and a appetite association ČEZ a.s. (12.0%).

Working in partnership with a appetite supplier, ŠKODA AUTO achieved poignant improvements in CO2 emissions per car produced. Between 1995 and 2014, a automotive manufacturer some-more than halved this figure: a appetite expenditure per car constructed decreased from 3.9 to 1.75 MWh.

The increasing use of biomass for generating electricity during a ŠKO-ENERGO heating appetite hire in Mladá Boleslav has done a vital grant to a rebate of CO2 emissions. The feverishness and appetite plant generates one third of a appetite from timber pellets, i.e. renewable biomass. Compared with a former use of spark and gas, this magnitude alone saves adult to 130,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

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