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ŠKODA is a colonize in workplace ergonomics. The Czech automobile manufacturer is to benefaction a concentration of their extensive impediment module during a ‘Ergonomics Day’ on 10th June, 2013. The aim of these measures is to henceforth optimize all operative conditions and processes for a employees in prolongation and administration. These commitments are partial of a company’s extensive amicable benefits.

An critical element for all matters relating to workplace ergonomics is that impediment is improved than a cure. That is because surety measures are a cornerstone of ergonomic process during ŠKODA AUTO. One sold concentration of improving ergonomics is in automobile production. This is all about achieving a many optimal, health unwavering pattern of a whole logistics and production processes. Examples embody positioning a palm rightly when regulating bolting collection as good as shortening a weight on a behind by scold physique posture, how to work with over equipment and regulating a suitable technical aids when lifting complicated loads. So, ascent collection for fixture a automobile wheels or doors are used as good as ergonomic seats for employees who pivot from automobile to vehicle, enabling such work to be carried out seated. But a subject is apparently also endangered with easier things such as a positioning of mechanism monitors and a optimal tallness of seats and tables in bureau workstations.

“Our employees’ health and reserve in a workplace has a top priority during ŠKODA”, explains ŠKODA Board member for HR, Bohdan Wojnar. He adds, “Our joining to a pattern of ergonomic and healthy workplaces goes distant over that of a authorised mandate and is partial of a altogether amicable policy. We concentration on surety measures as good as on targeted improvements in a team’s bland operative environment. This whole plan is undertaken in tighten partnership with trade unions.”

To urge a operative sourroundings specifically, 3 years ago ŠKODA assimilated all a measures that had already been carried out in several departments into one executive ergonomics project. “We assimilated army to be means to purposefully and ceaselessly optimize a operative environment”, says Wojnar.

In evaluating ergonomics, ŠKODA also relies on a latest systematic findings. Since mid-2012 there has been a company-owned, certified laboratory for ergonomics and work physiology. The laboratory’s primary charge is to consider a operative sourroundings in terms of both earthy highlight and specific work positions. For this purpose, a sum effort is totalled via a operative duration only as a bucket on certain areas of a physique and flesh groups. Based on a information collected, measures to urge operative conditions are grown and implemented. Specially lerned experts weigh new technologies with courtesy to a weight on a employee. They optimize workstations and operative methods to equivocate or revoke strain. Our ultimate idea is to emanate conditions where health issues do not arise during all.

Preventative health measures play an intensely critical role. That is because a ergonomic and work physiology specialists during ŠKODA, for example, sight employees in scold physique postures, such as when lifting and in movements compulsory during their workstations. In a unsentimental partial of their training, employees, along with occupational therapists, use scold movements, learn how to use several collection rightly and incorporate stretching exercises. This can assistance employees both during work and in their bland lives.

ŠKODA AUTO has also introduced intentional surety programs that have been enclosed in a ‘ŠKODA Check-up’ given 2008. These support a employees in terms of healthy eating, weight loss, drug and ethanol abuse, as good as progressing an altogether healthier lifestyle. An normal of 13,000 employees go for a ŠKODA Check-up any year and, formed on their results, accept recommendation or bear reconstruction wherever necessary. Outpatient reconstruction clinics are accessible to all employees during any of a ŠKODA AUTO plants.

ŠKODA is quite dedicated to comparison employees. “Older colleagues mostly have specific mandate with courtesy to their workstations and in terms of health”, says Wojnar, ŠKODA Board member for HR. That is because ŠKODA has dedicated a special ‘Seniority Program’ for these valued employees to foster good health. The module was grown operative closely with a trade kinship KOVO. For this reason, ŠKODA was awarded ‘Most Senior-Friendly Company’ in a competition ‘The Most Responsible Company in a Czech Republic’ final year. Furthermore, a European Commission awarded a manufacturer second esteem in a difficulty ‘Employment for People of All Ages’. The endowment was presented by a EU Project ‘2012 – European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations’.

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