ŠKODA grew by 10.6% in October

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ŠKODA has begun a final entertain of a year successfully: in October, a Czech automobile manufacturer increasing a tellurian deliveries by 10.6% to 97,900 vehicles (2015: 88,500 vehicles). In particular, a high direct in China (+21.3%) and Europe (+4.9%) contributed to a certain sales development. Amongst a models, a ŠKODA RAPID (+37.4%) and ŠKODA SUPERB (+58.3%) tender a many in Oct with clever expansion rates. Since January, a code has delivered 938,800 vehicles, e.g. 6.7% some-more vehicles to business (2015: 880,000 vehicles).

“In October, ŠKODA seamlessly continued a certain sales expansion of a initial 3 quarters. The brand’s substantial expansion in a core markets of China and Europe laid a foundations for this,” pronounced Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing.
In Western Europe, ŠKODA grew by 4.2% to 35,400 vehicles in Oct (October 2015: 34,000). In Germany, a strongest particular European market, a code grew by 3.9% to 13,300 vehicles (2015: 12,800 vehicles). Deliveries saw a double-digit boost in Italy (1,700 vehicles; +22.9%), Sweden (1,400 vehicles; +20.7%) and Greece (100 vehicles; +15.5%). The Czech automobile manufacturer available serve expansion in France (2,200 vehicles; +5.5%), Great Britain (5,400 vehicles; +6.7%), Austria (1,800 vehicles; +10.1%) and Switzerland (1,500 vehicles; +3.4%).
ŠKODA also continued to grow in Central Europe in October: with 15,800 vehicles, deliveries were 6.7% aloft than final year (October 2015: 14,800 vehicles). In a home marketplace of a Czech Republic, a code was means to strengthen final year’s clever opening with 7,600 deliveries. In Poland, ŠKODA achieved a substantial boost of 17.9%, carrying delivered 4,800 vehicles. ŠKODA also achieved expansion in a following Central European markets: Slovenia (600 vehicles; +11.1%) and Croatia (300 vehicles; +81.8%).
In Eastern Europe incompatible Russia, ŠKODA delivered 3,300 vehicles – 10.7% some-more than in a same month final year (October 2015: 3,000). The strongest flourishing markets in this segment embody Bosnia (100 vehicles; +49.5%), Bulgaria (300 vehicles; +25.6%); a Baltic states (800 vehicles; +57.2%) and Ukraine (400 vehicles; +52.2%).
Sales total in Russia reached a same turn as final year with 4,600 vehicles (2015: 4,600 vehicles). ŠKODA available poignant sales expansion in China. In a largest particular market, deliveries increasing by 21.3% to 32,000 vehicles in Oct (2015: 26,400 vehicles).

Global deliveries of a ŠKODA code to business in Oct 2016 (in units, rounded, by model; +/- in % compared to a same month final year):
ŠKODA CITIGO (3,600; +28.0%)
ŠKODA FABIA (17,300; +2.7%)
ŠKODA RAPID (19,200; +37.4%)
ŠKODA OCTAVIA (38,300; +3.6%)
ŠKODA SUPERB (12,200; +58.3%)

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