ŠKODA Joins a Open Automotive Alliance

Posted on 26. Jun, 2014 by in Volkswagen Canada


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– ŠKODA becomes a member of a tellurian fondness of record
  and automotive companies
– Aim: Integrating Android mobile inclination into ŠKODA cars

ŠKODA joins a Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). The OAA was founded in early 2014 by companies in a record and automotive industries, with a aim of firmly and reliably integrating Android inclination in cars.  

Android is a really renouned handling complement used in smartphones, netbooks and tablets opposite a globe.  

“Connectivity has turn a essential partial of a bland lives, and is personification an increasingly critical purpose even in cars,” explains Dr. Frank Welsch, Head of Technical Development during ŠKODA. “Our business truly conclude how stretchable and unsentimental a vehicles are. Through seamlessly integrating mobile applications into a car, a valued business will advantage from extended connectivity, safety, and functionality – now that is ‘Simply Clever’.”

Given a proliferation of smartphones and tablets, a ability to couple such inclination in cars is increasingly in direct – ‘smartphones on 4 wheels’. For a Czech manufacturer, fasten a Open Automotive Alliance is an critical step in substantiating an reasonably appealing offer. “The partnership with a Open Automotive Alliance will capacitate us to offer new technologies and illusory Internet applications formed on a Android handling complement in a vehicles. This is how we are going to allege a topics of connectivity and automotive networking for a customer,” says Dr. Frank Welsch.

The Open Automotive Alliance was launched in Jan 2014. The first members were a Internet hulk Google, and, among others, a vehicle companies Audi, General Motors, Honda and a microchip manufacturer Nvidia. Based on Android, a common height will make using   complicated technologies and Internet services safer and some-more discerning in a car.

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