ŠKODA produces eleven-millionth engine

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Today, ŠKODA built a eleven-millionth engine in a corporate story – a 1.4 TSI engine of a indication array EA211. Engines have been built in Mladá Boleslav given a year 1899 – initial for motorcycles and, from 1905 on, for automobiles. At a stream time, a public lines during ŠKODA’s categorical plant are producing complicated 1.2l and 1.4l versions of a engine indication array EA211 and EA111. About 3,600 employees make adult to 4,400 units each day. The Czech automobile manufacturer will continue to enhance a believe in a growth and make of engines.

“Among engine developers and manufacturers in a automobile industry, ŠKODA has one of a richest lane records,” says ŠKODA’s Chairman of a Board, Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “The array of eleven million done assemblies given 1899 is deputy for 114 years of Czech engineering in a growth and make of engines. We will continue to strengthen this expertise within a horizon of a ŠKODA Growth Strategy,” Vahland continues.

The anniversary engine is a 1.4 TSI engine of a EA211 indication series. Since a finish of 2012, a Czech manufacturer has been building complicated 1.2 and 1.4 TSI versions of this indication series, that is used by a Volkswagen Group. The complicated petrol engines with approach injection are dictated for models by a ŠKODA, Audi, Seat and VW brands. “The prolongation of engines of a EA211 indication array strengthens a prolongation basement in a Czech Republic and underscores a critical purpose of a ŠKODA prolongation within a Volkswagen Group,” says Michael Oeljeklaus, a ŠKODA house member for Production and Logistics. The TSI four-valve four-cylinders are environment new standards in appetite efficiency, lightweight construction and engine power. Furthermore, a Czechs are now building engines of a EA111 indication series.

The manufacturer wants to continue to enhance a engine cunning within a horizon of a ŠKODA Growth Strategy. This try is supported, among other things, by a construction of a new power-train core during a ŠKODA Development Center in Česana, nearby a company’s chair in Mladá Boleslav. The automobile builder will deposit some-more than 34 million EUR in this magnitude – a largest investment now being undertaken in a area of growth in a Czech Republic. At a core, a new core will embody some-more than 15 engine exam stations with outputs trimming from 250 to 400 kW. In perspective of a augmenting mandate concerning a tellurian use of engines, it will promote a worldwide growth of engines for a many opposite markets.

The make of engines during a Czech automobile builder began in a year 1899 – 4 years after a substructure of their bicycle-producing organisation – when organisation founders Václav Laurin and Václav Klement initial versed a bicycle with an auxiliary engine, a supposed “Motocyclette”. The two-wheeled automobile could be versed with one-cylinder engines with outputs of possibly 1.25 hp or 1.75 hp. The automobile achieved a tip speed of some-more than 50 km/h. That noted a birth of a make of automotive engines during a domicile of a organisation in Mladá Boleslav.

The commencement of a motorization laid a substructure mill for one of a many princely companies in a world. In 1905, Laurin and Klement grown a company’s initial automobile named ‘Voiturette A’ (French for ‘small car’) – powered by a water-cooled two-cylinder engine with a banishment of 1,100 cm³ that generated 7 PS. Depending on a chronicle of a vehicle, a engine’s energy was transmitted to a back wheels possibly by a sequence or a expostulate shaft. Another engine miracle in a early years was a construction of one of a initial eight-cylinder engines of a universe in 1908. In a year 1924, even aircraft engines were built during Laurin and Klement.

After a partnership with a ŠKODA plants in a year 1925, a growth of engines continued to play a vital role. In a 1930s, ŠKODA also done news with absolute racecars. After World War II, a initial rear-mounted engine was a executive growth step (in 1964). 1987 brought a lapse of a front-mounted engine. The essential incentive for a prolongation of complicated engines was given in 1991 with ŠKODA’s organisation with a Volkswagen Group.


Milestones of ŠKODA’s Engine Manufacture:


Laurin Klement deliver a bicycle with an auxiliary engine, a supposed Motocyclette. The motorcycle achieves a tip speed of some-more than 50 km/h.


Named ‘Voiturette A’ (French for ‘small car’), LK deliver a initial automobile of a company. The engine is a water-cooled two-cylinder with a banishment of 1,100 cm³ generating 7 hp. Depending on a version, a engine’s energy is transmitted to a back wheels possibly by a sequence or a expostulate shaft. Also, motorcycles are continued to be built successfully. 19 opposite forms with one- and two-cylinder engines as good as a four-cylinder engine CCCC 5HP are constructed by a plant. Riding a two-cylinder racing machine, a LK plant racecar motorist Václav Vondřich wins a initial competition that is strictly designated a Motorcycle World Championship, a ‘Coupe International’ in Dourdan, France.


The ‘FF’ engine – fabricated from dual indication F four-cylinders – is one of a initial eight-cylinder engines of a world. The banishment amounts to 4,900 cm³.


Upon a ask of a Czechoslovak supervision during a time, LK starts building aircraft engines. The permit for a twelve-cylinder engine 12 CC comes from a French manufacturer Lorraine-Dietrich.


Merger with a ŠKODA plants in Plzen, a largest Czech organisation during a time.


ŠKODA builds a indication 633, one of a best tiny six-cylinder engines of a time. 


Motorsport: 3 six-cylinder ŠKODA racecars start during a Czechoslovak “Mille Miglia”. Reliability and speed of a engines are convincing.


ŠKODA achieves a second place during a Rally Monte Carlo with a Popular Sport ‘Monte Carlo’.


Premiere for a rear-mounted engine: a one-liter engine is used in a ŠKODA 1000 MB and is a state-of-the-art engine in a class. The engine is done with a law aluminum die casting procedure.


End of a rear-mounted engine epoch during ŠKODA: a new ŠKODA Favorit is a complicated compress automobile with a front-mounted engine.


Merger with a Volkswagen Group.


ŠKODA delivers a initial engine to a Volkswagen Group: a 1.0 l petrol engine generating 37 kW.


Production start of a 1.2 HTP engines (EA111)


Production start of a 1.2 TSI engine (EA111)


Groundbreaking rite for a construction of a new engine exam core in Česana
Production start of a new 1.2 TSI and 1.4 TSI engines (engine era EA211).

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