ŠKODA receives endowment for eco-friendly logistics innovation

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• Czech Packaging Association SYBA enhance prestigious endowment for ŠKODA
  AUTO’s innovative ride resolution with ‘Packaging of a Year 2016’
  endowment in automotive category
• Clever 4-in-1 wrapping resolution utilizes enclosure space efficiently
• Reduced burden trade from Czech Republic to India reduces transport-related
  CO2 emissions by a quarter
• New ‘Green Logistics’ magnitude is partial of ŠKODA AUTO’s ‘Green Future’
  environmental strategy

ŠKODA AUTO has been presented with a ‘Packaging of a year 2016’ endowment for their resource-efficient ride solution. The judges from a Czech Packaging Association SYBA chose ŠKODA AUTO’s innovative logistics record for best judgment in a automotive category. Thanks to purpose-built wooden constructions, 4 instead of a prior 3 physique shells in further to prolongation tools can be ecstatic in a singular container. This means ŠKODA AUTO has reduced CO2 emissions in movement between a Czech Republic and India by a quarter. This ‘Green Logistics’ judgment is partial of ŠKODA AUTO’s ‘Green Future’ environmental insurance strategy.

“At ŠKODA we are constantly operative on ways to make a logistics some-more fit and therefore some-more environmentally friendly,” says Jiří Cee, Head of Brand Logistics during ŠKODA AUTO. “The area of logistics is entirely committed to a objectives of a ‘Green Future’ tolerable growth strategy. Our new 4-in-1 ride resolution is an critical step in achieving a desirous environmental targets.”

ŠKODA AUTO has grown an innovative 4-in-1 wrapping complement in team-work with a wrapping retailer association Pilous for shipping embellished bodies from a categorical plant in Mladá Boleslav to a Indian plant in Aurangabad. The Czech vehicle manufacturer uses novel wooden constructions, specifically done for any indication series, to optimize a use of a load space in a container. The crafty conduit systems arrange dual bodies horizontally on a building and dual others diagonally above in a singular space. Manufacturing tools can also be propitious into suitable gaps in a wooden construction and cumulative for transport.

The 4-in-1-loading record reduces a series of containers by a quarter. This saves ŠKODA AUTO good over 800 tonnes of CO2 per year on a 13,270-kilometre ride route. Nearly all materials used can be recycled.

Resource-efficient logistics solutions have a tradition during ŠKODA AUTO: a Mladá Boleslav automobile manufacturer was regulating recyclable wooden constructions for enclosure ride as early as 2000 and gradually grown this technology. Before a millennium, dual vehicles were sent to India in any container; by 2006, there were 3 physique shells, including all hardware indispensable for a final product. Further advancements and extensive margin tests have given enabled ŠKODA AUTO to exercise their 4-in-1 ride system.

This even greener logistics resolution has now perceived an endowment from a Czech Packaging Association SYBA. From a many proposals submitted in a automotive category, a jury comparison ŠKODA’s 4-in-1 enclosure complement for ‘Packaging of a Year 2016’. The central endowment rite takes place on 3 Nov during a SpeedCHAIN discussion in Prague.

ŠKODA AUTO bundles all their environmental activities underneath a powerful of a ‘GreenFuture’ plan that rests on 3 pillars: ‘Green Product’ is endangered with a growth of environmentally sound vehicles – both in terms of fuel consumption, and recycling capabilities. The code supports their dealerships with ‘Green Retail’ and servicing garages in environmentally accessible economies. ‘Green Factory’ is essentially endangered with using as resource-efficient prolongation as possible. This post also includes a margin of ‘Green Logistics’ for tolerable logistics Solutions.

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