ŠKODA Strengthens Presence in China

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ŠKODA will be strengthening their participation on a Chinese vehicle marketplace in team-work with a longstanding Chinese corner try partner SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited. This will engage expanding a indication operation and investing in pioneering automotive technologies. On a arise of a state revisit of a Chinese President Xi Jinping to a Czech Republic on 29 and 30 Mar 2016, a chit was sealed among VOLKSWAGEN, SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION LIMITED and ŠKODA AUTO in a participation of a Chinese and Czech President. Under a agreement, Joint Venture SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited skeleton to deposit around EUR 2 billion over a subsequent 5 years in a growth of ŠKODA’s indication operation in China. This volume also includes expenditures for pioneering electric expostulate concepts, a connectivity of ŠKODA cars to a Internet and a digitization of particular mobility. In addition, a companies VOLKSWAGEN, SAIC MOTOR CORPORATION LIMITED and ŠKODA AUTO also dynamic that, theme to capitulation by a Chinese authorities, ŠKODA would assume an equity position in Joint Venture SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited.

“Since entering a marketplace 9 years ago, ŠKODA AUTO has done some really certain developments on a Chinese vehicle market, that has given turn a largest singular market,” says ŠKODA CEO Bernhard Maier. “We owe this success to a appealing indication operation and a really constructive and accessible team-work with a longstanding Chinese partner SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited,” pronounced Maier. “With today’s agreement we’ll be strengthening a brand’s participation on a Chinese market. In a entrance years, we’ll fast enhance ŠKODA’s charity to embody forward-looking vehicle concepts and complicated technology. Our aim is to double ŠKODA deliveries in China by 2020. For this, we’re now laying a foundations together with SAIC Volkswagen.” The concentration will be on expanding ŠKODA’s indication operation and investing in pioneering automotive technologies. The uncover vehicle VisionS recently gave a start vigilance for a SUV debate as good as innovative electric expostulate systems on a Chinese market. With honour to ŠKODA’s designed equity seductiveness in a Chinese Joint Venture, Maier said: “We are gratified that we will be means to significantly strengthen a brand’s participation in a Chinese marketplace by this seductiveness in a Joint Venture SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited. The equity seductiveness in a association is a basement for a eccentric branding of ŠKODA cars and hence a ŠKODA brand’s profiled entertainment in China.”

ŠKODA is now scheming a extensive SUV debate for a Chinese marketplace with a Joint Venture partner. In propinquity to this, a ŠKODA VisionS pattern investigate will be presented to a Chinese open for a initial time during a finish of Apr during a automotive uncover in Beijing. The VisionS provides a glance of a new vast SUV ŠKODA indication whose launch in China is designed for a initial half 2017. As partial of a SUV campaign, another physique various of ŠKODA’s vast SUV is already in development. In addition, a code intends to move out a crossover application vehicle (CUV) for China.

Chinese customers’ seductiveness in complicated SUVs has been demonstrated by a sales of a ŠKODA Yeti, that is constructed during a Anting plant with a six-centimetre longer wheelbase compared to a European version, augmenting some-more than 300% in a initial dual months of 2016 compared to a same duration final year.

“With their ardent joining to China, ŠKODA and a Joint Venture SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited play an critical purpose in a Group’s strategy,” says Prof. Dr. Jochem Heizmann, Member of a Board of Volkswagen AG, and President and CEO of a Volkswagen Group China. “The investment of around dual billion euros is a clever vigilance for a destiny investigate and growth of new vehicle concepts and environmentally accessible technologies in China. The agreement between a dual partners is an critical step towards a future.”

ŠKODA was one of a vehicle pioneers on a Chinese market. As early as 1936, a code confirmed 5 blurb agencies in China. In some-more new years, ŠKODA AUTO relaunched vehicle prolongation in China in mid-2007 with ŠKODA Octavia – a heart of a brand. In tighten team-work with their partner SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited a prolongation of a tiny vehicle Fabia began a following year during a plant in Anting nearby Shanghai. The millionth ŠKODA constructed in China rolled off a prolongation line in Jul 2013. The Czech vehicle manufacturer’s models are now built also during a Chinese SAIC VOLKSWAGEN plants in Nanjing, Yizheng and Ningbo. To date, a association has sole over 1.7 million vehicles in China. By presumption an equity position in a SAIC VOLKSWAGEN Automotive Company Limited, ŠKODA is again broadening a company’s position in China.

Since 2007, ŠKODA’s deliveries to business in China have increasing from 27,300 to 281,700 vehicles in 2015. This now corresponds to around a entertain of a brand’s sum sales. China has been a many critical singular marketplace worldwide for ŠKODA given 2010. In 2012 a Czech automaker had 3 array on a Chinese market; now a normal code has 6 opposite indication array – from a ŠKODA Fabia by to a new ŠKODA Superb.

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