ŠKODA’s Deliveries, Sales income and Operating Profit boost in First Half of 2015

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› Record deliveries: 544,300 vehicles; adult 4.2%

› Sales income to 7.5% to €6.4 billion by a finish of June

› Operating profit: €522 million; adult 22.8%

ŠKODA stays on a highway to success. The Czech carmaker’s deliveries, sales income and handling distinction increasing in a initial half 2015. Deliveries to business increasing by 4.2% to a record high of 544,300 vehicles between Jan and June. Sales income grew by 7.5% to €6.421 billion, surpassing a six-billion-euro symbol for a initial time in a initial half of a year. Operating distinction rose by 22.8% to €522 million compared to a same duration final year.

“ŠKODA has grown profitably over a initial half of a year,” explains ŠKODA CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland. “Our extended operation of stylish and complicated cars has been really good perceived by customers. The glorious sales developments in Western and Central Europe have compensated for a severe marketplace conditions in Russia, Ukraine and in a final dual months in China.”

ŠKODA’s sales income rose over a initial half of a year by 7.5% to €6.421 billion (first half of 2014: €5.974 billion). In a same period, a handling distinction reached €522 million (first half of 2014: €425 million). This represents an boost of 22.8%. The handling domain reached 8.1% following 7.1% in a initial half of 2014. The alleviation in gain was especially due to brew improvements and a reduce cost of materials. Net liquidity reached €2.696 billion. Capital investments amounted to €146 million (January to Jun 2014: €149 million).

“Amid a partially severe environment, ŠKODA has once again shown financial strength and profitability in a initial half of a year,” says ŠKODA CFO Winfried Krause. “The softened gain and high net liquidity are a good denote of a company’s financial health. Given a flighty sourroundings and a formidable conditions prevalent in some markets, despotic cost fortify stays a core charge via a organisation.”

ŠKODA AUTO Group – Key total in a initial half of 2015/2014

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