ŠKODA’s expansion continues in July

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ŠKODA delivered 83,700 vehicles to business worldwide this Jul (July 2015: 82,800 vehicles). This corresponds to a expansion of 1.0% over a same duration final year. The normal Czech manufacturer done poignant gains, quite in China (up 16.1%) and Russia (up 11.6%). The ŠKODA SUPERB continues to suffer good popularity, with sales augmenting 92.7% over final year.

“ŠKODA’s expansion has also continued in July,” says Werner Eichhorn, ŠKODA Board Member for Sales and Marketing. “Across all markets, we see that a immature indication operation is appealing increasingly to new consumer groups.” ŠKODA will be consistently expanding their indication operation over a entrance years. In this context, a code will be strengthening their position in a critical SUV segment. The ŠKODA KODIAQ – a new vast SUV indication above a ŠKODA YETI – will be celebrating a universe premiere on 1 Sep in Berlin; a marketplace launch is set for Feb 2017.

In Western Europe, delivering 32,700 vehicles, ŠKODA available a sales decrease of 8.7% in Jul as expected. This expansion was especially due to a mangle in prolongation during a Czech plants during a three-week bureau holiday (4 Jul to 22 July). In Germany 10,500 business perceived their new ŠKODA in Jul (down 19.7% compared to Jul 2015). The code available double-digit expansion in Jul in Italy (1,600 vehicles; adult 11.0%), Finland (900 vehicles; adult 23.1%) and a UK (6,100 vehicles; adult 12.5%).

In Central Europe ŠKODA’s Jul sales were down somewhat on final year’s total with 13,900 delivered (down 4.2%). Here too, a holiday-related mangle in prolongation during a Czech plants had an approaching change on a sales development. In a brand’s home market, 7,100 business perceived their new ŠKODA (down 8.1%). ŠKODA had a certain July, however, in Croatia (July 2016: 300 vehicles; adult 45.6%), Hungary (July 2016: 900 vehicles; adult 4.5%) and Slovenia (July 2016: 500 vehicles; adult 9.6 %).

In Eastern Europe, incompatible Russia ŠKODA’s deliveries to business in Jul augmenting 11.2% to 3,100 cars (2015: 2,800 cars). During a same period, ŠKODA’s models enjoyed augmenting direct in Russia: Sales volumes augmenting 11.6% to 4,700 vehicles (July 2015: 4200 vehicles).

Thanks to a totally revised indication range, sales in Jul grown quite definitely in Turkey and Israel; compared to Jul 2015, deliveries to business climbed 22.8% to 2,200 vehicles (July 2015: 1,800 vehicles) and 45.8% to 2,700 vehicles (July 2015: 1,800 vehicles) respectively. ŠKODA gained poignant marketplace shares in both countries in contrariety to a marketplace trend (Turkey: down 29%; Israel: down 11.9%).

In a brand’s strongest tellurian market, China, ŠKODA available a poignant sales boost compared to a same month final year: Deliveries to business rose almost by 16.1% to 21,400 vehicles (July 2015: 18,400 vehicles).

ŠKODA deliveries to business in Jul 2016 (in units, dull off, listed by model; +/- in % compared to Jul 2015):

ŠKODA CITIGO (sold usually in Europe: 3,400; -1.7 %)
ŠKODA FABIA (15,500; -13.4 %)
ŠKODA RAPID (16,100; +16.8 %)
ŠKODA OCTAVIA (32,200; -5.7 %)
ŠKODA SUPERB (9,500; +92.7 %)
ŠKODA YETI (7,000; -11.1 %)

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