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Up to $500 Purchase Incentive on a New Hyundai Exclusively on

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 28, 2013Saving for a new Hyundai has never been easier with, a first-of-its-kind automotive amicable assets website. On a success of offered some-more than 1,500 new Hyundai’s in 2012, Hyundai will continue to offer a dollar-for-dollar relating inducement adult to $500 for a consumer that buys a new 2012 – 2014 Hyundai regulating their Motozuma comment supports as a down payment. Hyundai matches a dollars and Motozuma acts as a monitor of a down remuneration during a dealership. allows impending automobile buyers to set adult a free, personalized comment to save for a automobile down remuneration and use amicable media to share and grow savings. Motozuma users can save their possess income or income they are means by family and friends.

“We are vehement to have Hyundai continue their partnership for a third uninterrupted year,” pronounced John Morgan, CEO, Motozuma. “We have been means to move them younger, first-time automobile buyers and they have seen value in a warden emancipation height during their dealerships. The certain testimonials we accept from a savers who have bought a new Hyundai tells us their automobile lineup is a ideal fit for a assembly and that being rewarded when they squeeze leaves them with a larger clarity of compensation about their automobile purchase.”

Motozuma users are essentially younger, first-time automobile buyers. The site provides them with profitable educational and online collection to assistance them by a automobile shopping process. Users can name a Hyundai they are saving for, emanate a personalized profile, set a assets idea and crowdfund towards it regulating a Motozuma platform’s amicable media tools.

“Younger automobile buyers need a opposite sales proceed and allows them to entrance their amicable networks for some-more simplified savings,” pronounced Dave Zuchowski, executive clamp president, National Sales, Hyundai Motor America. “In 2012, Elantra, Veloster and Sonata were a heading Hyundais sole on and we demeanour brazen to stability to yield first-time automobile buyers with stylish, fuel fit and record abounding options by this innovative platform.”

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