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The Ford Escape, already America’s best-selling SUV, will lift a bar even aloft with a entrance of an all-new indication that facilities eleven new disdainful facilities and fuel economy projected to tip any automobile of a kind on a marketplace today. Eric Loeffler, Chief Engineer of a Ford Escape says they’re holding a bestselling product by upgrading all aspects of a automobile starting with a engine.

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Cut #1:
“The EcoBoost engine record fundamentally manifests itself in kind of an and scenario, and a and is that it’s going to have stellar opening and it’s also going to have that best in category fuel economy.” :11 sec.
Sixty percent of Americans selling for a automobile subsequent year will demeanour during possibly a midsize automobile or tiny SUV, creation Escape partial of one of a many cross-shopped and fastest-growing segments in a automobile industry. Loeffler says a 2013 Escapeis going to give automobile shoppers a best of both worlds.
Cut #2:
“You have a stylish, some-more contemporary, neat vehicle, that has improved aerodynamics and reduce co-efficient of drag and during a same time it provides we with a same load volume as a effusive product.” 10 sec.
Loeffler forked out an array of crafty technologies with a new Escape’s versatility, creation life easier for a owners, including a hands-free energy lift gate, explaining how it works.
Cut #3:
“By carrying a key-fob in their pocket, they simply proceed a vehicle, and as they proceed it, use a slight kicking suit underneath a back bumper, in a routine of doing that kicking motion, some vicinity sensors will clarity that a business feet is there and automatically open a lift gate.” :15 sec.
This hands-free liftgate brings new record to a SUV market, permitting discerning and easy entrance to a load area though wanting to set down packages or puncture out keys… Loeffler says a same routine closes a hatch. Cargo space is another area that has not been compromised.
Cut #4:
“You are means to lift and take with you, all of a same volume of load in a load volume in a automobile behind a initial quarrel and also behind a second quarrel and it also provides a cargo and towing capability that some of a business have selected to use of a effusive Escape product.” :14 sec.
Loeffler says a new 2013 Escape offers Ford’s broadest nameplate operation of EcoBoost engine choices yet, producing 33 mpg on a highway.
Cut #5:
“The powertrain in a new Escape is configured with dual EcoBoost engines, a 1.6 liter and a 2.0 liter. The 1.6 liter is a initial 1.6 liter EcoBoost application… This will means a patron a bottom turn engine that is a 2.5 liter carry-over engine, though fast pierce into a 1.6 liter GTI that boasts best in category fuel economy, 33 miles per gallon highway.” :22 sec.
The 2013 Ford Escape creates a salon entrance in a open of 2012.

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