Soundbites: 2014 Transit Connect Wagon

Posted on 13. Nov, 2012 by in Ford Canada

Ford takes a clean-sheet, fresh-think proceed to offer a many fuel-efficient seven-seat automobile in a market. Marc Rogowski, Marketing Manager of a E-series Transit Connect Wagon says a new automobile drives like a car, has a coherence of a utility, hauls like a outpost and carries a load of a mid-size half-ton pickup truck.

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Cut #1:
“I consider it appeals to individuals, it can also interest to grown families, people that need a multi-purpose automobile for possibly relocating 7 people or relocating objects, since a automobile has fold-flat second and third rows. It’s unequivocally for anybody, again that needs a incomparable automobile or a automobile that can haul, though gets good fuel economy.” :20 sec.
Rogowski says a automobile is awaiting to grasp during slightest 30 mpg on a highway with EcoBoost energy and offers a choice of dual fuel fit four-cylinder engines.
Cut #2:
“The initial is going to be a 2.5 liter and afterwards a second engine, that is discretionary on a vehicle, is a 1.6 liter EcoBoost. They give us good fuel economy.” :08 sec.
Transit Connect Wagon is offering in dual wheelbase lengths in 5 and 7 newcomer configurations.
Cut #3:
“We foresee that substantially 80-percent of a mix, will be a prolonged circle base, 20-percent a brief circle base, a brief circle bottom will be a good choice for those business who need a vehicles in an civic area for tighter parking, tighter branch radius, that’s because we’ve motionless to move dual circle bases to America.” :17 sec.
Rogowski emphasized a automobile being brought to America is a “personal” use Transit Connect Wagon, that is opposite from a blurb use load outpost or cab we typically consider of when we consider of a Transit Connect.
Cut #4:
“We’re going to offer 7 newcomer seating, that we haven’t had in a past, so we have 3 rows. We’ll have leather interior, we’ll have a potion roof, that we haven’t had in a past, we’ll have My Ford Touch, we’ll have navigation, so a lot of those options that we see on other automobile lines.” :17 sec.
And of march multi-color selections will also be offering with a 2014 Transit Connect.
Cut #5:
“There’s reds, there’s yellows, blues – there are some-more offerings afterwards we’ve had in a past, typically when we see a Transit Connect it’s customarily white, and it’s customarily wrapped, when we demeanour during it on that blurb side, for them it’s a mobile business card, we will offer some-more colors with a personal Transit Connect.” :15 sec.
Production starts in a third entertain of subsequent year, with a Transit Connect Wagon approaching to arrive during dealers by a finish of 2013.

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