Spanish Minister for Employment Fátima Báñez praises SEAT for easing girl entrance to pursuit market

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Spanish Minister for Employment and Social Security Fátima Báñez now visited SEAT’s Martorell comforts to learn some-more about a company’s efforts in tellurian resources, and especially, in compelling a training and employing of immature people. Báñez concurred a carmaker’s swell by by subscribing to a Ministry’s Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment, a eminence awarded to companies and institutions that foster activities to promote immature people’s entrance to a pursuit market.

The Minister voiced her thankfulness to SEAT’s for a joining to girl practice and for ancillary a Strategy for Entrepreneurship and Youth Employment, whose measures “have already benefitted 408,000 immature people and have enabled channelling a initiatives of 887 companies and entities, amounting to 760 million euros”. “I conclude that SEAT, that has been a pitch of modernisation in Spain, now represents a benchmark in a pursuit chain of girl by twin Vocational Training programme”.

Furthermore, SEAT Vice-President for Human Resources Josef Schelchshorn announced that “SEAT will sinecure a 48 immature people who are now in their third year of twin VT”. Schelchshorn underlined “the value of twin training to acquire a plain credentials and veteran qualification” and forked out that with “these recruitments we once again validate SEAT’s joining to immature people’s training and veteran development”. Ranging in age from 19 to 23, a association will be employing a students with an open-ended agreement as of subsequent 22 June, and they will join a 1,900 workers SEAT has combined to a workforce given 2009.

SEAT implements a far-reaching operation of programmes directed during immature people, among that their twin VT has been a distinguished underline given a 2012-2013 course. It is formed on a German complement and puts equal importance on speculation and unsentimental training in SEAT’s Apprentices School and a brand’s prolongation facilities. SEAT offers 3 years of training with a sum of 4,625 training hours and a speculation calm is formed on Middle Grade training. All a students have an tutelage agreement and accept monthly remuneration. SEAT has perceived some-more than 1,000 applications for 75 openings for a initial year of a arriving 2015-2016 course. In addition, a association is relocating brazen with a preference routine of 100 engineers for a Technical Centre. To date, a sum of 43 have already been hired, averaging 30 years old.

Visit to Spain’s heading bureau in a automobile industry

Fátima Báñez was assimilated on her revisit of a Martorell bureau by SEAT Vice-President for Human Resources Josef Schelchshorn and Vice-President for Government and Institutional Affairs for SEAT and a Volkswagen Group in Spain Ramón Paredes. During her visit, a Minister toured Assembly Workshop 10, where SEAT’s twin best-selling models are fabricated – a Leon and a Ibiza, schooled some-more about some of a latest record practical to this seminar and voiced seductiveness in a prolongation of a new Ibiza, that began in a final week of May.

They afterwards changed on to a Maintenance area in Workshop 10, where a Minister spoke with a organisation of third-year students of a SEAT Apprentices School who are participating in a twin VT programme and will turn partial of a workforce starting subsequent 22 June.

Martorell is a Spanish bureau with a top car production: 2,100 units each day, or one each 30 seconds. In a initial 5 months of this year, prolongation during a bureau went adult by 10.6% to 220,500 vehicles. SEAT’s worldwide sales increasing by 8.6% during this period, reaching 176,400 units.

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