Special guided debate for tiny children during a Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Posted on 05. May, 2019 by in Mercedes-Benz Canada

The automobile has been around a prolonged time. At a Mercedes-Benz Museum, we will go on a debate of find – after a brief angel ring and a small practice – together with a soothing fondle bear, “Bärli”. Bärli knows all a vehicles in a museum and, during a tour, we are certain to get to know his favourite vehicles, for instance a pleasing glow engine, a vast train or a automobile with doors like a gull’s wings. He will also move along a genuine Mercedes star to touch. Among other things, we will demeanour during cinema where Bärli did some stupid things in a museum and explain to him what is authorised in a museum and what is not. He’s looking brazen to assembly you!

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