Speech, Klaus Fröhlich, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Development, Tech Workshops 2017.

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Welcome to a Autonomous Driving Campus!


Today, we would like to give we an discernment into a latest
growth activities.


You’ll see that we are already in a midst of implementing what we
announced with a Strategy NUMBER ONE NEXT one and a half years ago.


Since 2007, we have grown to a new level, interjection to Strategy Number ONE.

With this strategy, we put a BMW EfficientDynamics technology
package and, even some-more importantly, BMW i on a highway – our
extensive judgment for trendsetting, tolerable mobility.

And with Drive, Park and Charge NOW, we have grown a right
services to go along with it.


Strategy Number ONE has been a success.


And a 2016 rider – Number ONE NEXT – has combined a right
new topics, namely digitalization, unconstrained pushing and the
inclusive roll-out of e-mobility.

The new plan is already being implemented and will once again
secure a rival edge.


These accomplishments have always been secure in a development
activities and a good innovative strength.


We also request new approaches to make certain that we can strech a targets.


For instance, when we started to exercise a revised plan in
2016, we immediately realigned a organizational setup in research


In doing so, we concentration on a dual tip priorities:



which includes a prolongation of connectivity, a concentration of
synthetic intelligence, and a growth of autonomously driving
reward vehicles.


Drive technology,

with EfficientDynamics NEXT for a explosion engines, and the
growth of semi- and wholly electrified vehicles with battery and
fuel dungeon technologies.



Our pushing force of these countless trendsetting technologies is
iNEXT, that is enabling a whole association and all brands to deal
with these issues of a future.

That way, innovations and technologies are flourishing together into a
unconventional extraneous and interior design.

In 2021, when a BMW iNEXT is scheduled to strike a roads, it will
have integrated all a vital origination topics for a mobility
of tomorrow.


First off, let me tell we some-more about where we mount in terms of
expostulate technology.


The trend toward e-mobility is irreversible. But fact is too that the
marketplace invasion will occur in opposite ways – and generally at
opposite paces – around a world.

Global markets and business will continue to direct unequivocally different
forms of drivetrains for a prolonged time to come.

The augmenting plea for a automotive attention in this scenario
is to accommodate these final with globally uniform technologies and still
approve with a incompatible legislative requirements.

Let me give we 3 examples:

In Europe, a CO2 aim of 95g/km from 2020 brazen has been set for
automobile fleets. Nevertheless, copiousness of extrinsic – and somewhat
competing – country-specific regulations continue to exist.

In China, a marketplace is roughly wholly dominated by national
legislation; and in a U.S., electro-mobility is essentially a thing of
a West and East Coast. There, we have a ZEV charge for the
manufacturers. With gallon prices next $ 3 a US patron is still
unequivocally opening oriented.

Overall, domestic stakeholders are carrying a outrageous impact on
legislation right now, and mostly enough, their decisions do not
journey a bounds of what is technically possibly or a time
required. Therefore, record decisions and developments contingency often
be finished prolonged before a tangible laws are passed.


This is why, behind in 2010, we were a usually OEM worldwide who decided
to offer all forms of drives in all automobile segments from a next
decade on, and to do so depending on marketplace demands: state-of-the-art,
efficient, purify explosion engines; plug-in variety starting in 2015;
and wholly electric, battery-powered drives from 2021 onward.


But we will need to be a cost and opening personality for e-drives to
overcome in this market.


This is because we are investing extensive amounts into carrying full
coherence and request a 360-degree proceed to a e-mobility development.


Consequently, we have grown a best core cunning and value
origination for e-drives among competitors.

And this will continue to sojourn a tip priority.

A few days ago, for instance, we laid a substructure mill for our
new Center of Excellence for Battery Cells, in that we will be
investing some-more than 200 million euros.


When it comes to e-drives, appetite wiring and battery systems – we
always go for an in-house growth with build-to-print imagination or
in-house production, in other words: full technical complement penetration.


And given 2013, we have gradually competent a automobile plants to
hoop e-drives in sequence to respond to a patron demand.


This way, we have determined a ideal technological horizon for us:


  • Purely battery-powered vehicles will see a comprehensive,
    large-scale roll-out and strech pushing ranges of adult to 700 km.
  • Plug-in variety – or Power PHEVs – with about 150 kW will set new
    standards in terms of pushing pleasure and a operation of adult to 100 km.
  • And explosion engines will also set standards once again with
    their 48-volt recuperation systems and serve good reductions in emissions.


We safeguard a full ability to act with intensely flexible
architectures and modular systems.


In a future, a new automobile architectures and rarely flexible
automobile plants will concede us to confirm fast that indication to produce
during that apportion and that expostulate to fit.

You competence remember that we are also a usually OEM who already in 2010
finished a preference to confederate a PHEV in all a rear-wheel and
front-wheel expostulate architectures, or CLAR and FAAR as we call them.


As we continued to allege these dual architectures, and having
managed to some-more than double a stored appetite content, we have
recently also achieved a gift for a BEV integration.


So, we will have stretchable automobile architectures on a one palm and
modular systems for drivetrains on a other.

This setup gives us an forlorn turn of coherence in a tellurian context.

The now fifth era of a e-drives will launch in 2021, with
a BMW iNext.

We are articulate about a scalable modular complement here, that means that
a record can also be propitious in models that will have been
launched by then.

In other words, during this point, we will be means to semi- or fully
electrify any model, depending on marketplace demand.


These efforts are already profitable off today:


  • With a third indication generation, we are one of a world’s top
    providers of electrified vehicles.
  • And a BMW code already has 3 times a marketplace share among
    e-drives in Europe than it has among explosion engines.
  • Today, we are charity 9 electrified vehicles and will be
    delivering some-more than 100,000 units to business this year alone.
  • But a indication beginning will unequivocally take off with a MINI BEV,
    a wholly electric BMW X3, a BMW iNEXT and a BMW i Vision
    Dynamics – so that by 2025, a choice will contain 25 wholly or
    semi-electrified models, 12 thereof wholly electric.




To summarize:

  • For us, electro-mobility is a new normal.
  • We are going to electrify all brands.
  • By doing so, we will have a many extensive charity in the
    rival sourroundings –
  • while progressing full coherence and though any serve need
    for unique platforms.


This is how we will turn Number ONE also in a area of premium
e-mobility – forward of determined and new competitors.


But adequate about that for a time being. Let’s pierce on to my second
subject of a day, unconstrained pushing and synthetic intelligence.


In a draft behind me, we can see a milestones in a development
of unconstrained pushing over a past 10 years.


You see that we started to work on unconstrained pushing solutions very
early on when some companies – who are contrast their ‘auto-pilots’ in
highway trade now – were still in their infancy.


What we can do unequivocally well, though any outward support, is motion
control, a pattern and government of a automobile around a drive,
chassis, brakes, and a whole sensor and systems formation –
actually, this is one of a core competences.


For all else, we have partnered adult with a best in their
fields: Intel, Mobileye, Delphi, Conti, Magna and FCA. Together with
these clever partners, we are building solutions right here on a campus.


Autonomous vehicles will essentially change a duty of cars
and how we use them.


For us, a concentration is always on a patron benefit.

We will always let a patron confirm in that mode to drive.

Because it’s not perfect pushing pleasure if we don’t have a choice.

A vast array of BMW models – from a BMW 7 Series to a entire
swift – are during several degrees already versed with semi-automated
assistance systems.

These facilities raise a customers’ reserve and comfort on a daily basis.

Today, a cars do not usually offer lane-keeping and journey support up
to 60 km/h, though already given 2015 adult to 210 km/h on a autobahn.


But it wouldn’t be right now to take it step by step, creation the
strenuous proceed from a low second turn to a third.

Due to a complement leaps, a additional charge in terms of
redundancy, computing appetite and connectivity for wholly automated
driving, we will be means to wholly master turn 5 right from a outset
in 2021. From afterwards on, we will be means to offer automation solutions
worldwide in a stretchable operation of turn 3 to turn 5 – depending on
patron final and a particular authorised framework.

Just like a modular systems that we already know from our
e-mobility solutions.


However, until we strech that level, we will still have to achieve
some poignant technological breakthroughs.

Contrary to some self-declared selling experts, we consider
unconstrained pushing a outrageous challenge.


Autonomous vehicles contingency be wholly connected.

In this field, we have already finished a groundwork:

Today, over 10 million BMWs from array prolongation are propitious with an
embedded SIM label – some-more than during any other carmaker.

But on tip of that, we also need a high-speed 5G network with data
rates of adult to 10 gigabits/second and high availability.

Plus, giveaway entrance to an HD real-time map.

This is because we have assimilated a organisation of companies to acquire the
world’s largest map service, HERE.


In a second step, we will now industrialize state-of-the-art sensor
technologies for a sourroundings indication and intelligent on-board features.

At present, we are building a extensive sensor cluster
consisting of cameras, radars and laser scanners, that is coupled
with an synthetic comprehension complement to beget an environment
indication around information fusion.

This is a team-work plan with attention leaders Intel and
Mobileye. Both companies have staff directly here on campus, which
allows us to work on a destiny of mobility together in a new character of
flexible teamwork.



The hurdles concerned in protected unconstrained pushing are enormous.


Just to give we an example: a whole association now requires a
information volume of 60 petabytes. Very soon, and due to a amounts of data
from unconstrained vehicles, a prior direct will arise to
approximately 500 petabytes. This is about zero reduction than replacing
tellurian notice and a tellurian brain’s ability to consider and make
decisions by an synthetic intelligent system.


To master this large undertaking, we are establishing
cross-industry collaborations.


But there’s another aspect we can’t neglect: safety-relevant systems
will not be a USP in a prolonged term. There will have to be a highest
turn of record around a world.

This is because some-more and some-more OEMs und TIER-1s are fasten a open
platform, creation it a heading centre of value for unconstrained driving.


While a destiny of a automotive attention will also count on
outmost conditions and a regulatory frameworks, we am assured that
a vital foreknowledge and imagination in building alliances will be
equally important.



This is because a end is unequivocally clear:

We wish to be a personality also in matters of unconstrained driving.

We pursue this idea with coherence and are evenly creating
a required framework.


Before we conclude, I’d like to discuss one some-more essential point: The
opportunities of digitalization and unconstrained pushing will also bring
about new possibilities of regulating a automobile interior and the
particular user interfaces.

Consequently, a standards per a interior and a user
knowledge will boost exponentially.


Seamless formation into a customers’ lives is a buzzword of a day.

And a final are high: a formation contingency be customized,
know needs and wishes, and offer loyal patron value.

And it’s a given that usability will have to be gentle and intelligent.

So, in a future, perfect pushing pleasure will be tangible by an
additional dimension: a probability to make good use of a time in
a automobile by relaxing or spending it with others.


Again, a goal is to set new trends.

This is because a end is to redefine a interior experience.

We will uncover we in larger fact what that might entail in 2018.


That most for my display of a record beginning formed on

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