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Economics Minister, Governor, Ambassador, Media member from Mexico, a United States and Germany, Ladies and Gentlemen, we am gay to acquire all of you!

A really special acquire to a Mayor of San José Chiapa, here in a marquee, and to a many citizens, who have collected in a city square, to follow a live delivery of this ceremony. Thank we for your interest! 

Mobility is a dream of mankind. Thanks to mobility we learn new horizons, overcome boundaries, get to know other cultures, and sell ideas all around a globe.

Shaping particular mobility, that is a mission. Like no other brand, Audi stands for Vorsprung durch Technik. We are convinced: If we mount still, we get left behind.

That’s since we are fast pulling ahead: with a innovations, with a activities for a city of a destiny and with a tellurian footprint.

Audi pursues a plan of worldwide growth. That’s since we are here today.

Today, we are laying a substructure mill for a thirteenth prolongation site  of a Audi Group worldwide. Mexico was selected really deliberately. In vital terms, this nation is a linchpin, in a center between North and South America.

With some-more than forty free-trade agreements, this nation is an ideal trade base.

What’s more: We have motionless to supply a universe marketplace from here with a successful indication Audi Q5. That’s a volume of approximately 150,000 cars any year. This marquee has been set adult on a mark with mystic power:  We are now located in “grid block Q5” of a construction site.  As if a place had been named after a destiny star of this new plant! After a Audi Q5, that will expostulate off a open lines here in 3 years! After a universe champion in a shred of reward SUVs; And reward SUVs are apropos some-more and some-more popular. Worldwide, any third Audi will be an SUV by 2020. The new Audi plant in Mexico will make a vital grant to that.

The partial of a site in grid block Q5 is 4 meters aloft than a rest. The fundament has already been created, on that accurately here, a press emporium and a physique emporium will be located. We are building a finish vehicle prolongation plant, including paint emporium and assembly.

In Sep 2012, we motionless to buy this land with some 400 hectares. It’s about as large as 400 soccer fields. One tenth of it will be built on. The 3D animation of a factory’s blueprint shows: Each appurtenance here will have a same position as all over a world, interjection to a modular prolongation toolbox. Our Audi Production System ensures that a business all over a universe can rest on a sign of peculiarity “made by Audi.” We can enhance a area though any problems. Existing railway connectors concede sight ride from a factory. There will be entrance roads to dual vital highways. And in other respects as well, a area has a good infrastructure. All of these contribution were good reasons to come to San José Chiapa.

Laying a substructure mill for this plant gives us means to consider about a substructure of a possess success. The roots of AUDI AG are in a south of Germany, in a dual vehicle cities Ingolstadt and Neckarsulm. The success story of a past decades can be entirely ascribed to a encouraged employees during a categorical plants in Germany. With rarely competent learned workers in Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Spain, China and Mexico, we wish to extend a success.

Inside a substructure stone, we will deposition for posterity today’s emanate of a internal newspapers from a home country, as good as a El Sol de Puebla. And as a snap shot of a corporate history, We will also supplement a stream annual news of AUDI AG.  That news states that we shipped some-more than 1.45 million cars in 2012. It states that we have doubled a marketplace opening in a past 10 years. And that we are also financially successful. And when one day, archeologists hunt for traces  of a twenty-first century on this site, they will find all of this information not usually on paper, though also on digital information carriers. A reverence to a networked universe of today!

Mexico is an vehicle prolongation site with tradition. Many general manufacturers have comforts here. This means that some suppliers have already turn determined here. Along with Audi, several some-more partners will be added.

Today, some-more than 100 house members of supply companies are a guest – from Europe and a United States. They wish to set adult comforts tighten to a site here.

Yesterday, they attended a suppliers’ information day with us. And this morning, they took partial in an off-road expostulate in 70 Audi Q5s.

We are gay about a clever suggestion of confidence among a partners – both locally and internationally. By a finish of a year, we will allot a purchasing volume for a Audi Q5 of 12 billion euros, that is homogeneous to some-more than 15 billion US dollars, or about 190 billion Mexican pesos. There will be a suppliers’ park median between San José Chiapa and Puebla City, from where they will be means to fast supply Volkswagen and Audi.

Mexico is a world’s fourth-largest exporter of automobiles. And a fifth-largest exporter of vehicle parts. Each year, some-more than 3 million cars are done in Mexico.

And a series of new vehicle registrations in North America shows a market’s potential: 18 million new cars are approaching for 2013. In other words: For a vehicle code and a suppliers, Mexico is a betrothed land. Our primogenitor company, Volkswagen, satisfied this some-more than fifty years ago. That’s since with a subsequent steps, we are utilizing a good abyss of experience. An additional cause is that we will distinction from a engine plant in Silao, that Volkswagen usually non-stop this January. Audi’s two-liter TFSI engines are now being constructed there.

Today, we are holding a biggest step for a internationalization of a business in a story of a vehicle production. All over a world, any 22 seconds today we make a fan of a Audi code happy with a new car. We wish to move that to a subsequent level: 16 seconds by a finish of a decade. Also in North America, we are posterior a march of huge growth. In a United States, Canada and Mexico, we grew final year by scarcely 20 percent. By a year 2020, we pattern annual shipments of: 15,000 cars of a Audi code here in Mexico, during slightest 30,000 in Canada, some-more than 200,000 in a United States and a sum of some-more than 300,000 cars in a whole of North America. So by 2020, any seventh Audi from a worldwide prolongation will be sole in a northern half of this continent. And afterwards we will have achieved a aim and strengthened America as a third post of a section sales alongside Asia and Europe.

In Mexico, we are investing some-more than 900 million euros, equaling to 14.5 billion Mexican Pesos. We are creation this investment accurately here, since we have gifted glorious team-work with politicians and a open authorities:

At a sovereign turn in Mexico City, during a state turn in Puebla, and during a internal turn with San Jose Chiapa. This creates us assured that a construction of this plant and a ramping adult of a prolongation will run smoothly.

We have committed to formulating during slightest dual thirds of a value combined of a Audi Q5 here in Mexico. And a Governor of a State of Puebla, Rafael Moreno Valle Rosas, has already announced: He wants to expostulate a initial Q5 that we build here as his central car!

Due to Puebla’s business-friendly policy, we motionless to emanate 3,800 jobs here. Audi is an appealing employer a universe over. In a past 10 years, we have combined 15,000 new jobs. we have good news for anyone in Mexico who wants to work for us: We will be promotion a jobs accessible here in a third quarter. And that’s not all: As a rule, a 1 to 5 regulation can be practical to a practice effects of a vehicle plant on a region.

For any pursuit during Audi, another 5 jobs will be combined in a closeness – during suppliers and in a rest of a economy. In total, we pattern adult to 20,000 approach and surreptitious jobs to be combined as a outcome of a new plant in a subsequent 10 years. Before a finish of this year, we pattern a initial colleagues from Mexico to come to a sites in Germany for training. Ingolstadt by a approach is carrying an generally tighten demeanour during San José Chiapa, since a categorical plant is holding over a mentorship for this factory.

We know that a participation in San José Chiapa will change a lot. We are prepared to assume shortcoming in this community, and to be concerned in cultural, amicable and environmental matters. We will act as a good corporate citizen here, as partial of a community, usually like we do during all a other Audi sites.

The gates to a Q5 bureau will always be open. After prolongation has started, we will also offer plant tours for everybody who is interested. We are already looking brazen to complete communication with a neighbors.

Audi has set itself a idea of stability to pattern and furnish a many innovative cars in a universe – cars that accommodate a challenges. Individual mobility usually has a place in a multitude of tomorrow if it is sustainable. We are ardent about achieving this goal. Because we wish a children to lead over lives as well.

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