Speeches Ian Robertson and Peter Schwarzenbauer, BMW Group: THE NEXT 100 YEARS Press Conference in London

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Dr. Ian Robertson


Good morning! we would also like to wish we a really comfortable welcome.

It’s good to be behind home again in a UK. we can’t tell we how
unapproachable we am to be here on interest of a BMW Group for a centenary.


I like to contend that a BMW Group is 100 years “young” – this is
given a association has always “looked ahead” – and that’s since the
concentration of a centenary is on “The Next 100 Years”.


The UK plays an critical purpose for a BMW Group – it is a fourth
largest singular market. Of course, a significance goes distant over sales
– it is a usually place in a universe where all 3 of a premium
brands have a prolongation presence. And that, is something really special.


The BMW Group has invested tighten to £2 billion in a UK given the
year 2000 and now has state-of-the art prolongation comforts in
Oxford, Swindon, Hams Hall and Goodwood. We source £1.2 billion worth
of products and services from UK suppliers annually. Directly and
indirectly, a BMW Group supports scarcely 50,000 UK jobs.


We are unapproachable to be partial of a really fabric of British society, and to
be concerned in many critical events and initiatives in a UK:

  • The London Symphony Orchestra “Open Air Classics” in Trafalgar
    this year in May – this is a fifth year of our
    partnership with a LSO
  • Our partnership with Tate – a BMW Tate Live: Performance Room is
    initial artistic programme combined utterly for live web broadcast
  • This year’s BMW PGA Championship, Wentworth, won by
    Chris Wood
  • And a image of a award-winning BMW Group Education
    that has been using for 17 years now.

The UK is also an critical exam bed for us – given it is
creation accessible and open to new technologies. That’s since we
control many commander projects here.

For example, “retail online”. After a successful pilot, we launched
online offered of a whole BMW indication operation in a UK final Nov –
a universe initial for a BMW Group.


London is Europe’s heading megacity – a hurdles for future,
tolerable mobility are good accepted here. One instance of how we
are traffic with changing civic mobility needs is a car-sharing
programme “DriveNow” – launched in London in 2014 and now with around
20,000 members. 


The BMW Group has underlined a joining to tolerable mobility
with BMW i. Our BMW i vehicles are nonetheless again a excellent instance of our
company’s truth of always “looking ahead”. The BMW i3 is the
personality in a shred and we wish to sojourn during a forefront of
electromobility. Sustainable, premium, sold mobility – that is
a aspiration.


Looking brazen – a BMW i NEXT will be a new spearhead of
creation and technology. Planned for 2021, it will offer: Autonomous
driving, digital connectivity, intelligent lightweight design, a
totally new interior – and eventually – it will pierce a next
epoch of electro-mobility to a road.


For a past century, a truth has been “the destiny belongs to
those confidant adequate to figure it”. Right now, we are on a threshold of
a really sparkling new era. New technologies are formulating opportunities
for sold mobility, that formerly didn’t exist.


BMW has a long-proven ability to emanate destiny solutions formed upon
cutting-edge record and patron benefits. Some examples are: The
initial digital engine electronics; ConnectedDrive; BMW i – including
use of CO fibre; and many recently, gesticulate control and remote
control parking in a new BMW 7 Series.

As partial of a centenary activities in Munich and Beijing, we
presented a BMW VISION NEXT 100.


Everyone knows that BMW stands for “the Ultimate Driving Machine” –
we’ve taken it one step further. With a support of permanent
connectivity, digital comprehension and state-of-the-art technology,
a chairman during a circle will turn “the Ultimate Driver”.


Ease and Boost are dual opposite modes, that drivers can choose
from. In “Ease” mode we offer a motorist a place of retreat, with
unconstrained pushing and a ability to use time productively through
innovative connectivity. “Boost” mode is for those moments when the
motorist wants that standard BMW pushing experience.


All in all, a thought was to safety BMW’s DNA – a tighten emotional
connection between motorist and a automobile – given that’s what BMW is all
about – and will always be about.


I’d like to only quickly discuss some other critical facilities of the
Vision Vehicle. There’s a fascinating “Alive Geometry” that allows
for a “shape-shifting” extraneous and protracted existence dashboards –
formulating a some-more discerning form of communication between motorist and machine.


And we’ve taken a large step brazen with a motorist interface – the
whole windscreen serves as a hulk display, directly in front of a driver.

The “Vision” automobile illustrates how a digital and analogue worlds will
be operative together to emanate a seamless experience.


For us during a BMW Group, it’s all about giving business a unique
mobility knowledge – about mixing passion with innovation.


This passion has driven a association brazen to today’s miracle and
will continue to be a BMW Group’s biggest strength going forward.


We are vigilant on moulding a destiny of premium, sold mobility.

Our miracle of 100 Years will enthuse us to do better, to go
serve and to aspire even higher, with a concentration resolutely on the
“Next 100 Years”.


Thank we really much!



Peter Schwarzenbauer


Ladies and gentlemen,


A really comfortable acquire to London!


This is a really special day for a BMW Group. And of march – it’s a
genuine prominence for a dual British brands. Today, we’ll be display you
dual new visions: One designed for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and one for
MINI. London is a ideal place to benefaction these dual British icons.


In a final 100 years, a BMW Group has left by many different
stages. All of them were noted by a coherence and a strength of
a innovation. From a origins as an aero-engine maker, to
motorcycle writer and, then, car-manufacturer. Today, a BMW Group
is a global, multi-brand business and heading provider of premium
products and services for sold mobility.


Our brands and services constraint a unrestrained of business around
a globe. 122,000 employees make a customers’ dreams of mobility
happen. We build a grand products in 31 plants in 14
countries and discharge them in some-more than 140 opposite markets.
These are products that awaken passion, make people dream and evoke
ideal fun during a wheel.


More than 2.2 million business chose one of a vehicles in 2015.
And we aim to grow a sales serve this year too. The signs look
positive. We’ve delivered some-more cars and motorcycles in a initial four
months of this year, than ever before.

But we’re not resting on a laurels: we’ll always pursue a thought of
moving people on a move.


The destiny of mobility couldn’t be some-more exciting!

The universe changes in ever-shorter time-phases. Digitalization, in
particular, has some-more and some-more impact on probably all areas of our
daily lives. And it will change a auto-sector. We’re
assured that a attention will be some-more remade in a next
decade, than in a prior 30 (or even 100) years.


And we will be right adult there in moulding this mutation – in
moulding tomorrow’s reward mobility.


The name of a diversion is to confederate new technologies into our
products and make a automobile a organisation underline of a digital world. Key
enablers in a destiny will be a ability for unconstrained pushing and
a deployment of Artificial Intelligence. Technology will start
training from tellurian beings – and operative tailor-made solutions for
daily life.


But we’ll also rise wholly new services and applications for our
customers. We’ve set transparent signals for this in a past few years:

  • Look during a car-sharing services, DriveNow and ReachNow
  • or digital apps like ChargeNow and ParkNow
  • Our new mobility app BMW Connected
  • And a totally new margin of appetite services


So, we can see: We’re not only articulate change. The BMW Group is
already right in a center of this good disruption. And we’ll keep
on heading a proceed in this digital era. Our prophesy is of seamless,
on-demand, tolerable mobility. And all we do, is geared to
assembly a sold needs of any and each singular customer.


But how are we going to comprehend this prophesy in tomorrow’s car?  The
BMW VISION NEXT 100 is a truly fascinating prophesy of “sheer driving
pleasure.” So, how does a owners of a Rolls-Royce or a fan of MINI
suppose their dream automobile in, say, ten, 15 years time?


To find an answer, one contingency of march simulate on a rich
chronological tradition of these brands. A good understanding of a success of
MINI and Rolls-Royce rests on a strength of their code values.
We’ll qualification a destiny on this fundament of past and present.


Experts envision that by 2050, some-more than 75 per cent of people in
Europe and adult to 90 per cent in a USA will live in cities. This will
coincide with a need for larger individuality. MINI can perfectly
play to a strengths in this setting.


MINI’s sign is: “Focus on a essentials – maximize a experience.”
And that has always given countenance to a really special feel for life.
Through a radical proceed to life, MINI represents Zeitgeist
like no other car. And given of a size, MINI is always a perfect
civic companion.


But, then, how can we send a code heritage, a flexibility
and individuality, into a future?


With a new motto, “Every MINI is my MINI,” we will:

  • Solve a dispute between individuality and sharing,
  • create an wholly new bond between motorist and digital intelligence,
  • and uncover how to separate one’s MINI in a digital age

The ideas in a MINI VISION NEXT 100 will astonish you.


Let me only say: The elemental thought of Sir Alec Issigonis about
“creative use of space” will continue to play a pivotal purpose in a future.


The Rolls-Royce concentration on a destiny is utterly different.


No other automobile code in a universe has stood so consistently for the
apex of oppulance and distinction. Rolls-Royce, done in Goodwood, is
a valuables in a climax of British manufacturing.


Our organisation faith is: a super-luxury-segment has a future.


The doubt afterwards is: how can this singular character, this brand
promise, be taken into a future? What will mobile oppulance meant in the
years to come? What will heed it? How will pushing in a
Rolls-Royce keep a singular peculiarity in a decades ahead?


You’ll find a answers to these questions in a Rolls-Royce VISION
NEXT 100.


It brings together a best of a accumulation of worlds:

  • luxury and singular craftsmanship by ultra-skilled hands
  • the many modernized record in a ultimate oppulance setting
  • and a ideal state of unconstrained driving


We stay constant to a sign of Sir Henry Royce, “Take a best that
exists and make it better.”


So tomorrow’s Rolls-Royce will be a oppulance shelter from hectic
bland living. It’s a ultimate companion, a ideal chauffeur
and watchful butler, constantly on palm for assistance and advice.


Ladies and gentlemen,


We believe, if we wish to be partial of a destiny we have to create
it. And we will welcome and figure a destiny of mobility with
Rolls-Royce and MINI.


We have a know-how, a will and a resources to comprehend unique
concepts of mobility for a customers.


And now – let’s together demeanour brazen to a destiny with Rolls-Royce
and MINI!

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