Sportiness, comfort and innovations exclusively for a Chinese market: The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan.

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Munich/Shenyang. Premium German carmaker BMW is
presenting a second era of a several of a globally
successful sports sedan grown exclusively for a Chinese market.
The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan will
applaud a universe premiere during a Auto Shanghai 2019 show. Tailored
privately to a mandate of Chinese customers, it combines the
new, elegantly sporty and emotionally abounding pattern of the
latest-generation BMW 3 Series Sedan with a many atmospheric and
gentle interior of any reward mid-size car, and ground-breaking
innovations in intelligent connectivity.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan meets the
needs of young, on-going business in a Chinese market. It was
grown alongside a new BMW 3 Series Sedan with customary wheelbase
during a BMW Group’s Munich home in team-work with Chinese engineers.
With a wheelbase extended by 11 centimetres and disdainful equipment
features, a long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan
offers well-developed pushing pleasure and superb comfort for rear
passengers. It is also a initial indication accessible in China to feature
a innovative BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, that elevates
discerning operation and driver/vehicle communication to a new level.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan will be
constructed by BMW Brilliance Automotive (BBA) during a Tiexi plant in
Shenyang, Liaoning Province (north-eastern China). The trickery began
operations in 2012 as a second prolongation plant in a BMW Group /
Brilliance China Automotive Holdings Ltd. corner venture. Among the
models built here is a China-only several of a new BMW 3 Series
Sedan with customary wheelbase, that will further be denounced for the
initial time during Auto Shanghai 2019.

The dual physique variants of a new sports sedan concede business in
China to plump for possibly additional impetus or even larger comfort. Both
indication variants have all a mixture to build on a successful
story of a BMW 3 Series Sedan, that in China is headlined by an
impossibly fast expansion in demand. Much of a credit here goes to the
long-wheelbase version, that accounts for roughly 80 per cent of 3
Series Sedan sales in China. All in all, around one in 3 new BMW 3
Series cars will be delivered to business in China.

With this augury in mind and in gripping with a “production
follows a market” principle, ability during BMW Brilliance Automotive’s
Tiexi plant has been ramped adult once again. This demand-oriented
prolongation plan is also contributing significantly to the
burgeoning success of BMW models in other segments of a Chinese car
market. Like a BMW 3 Series Sedan, a BMW 5 Series Sedan and BMW X1
are also offering in long-wheelbase versions grown specifically for
Chinese business – and constructed in Shenyang exclusively for the
Chinese market.

New pattern denunciation and particular proportions.

The striking impression of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan in
long-wheelbase guise stems from a additional 11 centimetres of wheelbase
and a compared boost in seating comfort and legroom in a rear
compartment. Its physique pattern blends a new, intensely accurate design
denunciation and sporting aura of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan with
particular proportions. The new automobile improves significantly on its
predecessor’s aerodynamics by trait of finely judged optimisations.
Encompassing an extraneous length of 4,829 millimetres and a
2,961-millimetre wheelbase, a extraneous measure of a new
long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan outstrip those of any other automobile in
a class. BMW’s hallmark sporting bravery is embodied here by short
overhangs, a prolonged carp and a shock newcomer compartment. The
four-door model’s stretched conformation underscores a inherent
magnificence and hints during a enviable expanse of a interior.

The absolute standing and sporty looks of a new long-wheelbase BMW 3
Series Sedan are accentuated by a 18-inch light-alloy wheels fitted
as standard. The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan
facilities LED headlights with extended features. The trapezoidal
tailpipe embellishers of a twin-pipe empty complement supplement an
eye-catching pattern develop to a behind of a car.

Interior: additional space and disdainful appointments.

The extended wheelbase and stretched side lines of a new
long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan are all about increasing
expanse for rear-seat passengers. The behind doors are also
11 centimetres longer than those of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan with
customary wheelbase, permitting quite easy entrance to a rear
seats. Add a special moulding and pampering upholstery of a rear
seats to a brew and we have an superb turn of rear-seat
comfort over prolonged journeys. The new long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan
also offers an additional 43 millimetres of legroom in a behind compartment
over a new BMW 3 Series Sedan with customary wheelbase, that sets a
new benchmark in a class. The newly designed headrest, with their
super-comfortable cushions, and a executive armrest between a rear
seats are further designed to yield a cosseting pushing experience,
while ample map pockets are integrated into a front chair backrests.
The pattern of a orator covers has been grown specifically for the
Chinese market. In another model-specific feature, a ambient
lighting also includes an bright contour frame on a behind of the
front seats. The luggage cell of a new long-wheelbase BMW 3
Series Sedan can swallow 480 litres of gear, including as many as
3 golfbags.

The comfort-oriented impression of a new long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series
Sedan is also highlighted by a horde of other model-specific equipment
features. The breathtaking potion roof, for example, ensures an effective
supply of uninformed atmosphere and a light, ethereal ambience for a interior. The
appealing preference also includes a sports leather steering wheel
with multifunction buttons and electroplated applications, and
three-zone involuntary meridian control (with apart controls in the
behind cell and active CO filters to optimise interior air
quality). Like a rear-seat passengers, a motorist and front
newcomer settle into comfort seats with Sensatec trim. Pronounced
contouring, disdainful stitching and comfort headrest also assistance to make
both a front and behind seats unusually pleasing places to be.
Defining facilities of a driver-focused cockpit embody instrument
cluster/Control Display organisation and a complicated pattern of a centre
console, that houses a gearshift selector lever, Driving Experience
Control switch, Controller for a iDrive control/operating complement and
symbol for a electromechanical parking brake. Two USB ports in the
behind cell and another underneath a centre console armrest between
a front seats concede those on house to block in digital devices.

The acoustic potion of a windscreen and optimisations to other body
sum safeguard an intensely effective turn of soundproofing for the
interior. The ambient lighting includes a Welcome Light Carpet,
that generates a distinguished light striking where a motorist and
passengers get into and out of a car. Added to which, a new
long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan comes with bright doorway sill
plates for both a front and rear.

Developed in Munich, done in Shenyang: a four-cylinder
engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology.

A four-cylinder engine from a latest era of energy units
grown by a BMW Group in Munich brings sports opening to the
BMW 325Li launch model. The new petrol section generates limit output
of 135 kW/184 hp from a 2.0-litre banishment and rise torque of
300 Nm (221 lb-ft). It is constructed during a BMW Brilliance Automotive
engine plant in Shenyang and facilities modernized BMW TwinPower Turbo
technology. A twin-scroll turbocharger, High Precision Injection,
VALVETRONIC entirely non-static valve timing and Double-VANOS variable
camshaft control broach immediate response, a ardour for revs
drivers design from a BMW, well-developed potency and minimised emissions.

The engine teams adult with an eight-speed Steptronic delivery to
send a energy to a highway by a behind wheels.

Advanced motorist assistance systems pave a approach for automated

The preference of motorist assistance systems on house is significantly
some-more endless than on a prototype model, and their innovative
functionality helps pave a approach for programmed pushing in a new
long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan. Collision and Pedestrian Warning
with City Braking function, Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change
Warning, Rear Collision Prevention and Cross Traffic Alert are joined
by Active Cruise Control with Stop Go function. Driving
Assistant Professional also contains other facilities – including the
Steering and line control assistant, that takes a lead from road
markings and vehicles travelling forward and keeps a new
long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan safely on lane in trade jams and
bottlenecks. At speeds of adult to 60 km/h (37 mph) and underneath certain
highway conditions, a programmed pushing mode can be used for an
total time as prolonged as a motorist maintains thoroughness on the
road. To this end, their line of prophesy is monitored henceforth by a
camera integrated into a cockpit. Another component of Driving
Assistant Professional is a Emergency Stop Assistant.

The Parking Assistant, that gives a motorist a assisting palm with
manoeuvring and parking, is enclosed in a new long-wheelbase BMW 3
Series Sedan. It takes over steering, braking and acceleration duties
when parking in spaces together with and perpendicular to a highway and
when manoeuvring out of together spaces. The complement also features
Active Park Distance Control, a Reversing Assist camera, a Lateral
parking assist and a reversing assistant.

Control/operation and connectivity: China premiere for a BMW
Intelligent Personal Assistant.

The modern, digital functions of a new BMW Operating System 7.0 –
geared precisely to a needs of a motorist – optimise intuitive
operation in a new long-wheelbase BMW 3 Series Sedan. The system
comes with BMW Live Cockpit Professional, that encompasses
consistently designed, situation-linked and customisable screens for
a fully-digital 12.3-inch instrument cluster and 10.25-inch Control
Display. Touchscreen functionality for a Control Display, a iDrive
Controller, steering circle buttons, voice control and gesticulate control
(optional) give a motorist several handling methods from that to choose.

Another new attainment in a margin of control/operation and intelligent
connectivity is a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant, an
intelligent, digital impression that responds to a prompt “Hey BMW”
and is creation a entrance in a indication offering for a Chinese market. One
singular underline over other digital assistants is that drivers can give
him a name. The attainment of a BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant
ensures there is always a genuine BMW veteran on board. He is
means to explain all sorts of opposite functions (“How does a High
Beam Assistant work?”), yield stream standing information (“Is the
oil turn okay?”) and assistance answer questions (“What warning messages do
we have?”). The Intelligent Personal Assistant is, in short, a ideal
co-driver and comes in quite useful during bland pushing by
responding to healthy voice commands to assistance a motorist with numerous
tasks, such as enhancing capability and on-board entertainment. The
operation of functions and skills accessible will be constantly stretched as
partial of unchanging updates, that can be carried out seamlessly on a
smartphone and in-car by Remote Software Upgrade.

The long-wheelbase chronicle of a new BMW 3 Series Sedan will usually be
accessible in China.

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