Sporting character past and present: The new BMW Motorsport and BMW Motorsport Heritage collections.

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Munich. To coincide with a start of a engine sport
season, BMW Lifestyle is presenting a latest book of the
ever-popular BMW Motorsport Collection and expanding
a portfolio with a new collection line: the
BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection. Inspired by the
company’s many years in engine foe competition, a dual collections
interpret a passion of engine racing afterwards and now into stylish
articles for bland use that are guaranteed to make a sporty
sense both during a competition lane and beyond.


Sporty looks for engine racing aptitude each day of a week.

The new panoply in a BMW Motorsport Collection
all make a overwhelming impression, interjection especially to sporty and expressive
styling whose defining facilities embody a stripes in BMW Motorsport
pattern and a BMW Motorsport logo.

The well-developed automobile prints on a BMW Motorsport “Motion”
T-Shirt – featuring pure high-gloss elements
on a men’s and china appliqués on a ladies’ chronicle – are one of
a pattern highlights of a new collection and move a dynamic
hint prominently to a fore.

A horde of inventive sum safeguard a equipment not usually demeanour good but
are also intensely practical. Take, for example, a retard colour
BMW Motorsport Jacket made from laminated,
lightweight, windproof and water-resistant element or a BMW
Motorsport Hoodie
in a worldly neoprene look, both
designed to keep a wearer cosy and comfortable when a continue takes a
spin for a adverse.

The BMW Motorsport Paper Jacket is an comprehensive must
for penetrating trackside designation hunters. Made from state-of-the-art,
tear-proof Tyvek® material, a coupler has paper-like qualities and is
ideal for scribbling on with waterproof markers. Once a requisite
autographs have been collected, a paper coupler can be conveniently
stowed divided in a concomitant compress pouch.

The intelligent BMW Motorsport Drift Cat 5 Sneakers supplement an
superb finishing hold to sporty outfits. The non-slip solitary has been
designed to demeanour like a aspect of a automobile tyre and offers really good
grip. Sporting a BMW trademark pin and novel seperated elements, anyone
wearing a trainers is certain to make a stylish entrance. The ladies’
trainers come in White and a men’s are finished in Team Blue.

Besides attire and accessories, a BMW Motorsport
also facilities a far-reaching choice of luggage items
packed with engine racing flair. The cushioned behind row of the
BMW Motorsport Messenger Bag and the
BMW Motorsport Backpack replicate a stitching of a
racing automobile seat, for instance. The trek also facilities a ample main
cell with a roll-down zipper that allows a conduit to vary
a volume of room inside. And to keep critical equipment such as a
laptop or inscription within easy reach, a trek has an additional
padded cell that opens separately.

The BMW Motorsport Sports Bag likewise boasts a
array of neat features, including an tractable shoulder tag that
allows it to be converted into a trek as and when required. The
ample categorical cell has a roll-down zipper and dual additional straps to
keep it firmly closed, and is vast adequate to simply accommodate two
full-face helmets.


For conform trendsetters: a BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection.

With a exclusive
BMW Motorsport Heritage Collection, BMW Lifestyle is
gripping adult with a latest trend by branch a time behind to the
1970s. Comprising beautifully finished classics, like the
BMW Motorsport 
T-Shirt Heritage
with its
eye-catching old-style BMW Motorsport trademark and the
BMW Motorsport Sunglasses Heritage in retro look
with blue-grey graduated lenses, a collection is certain to delight
both comparison and logomania fans and BMW Classic enthusiasts in equal measure.

The collection’s ultimate matter square is a white
BMW Motorsport Leather Jacket Heritage made of soft
lambskin leather. Quite detached from a top-class craftsmanship on
display, it is a jacket’s pattern that creates this a genuine must-have
for both fans and supporters of fashion. Contrasting BMW Motorsport
stripes on a stand-up collar, shoulders and sleeves and a logo
badge in comparison 70s pattern supplement distinguished touches that give a jacket
a punchy look.

The coupler creates a ideal compare with a BMW Motorsport Cap
Heritage – a smart trucker top with filigree panels and
easily padded rise temperament an elaborately festooned BMW Motorsport
trademark – and a BMW Motorsport Bag Heritage, which
sports a particular 70s retro demeanour with padded BMW Motorsport stripes
on a side pocket.

These and serve products from a BMW Motorsport Heritage
Collection and BMW Motorsport Collection are now accessible at and from comparison BMW dealers.


Manufacturer’s endorsed sell prices:

BMW Motorsport “Motion” T-Shirt, ladies’ and men’s: €39.90     

BMW Motorsport Jacket, ladies’ and men’s: €120.00

BMW Motorsport Hoodie, ladies’ and men’s: €79.00

BMW Motorsport Paper Jacket, men’s: €49.00

BMW Motorsport Trainers Drift Cat 5, ladies’: €120.00

BMW Motorsport Messenger Bag: €59.00

BMW Motorsport Backpack: €69.00

BMW Motorsport T-Shirt Heritage, men’s: €59.00

BMW Motorsport Leather Jacket Heritage, men’s: €590.00

BMW Motorsport Cap Heritage: €39.90

BMW Motorsport Bag Heritage: €120.00

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