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  • Standard torque vectoring control enhances cornering opening and provides increasing motorist confidence
  • Employing slight braking force to boost automobile fortitude in curves, torque vectoring control will greatfully fan drivers

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 24, 2011 When it was introduced in 1998, a strange Ford Focus brought new levels of lively and responsiveness to a small-car segment. The new Focus aims to lift a benchmark once again, targeting class-leading pushing peculiarity that blends superb steering pointing and highway feedback with significantly softened excellence and float control.

To grasp this goal, a new Focus employs a latest framework record including customary torque vectoring control optimized by prudent tuning by a gifted Ford automobile dynamics team. This new underline helps to urge cornering fortitude and agility.

Torque vectoring control will greatfully enthusiasts and boost certainty for drivers with reduction experience, pronounced Mark Rushbrook, automobile dynamics manager.

More typically found on high-performance cars, a torque vectoring control complement uses a cars brakes to embrace a outcome of a limited-slip differential, constantly balancing a placement of engine torque between a front wheels during cornering, ensuing in softened hold and steering and a reduced possibility of understeer.
The complement operates regulating a cars fortitude control procedure and monitors a automobile 100 times per second. As a automobile accelerates by a corner, a complement detects when a front inside circle is starting to trip and relates an inaudible volume of braking to a wheel. This prevents circle spin and has a outcome of transferring engine torque to a outward wheel, that has some-more grip, so progressing traction and steering control.

Unlike a traction control complement that reduces engine power, a involvement from torque vectoring control is intensely pointed and might not even be beheld by a driver.

When pushing in a sporty demeanour by curves, torque vectoring control creates a automobile feel smaller and some-more agile, with a faster greeting to steering inputs, pronounced Rushbrook. The doing characteristics will pleasure gifted and eager drivers though also will yield less-experienced drivers with increasing certainty and control, generally in sleazy pushing conditions.


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