Starting vigilance for initial year of apprentices during Audi in Mexico

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Matthias Rust, Head of Human Resources Project Mexico, Laura Ceballos, Head of Competence Development and Klaus-Peter Körner, a destiny Head of Production during a new Audi site, welcomed a Mexican apprentices in Puebla. “As a reward manufacturer, Audi offers first-class training worldwide,” settled Rust to a new entrants. He betrothed them 3 sparkling tutelage years: “You will get to know not usually a technical side, though also operative in a organisation and encountering new cultures.”

In a subsequent 3 years, a destiny learned workers will accept a sound horizon for their after careers during a Institute for Training and Development of Volkswagen de Mexico. After completing their apprenticeships, a immature technicians will support a start of prolongation of a next-generation Audi Q5 during a new plant in San José Chiapa as of mid-2016. A second organisation will start their apprenticeships in Jan 2014. Applications to attend in that organisation can be done online on a Mexican Audi website as of October. (

The central online focus portal went into operation on a Audi Mexico website this week. This apparatus also provides a elementary focus procession to possibilities who are meddlesome not in an tutelage though in operative for Audi in Mexico. The field can routine their papers electronically and can afterwards upload them on a website. By a time of a start of prolongation in mid-2016, Audi will have combined approximately 3,800 jobs during a automobile plant in San José Chiapa. About 3,650 applications have already been received.

With a initial organisation of apprentices in Mexico, a twin training complement is building into a genuine trade success during a Audi Group. At a sites all over a world, a reward manufacturer is mixing a proven fanciful preparation of internal technical colleges with unsentimental knowledge in a company’s neophyte workshops. At Audi Hungary, a twin training complement has already been in operation for twelve years, given 2011 with a possess training center. In further to a twin training system, given final year, Audi has also offering a twin march of investigate according to a German indication in Hungary, instituted in team-work with Győrer Széchenyi University. At a Audi site in Brussels, a twin training complement is now handling in a commander phase. Audi is a initial industrial association to offer this form of occupational training. In China, Audi is auxiliary with a occupational training college in Changchun and is invariably expanding this cooperation. The idea is to validate 650 apprentices as automotive mechatronics any year as of 2015.

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