Statement by Dr. Friedrich Eichiner, Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Finance, Conference Call Quarterly Report to 31 Mar 2016

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


Good morning from my side as well! The BMW Group done a positive
start to 2016. In a initial 3 months, automotive sales climbed to
over 550,000 vehicles. Both deliveries and Group gain before tax
reached new first-quarter highs; a EBIT domain of 9.4% for the
Automotive shred was also within a aim range.


The association is looking to build on a successful 2015 financial year –
and has set itself desirous targets for 2016. We are progressing our
superintendence for a full year. The initial entertain over our
expectations in a flighty marketplace environment.


In Europe, a reward brands are in clever direct and a BMW X
models sojourn generally popular. With a appealing product
portfolio, a BMW Group is in a good position. In China, sales
softened in a initial 3 months, after a weaker 2015. Our X models
and a revised 3 Series Sedan have been good perceived by customers.
The association also benefited from a healthy expansion of a overall
market. Over a march of a year, we design sales to accept a
serve boost from a new, locally constructed X1. Full accessibility of
a new 7 Series over a subsequent few months will also have a positive
impact. The BMW Group and a Chinese play network has blending to
new conditions in a market. In general, we still see growth
intensity in a Chinese market.


The US automobile marketplace has reached a high turn overall. The trend
towards SUVs continues in North America – partly due to low oil
prices. The BMW Group set a right march early on and is now in the
routine of expanding a prolongation ability for X models. We have
taken into comment a changes in direct for sedans and practiced our
planning. The measures we have implemented will have a certain impact
on a sales conditions in a second half of a year.


Let’s take a demeanour during gain opening during Group level.
First-quarter revenues totalled € 20.85 billion – and were therefore
on standard with final year. Compared with a prior year’s high level,
interpretation effects in several of a categorical currencies resulted in
reduce revenues. Adjusted for this factor, revenues increasing slightly.

BMW Group pre-tax gain increasing to € 2.37 billion – a slight
boost of 4.4% over a initial entertain of final year. At Group level,
a EBT domain stood during 11.4%. Our profitability therefore reached the
same high turn as a prior year.


The BMW Group continues to concentration a collateral output on
strengthening a destiny competitiveness. The association invested a total
of € 405 million in products, apparatus and other unsubstantial resources in
a initial quarter. This no longer includes capitalised development
costs. It is common for first-quarter collateral output to be lower.
The categorical concentration of collateral output was on preparations for the
ramp-up of new models. As already announced in March, we have
redefined a capex ratio – so that it no longer includes capitalised
expansion costs. As a result, we are now targeting a capex ratio of
reduction than 5% of revenue. In a initial quarter, a ratio stood at
1.9%, due to anniversary factors. The ratio for a full year should be
on a standard with final year. The figure for 2015 was 4.2%.


Research and expansion spending for a initial entertain (according to
HGB – German Commercial Code) reached € 974 million. This is an
boost of 5.2% over a same duration of final year. RD activities
in a initial 3 months strong on new car expansion and
enlightening destiny technologies, such as motorist assistance systems.
Further substructure of a car swift is another priority: The
3 Series and a 2 Series Active Tourer were expelled onto a market
as hybrid models in a initial quarter. This will be followed by the
plug-in hybrid various of a new 7 Series in a summer – that will
strengthen a company’s rival position and underline a focus
on tolerable mobility. The RD ratio for a initial entertain was
4.7%. As usual, this will boost over a march of a year. The
ratio for a full year should be on standard with final year’s turn of 5.6%.


BMW Group liquidity remained plain during € 11.2 billion during a finish of
March. This high turn of liquidity underscores a company’s
coherence and financial strength. The association has further
diversified a refinancing portfolio. Over a past dual months, the
BMW Group launched a initial open bond charity during attractive
conditions in China and a United States.


Let’s now take a demeanour during a particular segments, initial the
Automotive segment. Revenues for a initial entertain totalled € 18.81
billion and are therefore during a same high turn as final year. During
a stating period, interpretation effects of some vital currencies had
a dampening effect. First-quarter Automotive EBIT totalled € 1.76
billion – that is somewhat next final year’s figure. Dampening
effects resulted from aloft crew costs, as good as increased
debasement and selling costs. The EBIT domain for a Automotive
shred stood during 9.4% – therefore remaining in a top half of our
aim operation of 8-10%, like it did final year. As expected, pricing
will sojourn a plea in 2016.


Pricing run-down somewhat in a initial quarter, compared with
final year. During a initial 3 months, a car brew enclosed a
somewhat aloft commission of compress vehicles.


The gain grant of a Chinese corner try BBA, reported
in a at-equity result, was reduce than a prior year. This mostly
reflects preparations for a ramp-up of new vehicles. Over a course
of a year, a new, locally constructed X1 and a 2 Series Active
Tourer will yield certain momentum. The at-equity outcome for the
initial entertain also contains initial losses in tie with the
interest acquired in a mapping use HERE. The segment’s financial
outcome for a initial entertain was a disastrous volume of € 29 million.
This was an altogether alleviation of € 131 million year-on-year. This
certain expansion was generally due to a marketplace analysis of raw
element and banking derivatives. Pre-tax gain saw a solid
boost of 6.1% to € 1.73 billion.


Let’s take a brief demeanour during a segment’s money flow. Due to a € 971
million aloft boost in operative collateral compared with a same
duration in 2015, giveaway money upsurge in a Automotive shred decreased to
€ 532 million. As formerly announced, we design giveaway money upsurge for
a full year to be above € 3 billion. At a finish of a quarter, net
financial resources in a Automotive shred totalled € 17.5 billion.


Now, let’s pierce on to a Financial Services segment. BMW Group
Financial Services continued on a expansion trail in a initial quarter.
The concentration stays on essential new business and achieving a good
change between leasing and financing.


In a initial 3 months, a shred resolved some-more than 410,000
new financing and leasing contracts with business – 7.5% some-more than in
a initial entertain of final year. The volume of new business saw a solid
boost to € 12.46 billion. BMW Financial Services managed a
portfolio of 4.40 million patron contracts as per 31 March. This
represents an boost of 8.1% over a prior year. The
Asia/Pacific shred again reported poignant expansion of 18.3%. The
Americas and Middle East/Africa regions also achieved plain growth
rates. In a EU Bank, a portfolio of patron financing contracts
increasing by 3.5%.


The invasion rate – a commission of new BMW Group vehicles
financed or leased by a Financial Services shred – reached 46.1%
during a finish of a quarter. This is an boost of 1.2 percentage
points year-on-year. First-quarter pre-tax gain climbed 2.0% to
strech a sum of € 570 million.


The risk conditions in a shred remained mostly fast from the
prior year, in line with expectations. The reward shred of the
European used-car marketplace gifted a slight boost in prices in
a initial quarter. In North America, prices decreased slightly. The
credit risk conditions continued to improve. The credit detriment ratio for
a whole portfolio remained low, during 0.29%. We design residual value
and credit risks to sojourn fast for a stream year. The segment
takes a comprehensive, active proceed to risk government and makes
suitable supplies for business risks.


Let’s pierce on to a Motorcycles segment. The shred continued on
a successful march in a initial entertain of this year, after a
record year in 2015. In fact, BMW Motorrad had a best-ever start to
a motorcycle deteriorate with sales expansion of 7.7%. We delivered more
than 33,000 BMW motorcycles to business worldwide – a top ever
for a initial quarter. Increases were posted generally in Asia and Europe.
The segment’s certain business expansion is corroborated by a strong
indication line-up. The long-distance enduro, a BMW R 1200 GS and its
sister model, a BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, were in high direct in the
initial quarter. The BMW S 1000 RR and BMW S 1000 XR models were also
really popular.


Segment revenues reached a record first-quarter high of € 582 million
– an boost of 2.6% over a prior year. EBIT for a same period
decreased to € 94 million, due to aloft bound costs for projects
relating to plan implementation. We continue to work intensively
towards a desirous targets for 2020 – and design to see further
certain expansion altogether in a Motorcycles segment.

I would like to finish with a few difference about a opinion for the
company. The BMW Group will continue to aim profitable, sustainable
expansion in 2016. We design a certain business expansion of the
initial 3 months to continue over a march of a year.


We are committed to a targets for 2016 – presumption conditions remain
fast for a rest of a year.


  • The BMW Group is targeting a slight boost in pre-tax earnings
    for a full year.
  • The Automotive shred is approaching to news slight increases in
    both sales and revenues.
  • The EBIT domain for a Automotive shred will sojourn within the
    8-10% range.
  • With appealing new models, we design BMW Motorrad to news a
    slight boost in deliveries compared with a prior year.
  • For Financial Services, we design lapse on equity to sojourn on a
    standard with final year – and therefore above a aim of during slightest 18%.


I would like to emphasize that all a targets count on stable
domestic and mercantile conditions: Actual business opening may
deviating from a benefaction foresee if tellurian mercantile and political
uncertainties turn even larger than expected.


Over a entrance months and years, we will gradually be implementing
a Strategy NUMBER ONE NEXT. We are environment a march for the
destiny with targeted investments in new technologies and drivetrains –
and therefore in a competitiveness of a BMW Group. With its
stretchable structures and appealing indication line-up, a association is well-positioned.


The BMW Group stands for creation and financial strength. Our focus
on globally balanced, tolerable expansion allows us to offset
fluctuations in particular markets and respond flexibly to changing
conditions – generally in times of high volatility. Financial
strength, appealing reward brands and products as good as high
coherence form a plain substructure for a long-term success of the
BMW Group.


Thank you.


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