Statement by Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Sneak Preview and Strategy-Workshops in Munich on 1 and 2 December

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


The universe as we know it is now undergoing a dramatic
transformation. Many of a things we know are really changing –
trade agreements, laws, domestic activities. For a BMW Group, we
see 3 categorical trends that will impact us directly: political,
technological and amicable trends. we do not wish to speak too most about
politics – we will all usually have to keep a tighten eye on developments.
On a record side, there is clever momentum. With a launch of
plan i behind in 2007, we modernized e-mobility significantly through
ground-breaking innovations. Now, interjection to digitalisation, a speed
of expansion is 3 times as fast. On a amicable front, we see the
fast expansion of megacities. Environmental concerns and a challenges
this brings are increasing.


The 17th Shell Youth Study was published recently. It shows that: On
a one hand, a epoch between 12 and 25 wishes for more
security. At a same time, these immature people are fervent to try new
things: They wish to representation in, shake things adult and try new
horizons. This immature epoch in Germany in 2015 is therefore
referred to as a “generation raring to go”. So, we naturally ask
ourselves: What does that meant for a business?


I really see parallels. Where they find a change between
“security and zeal to try new things”, ours is between “tradition
and innovation”.

The automotive attention is also changing and looking to new horizons.
we indeed consider “raring to go” fits a automotive attention a lot
improved than “changing”, too!


Let us take a demeanour during a positives: What do we have to offer?

Our ability for creation stays one of a vital strengths and
opportunities for German prolongation and a German automotive
industry. Especially in a destiny core area of “self-driving cars”,
many of a pivotal patents are hold by German and Japanese carmakers and
their suppliers. We have recognized how critical it is to pool our
imagination in partnerships, for example, with suppliers from a IT
attention – as good as a significance of vital alliances. Our
attention employs many hundreds of thousands of people. We offer young
people first-class vocational training. We are investing in a dual
preparation complement that is recognized worldwide. All of this shows that
here in Germany, we have a ideal conditions for a new epoch of mobility.


There are still a lot of questions to be answered – for example:


What position do we wish to occupy in a digital world?


How will this change a elemental purpose of mobility?


We do not have all a answers yet, either. But a BMW Group has
already done a successful start. We have a transparent prophesy of a future.

In a workshops today, we will uncover we where we mount in the
particular areas. We deliberately chose this location: Welcome to
antecedent construction for all a electrified expostulate sight components.
This is where we exam prolongation of electric engines and expostulate trains
for large-scale industrial prolongation – also from an economic
perspective. In early November, we reached a miracle of 100,000
electrified vehicles. That means there are 100,000 business who can
share their knowledge of e-mobility with us. We have set an ambitious
idea of another 100,000 electrified vehicles in 2017 – that is as many
as in a past 3 years. One thing is certain: We will continue to
deposit in electro-mobility.


We are now entering Phase II of a foundation strategy. We will
gradually be transferring BMW i technologies to all other Group
brands, array and models. We have already announced a MINI BEV for
2019 and a pristine electric X3 for 2020. Next year, we will recover a
plug-in hybrid chronicle of a MINI Countryman; followed in 2018 by the
rarely romantic i8 Roadster. This will be a initial possibility to combine
e-mobility with genuine automobile feeling. we can guarantee we that
operation will continue to improve.


Our automobile design is intensely scalable opposite a extended range
of models. This enables us to use resources good and
effectively. Future architectures are designed flexibly for use in
ICE, PHEV and BEV models. This also allows us to respond with high
coherence to changes in direct and requirements.


We are a usually ones in a marketplace to adopt a 360-degree approach
with a BMW i brand. BMW i is a iota for successful new mobility
services and business segments that go over a automobile itself.
Business in mobility services is building rapidly. A vast series of
new competitors have entered a field. That motivates us to continue
to evolve.


This is because we founded BMW i Ventures in 2011 – to make selective
investments in young, fast-growing start-up companies. We have now
significantly increasing a capitalisation (up to 500 million
euros over 10 years)
and are relocating a section to a heart
of Silicon Valley. Everybody is articulate about UBER and LYFT – though we
are environment opposite priorities.


We will enhance a mobility services. Our swift business offers lots
of opportunities for a prolonged term. We will positively continue to
deposit in a BMW i brand. It will sojourn a spearhead for
innovation. In 2021, we will launch a BMW iNext. This automobile embodies
a 4 characteristics of complicated mobility – what we like to call the
ACES: Automated, connected, electrified and common – in short: the
mobility of a future.


One of today’s dual workshops will concentration on a subject of autonomous
driving. Here, a BMW Group has a transparent plan for expansion and
some-more than 10 years of experience. A BMW exam automobile already drove
around a Hockenheimring racetrack autonomously behind in 2006. Another
miracle was a initial unconstrained path of a Nürburgring Nordschleife
in 2009. We are now concentrating all a imagination in this area at
a new Research and Development Centre for Autonomous Driving. The
campus will be located in a Munich area.

Working with colleagues from a FIZ Research and Innovation Centre
and outmost partners, this is where we will rise and exam our
entirely unconstrained and rarely programmed vehicles.


As we will see today, a BMW Group is already good underway into
a future. Our 4 Vision Vehicles paint all of this. They
already consolidate a 4 ACES: They all expostulate autonomously. They all
expostulate electric. They are all entirely connected. The MINI also represents
a pity of a future. All 4 vehicles illustrate a clear
instruction where we wish to take a brands.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Please take advantage of a experts here today. They are here to
answer your questions. we would also be happy to take your questions
myself now.


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