Statement by a Supervisory Board of Volkswagen AG

Posted on 25. Sep, 2015 by in Volkswagen Canada

The Volkswagen Supervisory Board consulted intensively on a stream conditions during a assembly today. There is positively no forgive for a manipulations that have deeply repelled Volkswagen. The association will leave no mill unturned in removing to a bottom of this, will call those obliged to account, and take a required actions. The initial consequences in this courtesy were concluded on during today’s meeting:

1. The Supervisory Board has certified a Chairman to charge German and US lawyers to objectively examine and entirely explain a strategy of emissions information of diesel engines.

2. The Executive Committee of a Supervisory Board will be charged with coordinating and defence all required stairs to guard construction until such time as a due cabinet commences a work.

3. With a information now accessible a Supervisory Board endorsed a evident cessation of some employees. This routine is already underway.

4. Matthias Müller will lead a Volkswagen Group going brazen as a new CEO of Volkswagen AG. He is what a association needs now. Matthias Müller is accurately a right male during a right time to make a uninformed start and to expostulate construction of a stream predicament that has strike a association with decisiveness and to pull a right conclusions. We specifically value his vicious and constructive approach.

5. The Supervisory Board resolved to introduce to a Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders on Nov 9, 2015 to elect Mr. Hans Dieter Pötsch as a member of a Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board intends to subsequently elect him as a Chairman.

Berthold Huber, Deputy Chairman of a Supervisory Board, said: “The exam manipulations are a dignified and domestic disaster for Volkswagen. The wrong function of engineers and technicians concerned in engine growth repelled Volkswagen usually as most as it repelled a public. We can usually apologize and ask a customers, a public, a authorities and a investors to give us a possibility to make amends.” The Supervisory Board now consecrated an American law organisation to support in serve construction and in scheming a required steps.

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