Statement Harald Krüger, Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Sneak Preview Model Year 2018, Strategy Update

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Ladies and Gentlemen,


The BMW Group is always looking forward.

For me, dual things are certain: Premium is future-proof. And a BMW
Group is future-proof.


Why is that so? Because we do not usually make promises – we broach on
them. That is true:


  • for a indication offensive.
  • for electro-mobility and unconstrained driving.
  • for a profitability.



Coming to my initial topic: The biggest indication descent in our
company’s story is good underway. 2017 and 2018, we will launch 40
new and revised models. And that’s not including motorcycles! This
also means that a new expostulate sight technologies are being
evenly introduced to a portfolio.


Our indication descent kicked off with a new BMW 5 Series. We have
sole some-more than 300,000 BMW 5 Series by a finish of November. We
reclaimed a tip position in a applicable shred given October. We
are rounding out a 5 Series operation with a new M5. It succeeds the
M760 Li as a fastest BMW series-production model.


Further examples this year include: At BMW a revised 1 Series, 2
Series Coupé and Convertible and 4 Series, a new 6 Series Gran
Turismo and a new X3. The X2 will follow shortly.


In a BMW i family: a updated i3 and a competition chronicle i3s.


At MINI: a new Countryman and a plug-in-hybrid chronicle as good as
a initial battery-electric concept.


At Rolls-Royce: a eighth era of a mythological Phantom in the
subsequent weeks.


At BMW Motorrad: 14 new and revised models.


All these new models paint a indication offensive. In 2018, we will
enter Phase II. Luxury plays an critical purpose in it. The luxury
shred is a “home turf”. In 2018 we will significantly boost our
offer in this essential flourishing segment:

  • the Rolls-Royce Phantom.
  • the i8 Roadster.
  • the 8 Series Coupé.
  • the BMW M8.
  • the X7.
  • at BMW Motorrad, a K1600 Grand America – oppulance on dual wheels.


These are a goals for a oppulance category over a subsequent few years: A
aloft shred share. A poignant boost in sales and revenues.
The common temperament of a tip models is reflected in a new
Bayerische Motoren Werke signet.


Our indication descent is also an X-offensive. BMW is a colonize and
explorer in SAVs. We have sole roughly five-and-a-half million BMW X
vehicles given 1999. Today, about a third of BMW sales are X models.


The shred is flourishing in all vital tellurian regions. That is because I
call 2018 a year of a “X”! The cold X2 in a compress shred and
a X7 in a oppulance category are good examples. The new X3 is entering
a initial full year. And a new X4 will be rising shortly.


And: Systematic foundation of a successful BMW X family
continues: The X5 has already been accessible as a plug-in hybrid for
some time. In China we are producing an electrified prolonged wheel-base
chronicle of a X1 for a internal market. In 2020 we will launch the
entirely electric X3. In it, X and i come together.


Our i story enters a subsequent round! Going forward, all electrified BMW
models will be underneath a BMW i brand. And we can tell we one more
thing: We have not usually cumulative a fixing rights for BMW i – from i1
to i9. We also reason a rights for BMW X – from iX1 to iX9.


Coming to my second topic:

Our transparent vital concentration is on foundation and unconstrained driving.


We will broach a 100,000th electrified automobile before Christmas.
That was my transparent idea for 2017. And we assure you: For 2018 we will
set ourselves a new goal.

You can magnitude a success on this basis. This is what we mount for.

All in all, we now have 200,000 electrified vehicles on the
roads: More than 90,000 of them are fully-electric BMW i3s. Our
choice of plug-in-hybrids sets a benchmark – from MINI to a BMW 7 Series.


Electro-mobility attracts new customers. The BMW i3 and a BMW i8
have defeat rates of good over 80 per cent. Interestingly, who once
buys electric, stays with electric. We usually have to remonstrate customers
to “go electric” once.


The fifth era of storage and battery record will make
e-mobility appealing for longer distances. Thanks to a scalable
electric modular systems, from a commencement of a subsequent decade, it
will be probable to fit all indication array with any drivetrain,
according to demand.


The BMW i Vision Dynamics will have a operation of 600 kilometres in a
automobile with clever romantic appeal. Electro-mobility and BMW are the
ideal fit.


By 2025, we will offer 25 electrified models, including 12
fully-electric cars. We do not embody supposed amiable variety in this number.


You know a roadmap:

  • in 2019 an all-electric MINI.
  • in 2020 a mentioned battery-electric chronicle of a X3.
  • in 2021 a iNEXT.


Last week, we hold a mystic ground-breaking for a new Battery
Competence Centre here in Germany. We see ourselves as a systems
provider for e-mobility.


That also includes charging:

  • ChargeNow is a heading open charging use worldwide. By the
    finish of a year, business will have entrance to some-more than 130,000
    charging points in 29 countries.
  • We also helped settle a European high-power charging network, Ionity.
  • In 2018, we will deliver preliminary charging with a BMW 530e iPerformance.
  • We have also combined a new digital business shred with a name
    BMW Energy Services. The aim is for e-mobility to eventually be
    totally emission-free.


We also do unconstrained pushing a BMW way: Autonomous means premium.
Autonomous means safety. We work together with clever partners.


At a new campus in Unterschleißheim, nearby Munich, some-more than 2,000
engineers will be operative on unconstrained driving. Our unconstrained test
vehicles are already in movement around a world. A swift of 40 BMW 7
Series will be on a roads during a finish of a year – in Munich,
California and Israel. 


Partially-automated systems are already commissioned in a vehicles
today. In a BMW 5 Series, we can already take your hands off the
circle for a tangible duration of time. We are rolling these functions out
opposite a fleet.


Autonomous pushing will take a mobility knowledge to a whole new
level. The arrangement and handling judgment with personalised information
will play an critical role. We already launched a first
ConnectedDrive services in a late 90s. We now have 10 million
connected vehicles on a roads. As of November, a business can use
Skype for Business and starting this Dec BMW Connected will also
be integrated with a Google Assistant.


Mobility services finish a business model. Today, a service
ReachNow was launched in China.


Digitalisation will also change how we work. We will turn more
agile, expect faster and turn some-more adaptive. At a Campus in
Unterschleißheim, for example, we are already regulating new working
models, such as Large Scale Scrum, interdisciplinary teams and
end-to-end processes.



Ladies and Gentlemen,


The BMW Group stands by a goals. We deliver! You can rest on this.


That is also loyal for a profitability – my third topic. This is the
basement for a transformation.


In a initial 9 months of 2017, we have allotted some-more than 700
million euros some-more in investigate and growth than in a previous
year. Also subsequent year a RD ratio will offer increase: from
about 6% in 2017 to between 6.5 and 7% in 2018. After 2018, it will
settle behind down towards a stream level.


More record in a automobile means aloft costs as well. We are
compensating for this by increasing opening and efficiency
gains. We wish to internally financial all applicable upfront investments.
We confirm ourselves a trail we are taking.


We are on march to accommodate a goals for 2017 – notwithstanding a volatile
sourroundings and combined challenges, such as a diesel discuss in Germany
and Great Britain.


I promise: We will sojourn a rarely flexible, forward-looking company.
That is because financial fortitude and health are so critical to us.
They will offer us good during a mutation into a tech company.


Thank we for your attention.



Consumption and Emission Data.


  • BMW i3: fuel expenditure combined: 12,9 kWh; CO2 emissions
    combined: 0 g/km
  • BMW i3s: fuel expenditure combined: 14,3 kWh; CO2 emissions
    combined: 0 g/km
  • BMW i8 Coupé: fuel expenditure combined: 1,9 l/100km; CO2
    emissions combined: 42 g/km; electric energy expenditure combined:
    14,0 kWh/100 km
  • BMW i8 Roadster: fuel expenditure combined: 2,1 l/100km; CO2
    emissions combined: 46 g/km; electric energy expenditure combined:
    14,5 kWh/100 km
  • BMW M5: fuel expenditure combined: 10,5/100 km; CO2 emissions
    combined: 241 g/km
  • BMW M760Li xDrive: fuel expenditure combined: 12,8 l/100 km; CO2
    emissions combined: 294 g/km
  • Rolls-Royce Phantom: fuel expenditure combined: 13,9 l/100km; CO2
    emissions combined: 318 g/km


Fuel expenditure total formed on a EU exam cycle, might vary
depending on a tyre format specified.

Further information on central fuel expenditure figures, specific
CO2 glimmer values and a electric energy expenditure of new
newcomer cars is enclosed in a guideline “Guideline for fuel
consumption, CO2 emissions and electric energy expenditure of new
newcomer cars”, that can be performed from all dealerships, from
Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH (DAT), Hellmuth-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760
Ostfildern-Scharnhausen and during


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