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Jochen Goller

President and CEO of BMW Group Region China


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to a BMW Group! Today, we will declare genuine fireworks of
new, overwhelming models and judgment vehicles. With this, we are further
accelerating a business in China – demonstrating BMW’s strong
joining to a largest marketplace worldwide.

I am now gay to applaud a China Premiere of a all-new
BMW X3 constructed locally in China, that becomes the
sixth indication built by BMW Brilliance in Shenyang.

It is a many jaunty and innovative indication in a shred featuring
absolute and romantic pattern elements.

The considerable interior focuses on both lush space and high-end
connectivity. As we essay to accommodate a rising final of a local
customers, we have significantly increasing a wheelbase, in
comparison to a effusive model.

The all-new X3 is truly an authentic BMW, constructed in China for
China. And a sparkling news is: We are starting to take orders as of tomorrow.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The new X3 is partial of a largest product launch descent in the
story of a company. As we will see in a second, a BMW Group is
shortly going to deliver many some-more fascinating new models.

Thank we really many for your kind attention!


Harald Krüger

Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG


Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, ni group háo. It’s always good to
come to China. We feel really many during home here as we share a common
approach: In China people cruise and act with a concentration on a long-term.
It is a ideal place for destiny mobility – that’s what a BMW
Group stands for.

China is clearly heading in e-mobility. That’s because we brought this
universe premiere to Beijing: The BMW Concept iX3.     

The iX3 will be a initial all-electric BMW core model. It will go
into prolongation in 2020. It will be constructed in China.

The iX3 facilities a subsequent era of eDrive. This automobile is the
technological explorer for BMW iNEXT: a vital diversion changer.

iNEXT combines all critical technologies. Emotional pattern lets you
see and feel them. That creates a association and all a brands future-proof.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

That we will build a all-electric BMW iX3 here clearly demonstrates
a clever joining to China. And it underscores China’s leading
purpose in e-mobility.


Peter Schwarzenbauer

Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, MINI,
Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, Customer Engagement and Digital Business

BMW Group


Ni group hao, Ladies and Gentlemen, we am really happy to be here again.

China is a flourishing success story for us. Last year, we sole more
MINIs in China than ever before: over 35,000, in fact.

This year we will be rising a revised models. They underline fresh
pattern elements, new transmissions, and a latest digital services.
The 5-door indication subsequent to me is only one instance of a new line-up.
All new facilities will also be accessible for a 3-door and a MINI
Convertible. They will strike a Chinese marketplace in May.

And MINI is some-more than only cars. we am gay that we are realising
a vital non-automotive MINI plan in China: MINI LIVING. In spring
2019, we will open a initial co-living commencement done adult of
apartments, operative spaces, informative as good as convenience offerings and
– of march – mobility. And we are now exploring serve cities.

And now, let’s switch to my second brand: BMW Motorrad. Though the
code is still a “youngster” in China, we are successfully
building a marketplace here. Step by step, we are removing some-more and more
people vehement about roving a motorcycle. For instance this subsequent one.

Thanks to a customers, BMW Motorrad is a undisputed personality in the
Chinese reward motorcycle segment. A shred we created. We will
continue to extend a heading position with products like this:
The BMW K 1600 Grand America is super-luxury on two
wheels. Equipped with a latest six-cylinder engine, it is built to
journey unconstrained highways and try new horizons.


Pieter Nota

Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG,
Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group


Ni Hao! Good morning!

I’m gay to benefaction a all-new BMW M2
: The ultimate compress high-performance sports car.

It builds on a good success of a BMW M2 Coupé and takes its
sporty suggestion to a subsequent level. With an even some-more absolute engine, it
offers an unbeatable pushing knowledge in a class.

BMW M is all about exhilaration! Just expostulate one of a M cars and
you’ll immediately know because 2017 was once again a record year
for BMW M. Worldwide sales exceeded 80,000 for a initial time ever. In
China, BMW M achieved a 37% boost in sales – that’s because we doubled
a series of M dealerships here final year.

For me, this M2 Competition ideally embodies what a BMW brand
stands for: Sheer pushing pleasure and pristine emotion!

These overwhelming models – a i8 Roadster and a destiny i4 –
denote that e-mobility is rarely romantic as well. And there’s
many some-more to come, as a BMW Group will offer 25 electrified vehicles
by 2025. This underlines a passion to figure a destiny of mobility –
what we call idealist mobility.

That’s because business in China cruise BMW to be a many attractive
and innovative reward automobile brand. That creates us really proud. And you
can be certain that we will continue to do all to say that
clever appeal.

Thank we and Xie Xie!


Jochen Goller

President and CEO of BMW Group Region China


Ladies and Gentlemen,

As betrothed during a commencement of this event, a lot of exciting
products are creation their approach to China. This underlines only how
critical this marketplace is to a BMW Group. Thank we really many for
attending BMW Group’s press discussion in Beijing. It has been a genuine pleasure.

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