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Bernhard Kuhnt, President
and CEO BMW of North America LLC


Good morning, acquire to BMW!  Thank we all for fasten us this
early today.  Hopefully we enjoyed that opening video – a beautiful
float opposite this good and simply pleasing country. From cowboys to
high propagandize football, plateau to deserts… an all-American adventure
featuring a all-new BMW X5.  Capable, absolute and
confident.  No need to take any detours.


That’s because we traced a loyal line from a bureau in Spartanburg
to a uncover here in L.A.  Overcoming many obstacles and amatory every
notation of it.  Because BMWs are built for people who adore pushing as
many as we do.  


This is a fourth era of a X5.  All have been finished right
here in a U.S. during Plant Spartanburg. It is also a tenth X model
built during a plant given it non-stop in 1994. In total, we have produced
some-more than 4.4 million vehicles.  And 70 percent of what we build in
Spartanburg is exported all over a world.  Making BMW a highest
value exporter of any American-made vehicles.


Of course, a joining to a U.S. goes distant over building and
charity cars here. We are unapproachable to support American jobs. Nationwide,
we occupy some-more than 70,000 people together with a suppliers and dealers. 


We are pushing creation in this country.  From a Designworks
studio located usually a few miles north of here to a RD
comforts in Mountain View and a tech bureau in Chicago.  BWW Group
teams opposite a U.S. are building new designs and technologies for
a association worldwide.  In fact, a BMW Connected app is built
in-house during a Chicago office. This app puts your BMW in your pocket
so we can conduct your vehicle right from your smartphone. 

And, usually subsequent week we’re introducing another good underline to make
life easier:  BMW drivers will be means to compensate parking meters right
from their vehicle in over 300 U.S. cities.  This adds to a flourishing list
of connected facilities we already have.


The U.S. plays a vicious purpose in a BMW Group network.  Which
brings us to because we are all here today.


I wish we remember final year during this unequivocally same spot, it all looked
different.  An dull stand. We afterwards filled it with several new cars,
concepts and promises focused on luxury, opening and
electrification. So many has happened given then. We’ve gifted –
and interjection to all a business – 12 months of enlargement for BMW in a U.S.


We have rolled out new models like a X3, X4, and a overwhelming M5. 
In fact, we during BMW are in a core of a largest product offensive
in a company’s prolonged history. With a youngest product portfolio
we’ve ever seen. Today, we are delivering on a promises we finished last
year and bringing a few more.


Now’s let speak a bit some-more about this X5. When we introduced a X5
roughly 20 years ago, it launched not usually a X models, though also the
whole Sport Activity segment. Here in a US, a BMW X5 has been one
of a best-sellers each year given 2001. As we call a X5
internally: The trainer is back.  


Of course, a X vehicles aren’t usually critical to a U.S. They have
a outrageous impact on a tellurian scale.   


Pieter Nota, Member of the
Board of Management of BMW AG, Sales and Brand BMW, Aftersales BMW Group


Ladies and Gentlemen,


The first-ever BMW X7.


This is a vehicle many of we have been watchful to see for a long
time and we’re unequivocally unapproachable to benefaction it here in a home marketplace – the
US. It’s a serve critical step in a enlargement in a upper
shred – as good as flourishing a BMW X family. As a apex of the
X family – it offers a new turn of luxury. It’s big, it’s confidant and
has implausible on-road presence.


Not usually is a BMW X7 an disdainful and lush vehicle, we truly
trust it also offers a unequivocally best pushing capabilities in its
class. What else would we pattern from a BMW? Inside, it has an
unimaginable volume of space – a 3 rows and 7 seats are
standard. The scenery roof with a Skylounge enhances a feeling of
contentment and sophistication.


All in all, a truly considerable vehicle. And built exclusively right
here in a USA. Next week we will start array prolongation during our
Spartanburg plant in South Carolina. Launching in March, we expect
many of these good vehicles to go loyal to business right here in
a US. But of course, we also wish to trade many of them from here
to a rest of a world.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


The oppulance shred is a “home turf” – and models like a X7 are
testimony to that. Let’s stay with luxury, and pierce to a array even
aloft than “7”:  The 8.


With a 8 Series, we did something we’ve never finished before: We built
it for a racetrack and afterwards put it on a road. For me, the
BMW 8 Series Coupe is a ideal Sports Coupe – it
unequivocally demonstrates BMW’s passion for a “ultimate pushing machine”.
We’ve schooled from a i8 that however overwhelming a sports coupes are
– many of a business also wish to suffer an “open-air” experience.
So I’m gay that we have another World Premiere for you: The
BMW 8 Series Convertible!


I’m unequivocally gratified that we now can offer business a 8 Series
Convertible usually a few months after a launch of a Coupe. It
combines ultra-sporty pushing with pattern magnificence and of march that
stirring “open-air” feeling. The superb soft-top roof opens and
closes in usually 15 seconds. Customers can demeanour brazen to holding it for
a spin as of Mar subsequent year.


As we see, a 8 Series family is flourishing – subsequent year we’ll be
adding a Gran Coupe to these two, and there’s good news for M fans:
all of them will be charity as M models! All of this underlines that
we are relocating forward with a enlargement in a oppulance class, where of
course, pleasing pattern plays a pivotal role.


Both a X7 and a 8 Series showcase a new pattern denunciation – as
does a subsequent highlight. Thank you!


Klaus Fröhlich, Member of
a Board of Management of BMW AG, Development


This vehicle is stunning. The BMW Z4 showcases BMW’s new
pattern denunciation from all perspectives: from a energetic looking front
– to a distinguished flanks – to a purify tail end.

It feels during home cruising on Sunset Boulevard as good as during Laguna
Seca. It is a true, gaunt sports car. And it’s a usually one in its
category to offer a loyal 6 engine.


The aerodynamic and ideally offset all-new BMW Z4 Roadster packs
adult to 382 horsepower [BMW Z4 M40i US indication specific]. The Adaptive M
Sport Chassis and Steering, and M Active Limited Slip Differential
keeps we on track.

I can tell you, we unequivocally desired contrast it during a Nürburgring – a
pure, open-air, raw, pushing knowledge – “sheer pushing pleasure” in
a truest form. This is what BMW is all about. Like a subsequent car.


Here it is: The new BMW M340i! The ultimate sports sedan.


The 3 Series determined and has led a shred of competition sedans –
and will continue to do so now in a seventh generation. Over the
past 40 years, we have delivered some-more than 15 million 3 Series cars –
roughly 3 million in America alone. This creates it a many successful
indication of a BMW code and a world’s best-selling reward vehicle.


It represents a BMW code like no other vehicle and is truly a heart
and essence of BMW. All a cars enclose a sporty and energetic genes of
a 3. This unusual vehicle is a loyal colonize of a segment.


And to all a BMW fans we guarantee we – a new 3 series, and
generally a M340i, will be a ultimate pushing appurtenance again.


To grasp this, we have total a tip technologies:


  • Best-in-class aerodynamics with a drag fellow of 0.23;
  • A poignant weight rebate of 121 pounds compared to a predecessor;
  • And many importantly, new powertrains with singular slip
    differential, reduction expenditure and improved pushing performance.


To sum it up, limit pushing pleasure with limit efficiency.


Like no other brand, BMW stands for forward-looking record paired
with clear, romantic design. And this indication also represents a new
design: pristine lines and sculpted surfaces. The interior has been
totally revised: contemporary and trendsetting, though with BMW’s
heading motorist orientation.


One creation is a mint Intelligent Personal
. It brings a digital universe into a vehicle as your
personal companion. We also offer a far-reaching choice of modernized driver
assistance systems that take a new 3 serve along a highway to
programmed pushing than any of a rivals.


Talking about cutting-edge technologies and universe category innovation
brings me to a favourite of today. And now ladies and gentlemen:

Stay tuned for a universe premiere of a BMW Vision iNEXT.


Ladies and gentlemen, here it is!


Our prophesy of destiny mobility: a BMW Vision iNEXT!


This prophesy vehicle is something we have never seen from BMW before. It
is a explorer for a accumulation of destiny technologies:

  • The BMW Vision iNEXT accelerates emotions – entirely unconstrained in
    palliate mode and emission-free with a subsequent generation
    electro-mobility technology.
  • It simplifies pushing and redefines a approach we understand our
    vicinity – with an interior of a future.
  • It enhances practice – by synthetic intelligence.
  • And it improves networking – by increasing connectivity.


The normal vehicle has definitively been incited into a intelligent car.

And – to tip it all off – a BMW iNEXT will be a loyal BMW when it
comes to pushing dynamics. You will feel in boost mode a energy of
a ultimate pushing machine. To underline: We speak about best in
category capabilities per acceleration, energy to weight ratio and
low core of gravity.


But for us, iNEXT is distant some-more than usually a car: It integrates all of
a vital areas of creation – in other words, it embodies our
prophesy of destiny mobility. Focusing on technologies that perform our
customers’ desires, we are holding mobility to a new level. This way,
iNEXT also defines a mindset.


We can see that a initial investments and activities are already
profitable off today:

In 2017, we delivered 100,000 electrified vehicles to business –
this year, it will be 140,000. Already by a finish of subsequent year, we
will have sole half a million electrified vehicles. Numbers that show
a success of a strategy.


Now we are one of a heading providers of electrified vehicles – worldwide.

And a operation is flourishing rapidly: By 2025, we will be charity at
slightest 25 electrified models, 12 will be all-electric. And – we are
building already a fifth era of BMW electric drivetrains.
So for us, electro-mobility is already a new normal.


The subsequent plea we gave ourselves: to offer protected autonomous
pushing by 2021. Our aspiration is clear: We wish to be heading in this
field, too.

We have been researching unconstrained pushing solutions for over 10 years.

And we have schooled a hurdles to overcome in unconstrained driving
are enormous. We are formulation to take a technology, that enables
protected unconstrained pushing to array majority by 2021. The availability
of a charity will count on outmost conditions. There are still
essential authorised and regulatory hurdles to transparent before cars will be able
to expostulate autonomously, and safely, in all cities. But we during a BMW
Group will have a technologies prepared to go!


Let’s speak about a interior. Driver course is still important
to us – we invented it. But digitalization and unconstrained pushing open
adult an event to totally rethink a approach we use a interior of a
vehicle – so that’s accurately what we did with a BMW Vision iNEXT. Our
aspiration was to emanate a place that enhances people’s peculiarity of life
– a new “favorite space”. Using it will be intuitive, gentle and
smart. Ultimately, a BMW Vision iNEXT will supplement a new dimension to
perfect pushing pleasure.


To summarize: Equipped with programmed and unconstrained driving
technologies, extensive connectivity facilities and an interior of
a future, a powerful, entirely electric BMW Vision iNEXT will serve
as an accelerator, demonstrating a company’s strength in innovation.
It will safeguard that a BMW Group has all a technologies during its
ordering to be successful in a marketplace when competing with both old
and new players, currently and tomorrow.


Thank you!


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