Statements Harald Krüger, Klaus Fröhlich, Press Conference Memorandum of Understanding between BMW, Intel and Mobileye

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Harald Krüger

Chairman of a Board of Management of BMW AG


Klaus Fröhlich

Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG, Development



Press Conference

Memorandum of Understanding between BMW, Intel and Mobileye



Garching, Forschungs-und Technologiehaus (Werkstatt),

1 Jul 2016, 4 p.m. CEST



Klaus Fröhlich, Member of
a Board of Management of BMW AG, Development


Ladies and Gentlemen, acquire to a BMW Group.


In this investigate and record center, tighten to a Technical
University of Munich campus, some of my best researchers are exploring
a destiny of mobility. We trust this is a ideal plcae to lay
a substructure for a partnership with Mobileye and Intel. For us,
this is an critical step in moulding a destiny of a BMW Group.
Thank we for being here.


Digitalization will means a low mutation in a automotive
industry. It will mostly conclude tomorrow’s mobility by the
connected vehicle – from fast telecommunications to fully-automated driving.


In 2002, we launched a initial connected car. We have given delivered
8.5 million connected vehicles to customers. As of this year, every
BMW now comes with an embedded SIM. Today, we already offer LTE 4G in
a car, and BMW ConnectedDrive with facilities that support business in
anticipating parking and charging spots. In a future, we will need an
even faster 5G network, huge computing energy and full scalability
of a back-end in sequence to yield extended vehicle services.


The constant, defining element for us is: “security and privacy
initial – serve business intensity second”. We have already been
operative on unconstrained pushing for 10 years now. At this year’s CES, I
had a pleasure to benefaction a prophesy of connected, autonomous
pushing – with this judgment vehicle right subsequent to me, a “BMW i Vision
Future Interaction”. This vehicle represents a DNA: monumental design,
creation and pushing pleasure.


The BMW Group aims to play a heading purpose in moulding a destiny of
a automotive industry. Fully-autonomous pushing will be key. We have
a transparent goal: To be a technical personality in a margin of autonomous
driving. To be really clear: this means to strech turn 3 “eyes off”,
turn 4 “mind off” and even turn 5, a final theatre of traveling
though a tellurian motorist inside. We are strongly posterior that idea with
a holistic end-to-end approach.


That sets us detached from other companies. We are working
evenly to settle a compulsory technological building
blocks: a high-definition real-time map, state-of-the-art sensor
cluster and high computing energy with synthetic comprehension to
emanate a real-time environmental indication and suit control and complement integration.


Two things are critical for us: to boost in-house cunning and to
work together with a right partners. Last year in December, the
3 premium-OEMs BMW, Daimler and Audi acquired HERE to pave a way
for a high-precision map. It will offer real-time information to all
customers, with millions of unknown information equipment constantly enhancing
map quality. We are also open to operative with other partners from all industries.


The subsequent many critical building retard for a BMW Group is to
rise unconstrained pushing technologies. These embody new sensor
technologies, supercomputing with endless use of artificial
comprehension substituting tellurian notice and bargain of a environment.


To figure a new epoch of automotive industry, we are commencement this
subsequent step with a partnership partners, Mobileye and Intel. Both
have poignant imagination and endless knowledge in technologies
that are essential for highly- and fully-automated driving.

And both are marketplace leaders for Advanced Computer Vision and Machine
Learning, heading Chip Technologies and Backend-Solutions with
first-class Hardware/Software Security.


We, a BMW Group, will minister a automotive competence, such as
reserve and program standards, suit control and, of course,
end-to-end complement integration. As leaders in a particular segments,
we will join army to rise unconstrained record solutions for HAD
und FAD and pierce these technologies into array prolongation by the
commencement of a subsequent decade.


With a collaboration, we aim to conclude an automotive industry
customary that is state-of-the-art for unconstrained driving. And we have
concluded with a partners to make a team-work open to other companies.


Dear Professor Shashua, dear Brian, Together we will make this a
existence – and I’m really most looking brazen to it. Thank you.


Statement Prof. Amnon
Shashua, Co-founder, CTO and Chairman of Mobileye

Statement Brian Krzanich,
CEO of Intel



Harald Krüger, Chairman of
a Board of Management of BMW AG


Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen!


Some competence consider that unconstrained pushing means no some-more “sheer driving
pleasure”. As a loyal vehicle fan, we can guarantee you: BMW will always
offer an romantic and joyous pushing experience. Let me uncover we how
we during a BMW Group consider destiny pushing could look: Here’s a brief film.


You’ve usually had a glance of self-driving and perfect pushing pleasure
in a future. One thing we know for sure: The destiny of mobility is
intensely exciting. New technologies are formulating incredible
opportunities for particular mobility. Digitalization is accelerating
during a fast pace. It has already totally altered a proceed we
communicate. And it will change a proceed in that we pierce from A
to B.


This year is a really special one for a BMW Group: we are celebrating
a centenary. This good miracle will enthuse us to do better, to
go serve and to aspire even higher, with a concentration resolutely on the
“Next 100 Years”. Our association has always been famous for
“looking ahead” and meditative long-term.


With a Strategy Number ONE NEXT, we are sourroundings out the
horizon to figure change in a vehicle sector. We will lead the
BMW Group into a new era, one in that we will renovate and shape
both particular mobility and a whole zone for years to come. We
see a changes unconditional opposite a universe of mobility through
digitalization as an glorious event to make mobile life
simpler, safer and some-more convenient. At a BMW Group we always strive
for technological leadership.


With Strategy Number ONE NEXT we are serve strengthening this
proceed for a destiny of a BMW Group and a advantage of our
customers. Step by step, we are elaborating from an engineering business
to a tech association – providing particular reward mobility and services.


Our concentration on destiny mobility addresses 4 areas – that we call “ACES”:

  • Autonomous driving,
  • Connectivity,
  • Electric and/or emissions-free
  • and Sharing – generally for civic mobility.


We are clearly relocating brazen in all of these. Automated pushing will
make pushing safer and some-more gentle – of that we are convinced.
Last year we paved a proceed for high-precision mapping when we joined
with partner companies to acquire map use HERE. This was a first
vital step. Today outlines a serve large step in a fulfilment of
unconstrained driving.


Together with a partners Intel and Mobileye, we will rise the
required solutions and innovative systems for rarely and fully
programmed driving. We will pierce these technologies into series
prolongation by 2021 with a BMW iNEXT. This vehicle will set a basement for
fleets of entirely unconstrained vehicles, not usually on highways though also in
an civic environment. This will be essential for services like automated
ridesharing. The total imagination of Intel, Mobileye and a BMW
Group will safeguard that a business will be means to suffer fully
programmed pushing in bland life.


Our idea is already clearly-defined: to be Number ONE in unconstrained driving.

This partnership underscores a joining to grasp that goal.
We are gay to be operative together with Intel and Mobileye.

Three heading companies from several sectors have assimilated forces
to comprehend unconstrained driving. With this – we are pushing a industry
brazen to a new level.


We 3 companies will mix a imagination and skills and work
jointly on development. Our teams around a universe are already operative at

high-speed on moulding a destiny of unconstrained driving.


We wish to grasp petrify formula already within a few years and
this shows you: a 3 of us and a companies are really determined
to set a pace.


Thank you!


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