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Pieter Nota

Member of a Board of Management of BMW AG

Customer, Brands, Sales


Welcome everyone!

It’s good that we could join us on this really sparkling day:

The universe premiere of a new MINI Electric!

[MINI Cooper SE: total fuel consumption: 0.0 l/100 km; combined
energy consumption: 15.0 – 13.2 kWh/100 km; total CO2 emissions: 0 g/km*]


We chose Rotterdam to showcase a new MINI Electric since quite
simply, this city embodies what MINI is all about: Urban, irritable and
forward-looking. It’s also a place that embraces electro-mobility,
carrying already implemented a extensive charging network. In a
nutshell, it’s a city that points to a future. This is also our
proceed during a BMW Group.


The MINI Electric is another miracle in a BMW Group
foundation strategy. Of course, it’s also a miracle for Plant
Oxford, a Home of MINI.


Very early on, a BMW Group famous a significance of sustainable
mobility and was a colonize with a BMW i3 in 2013. Since then, we
have been consistently expanding a offer. Our proceed is to focus
on both entirely electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles to fit various
patron needs.


Today, a BMW Group offers a broadest operation of electrified
vehicles: From a 2 Series all a approach adult to a 7 Series. We have
a right indication with a elite expostulate sight – for any patron in
any shred – in any shred of a world. That is what we call true
patron centricity!


Plug-in variety – as good as entirely electric vehicles – can broach a
really genuine and certain grant to obscure emissions. They
yield a approach to fast urge atmosphere peculiarity in civic areas.


Last year we cooperated with a city of Rotterdam on a “Electric
City Drive”. We total an app to remind plug-in hybrid drivers to
switch to all-electric mode when in a city zone. The result: Nearly
all of a kilometres driven within a city section – were fully
electric. Now we are formulation to make this intelligent program a
customary underline in a plug-in hybrid vehicles, starting 2020.


At a BMW Group a thought is clear: To be a motorist of premium
electric mobility. Our plan is proof successful: Last year in
Europe, we sole some-more electrified vehicles than anyone else. At a end
of 2019, we will have over half a million electrified vehicles on the
road. And we continue to step adult a pace: Already in 2023, we will
offer 25 electrified vehicles – dual years progressing than originally
planned. More than half will be entirely electric. Next year customers
can demeanour brazen to a BMW iX3. And 2021 will be a truly phenomenal
year for a BMW Group with a launch of a BMW i4 and a new
record flagship, a iNEXT.


For us it is clear: Emission giveaway mobility is essential for a
tolerable future.

At a BMW Group, we are holding shortcoming for subsequent generations.
We are investing in destiny technologies that will assistance solve
poignant hurdles in society. We wish to be partial of a solution.


MINI has always been about solutions – MINI was total to yield an
answer to a mobility hurdles of a time.  Once again, it is
delivering timely and innovative solutions. MINI and electro-mobility
go together like palm in glove – as a success of a MINI Countryman
Plug-In Hybrid has shown.

[MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4: total fuel consumption: 2.1-1.9
l/100 km; total energy consumption: 13.6 – 13.5 kWh/100 km; combined
CO2 emissions: 47-43 g/km*]


Our new MINI Electric demonstrates how romantic and how many fun
e-mobility can be. True to a MINI brand, it is a ideal automobile for
civic areas.


The illusory patron response shows that many people have been
watchful for this good new car!


We are anxious to already have over 40,000 business who have
purebred their seductiveness in a MINI Electric. So, you’d improved be
discerning if we wish one!


Ladies and Gentlemen,


All of this shows: At sixty years old, MINI is as innovative and
present as ever – prepared to expostulate into an sparkling and emission-free future!

And now, a impulse has arrived: Please acquire a new MINI Electric!



Bernd Koerber

Senior Vice President MINI


MINI was founded on a thought to broach a resolution to a mobility
hurdles of a time. We are committed to this thought and to ensure
tolerable civic mobility for a future.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a good pleasure to deliver you
to a initial all-electric prolongation indication MINI, a MINI Cooper SE,
or as we quickly call it a MINI ELECTRIC.


Unmistakably a MINI – a reward tiny automobile that embodies all MINI
attributes, and transmits them to a shred of EV’s. In other words,
we have electrified MINI, now we will MINIfy electro mobility.


A new section in a story of MINI starts today. we am really excited
to share this impulse for a destiny of a code with you. The final 60
years, MINI has made particular mobility in a civic environment.
With radical and pioneering concepts that we owe to the
nonconformists and parallel thinkers in a settlement and development
departments, and who make pushing in a MINI an romantic experience.


Alec Issigonis, a engineer of a classical Mini didn’t allow to
conventions. He challenged a standing quo and organised a engine
transversely underneath a carp of a Mini. The outcome was like a
array for a whole attention – tiny cars were shortly developed
roughly exclusively according to this pattern. Despite a minimal
outmost dimensions, a classical Mini astounded with copiousness of space.
Thanks to a “Wheel during any corner” design offering unsurpassed
flexible doing a MINI customary go-kart feeling. Alec would certainly
have been a colonize of electro mobility, and so we continued this core
thought of MINI.


It is this Go-Kart feeling, a clarity of individuality and
radical concepts that have kept MINI in a suggestion of the
times. It is not startling that MINI pioneered a approach to electric
mobility some-more than 10 years ago. In 2008, a MINI E was a first
BMW Group electric automobile to be constructed in a tiny series. It
collected critical insights – insights that shabby a development
of a BMW i3. MINI drivers who participated in a margin tests with
a MINI E during that time still regard a moving pushing characteristics.


With a MINI Countryman Plug-In Hybrid electric pushing was brought
to a code in 2017. The new MINI Electric is both, a jump into the
destiny of MINI and also into a destiny of electric mobility. From now
on, electro mobility is synonymous with MINI’s customary go-kart feeling
in particular style.


The MINI ELECTRIC is formed on a conventionally powered MINI 3-door.
It keeps accurately a same foot ability since a high-voltage
battery is deftly housed in a automobile floor. This is artistic use
of space in a many complicated form. The battery allows for a operation of
235 kilometers. The new MINI Electric comes customary with a fast
charging DC underline that allows a battery to be recharged in only
35 mins time.

With 184 hp and a extemporaneous energy growth that is customary for
electric motors, a MINI ELECTRIC keeps some sports cars during a
stretch during a trade lights accelerating in a small 3.9 seconds from
0 to 60 km / h. Perfect traction and pushing fortitude are
guaranteed by a innovative circle trip limitation, that was
grown generally for electric vehicles.


Standard facilities of a MINI ELECTRIC embody LED headlamps, a
2-zone meridian control system, heating with feverishness siphon technology,
still atmosphere conditioning and auxiliary heating, as good as a
navigation complement that displays – among other things – a operation in
a form of an handling radius and charging stations in a area.


For us, a MINI ELECTRIC is not only a car, though a commencement of an
all-in-one resolution for civic mobility that we have dedicated
ourselves to. The MINI ELECTRIC has all a latest MINI Connected
services and pioneering facilities such as a pity function. The
owners can share a use of his MINI around MINI Connected with family
members, friends or other people by means of a smartphone that allows
him or her to clear and start a car. Until a launch, we will be
means to offer serve innovative services and facilities in an electric ecosystem.


So…when does a MINI Electric strike a road? We have been accepting
orders from all over a universe for a few weeks now, and we are doing
a pinnacle to safeguard that a business do not need to wait too long.
We have motionless opposite one singular launch date for all markets.
Production of a MINI Electric starts in Oxford in Nov 2019. The
initial vehicles will afterwards be delivered as early as possible, because
one thing is clear: it is about time for electro-mobility in MINI
style, don’t we think?


Thank you.

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