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Drew with VW

What creates Volkswagen and continuation athletes go together as if their astrological signs were a ideal match?

Last weekend, we served adult nonstop cycling movement during a Volkswagen Sea Otter Classic, a four-day eventuality in Monterey, CA. Along with a all-new Think Blue Tour trailer, giveaway coffee, and float and drives, VW also supposing an owners parking lot that offering VIP spots to cycling enthusiasts who gathering adult in a favorite vehicles. As you’ll see from a pictures, this lot was packed, and a owners were thrilled. Volkswagen held adult with a handful of a owners to find out what creates continuation athletes and VWs such a good combination.

First and foremost, these people are continuation athletes for life; many have been VW owners for life, too. These are folks that expostulate a lot on a weekends, hauling their bikes, snowboards, kayaks and surfboards to follow a anniversary events from state to state. For this crowd, TDIs, SUVs and hatchbacks tend to be a vehicles of choice.

While unloading dual towering bikes from his Thule roof rack, one immature male explained that he desired a approach his GTI rubbed and a “phenomenal” load space. He also forked out that after pushing adult from Los Angeles, his behind didn’t harm as it had during past trips in his prior vehicle, noticing a heavily-bolstered seats.

We also held adult with a married integrate in a new Jetta Sportwagen TDI. The mother travels utterly a bit locally and pronounced that she unequivocally enjoys how fun a automobile is to expostulate while also removing “stellar” mileage. While she was primarily fearful that she’d be giving adult a fad of a 2000 Jetta 1.8T she transposed with a Sportwagen, that did not spin out to be a case. The DSG transmission, corresponding to a torque-y diesel engine offers thrills on a daily basis.

For continuation athletes, most like VW enthusiasts, their vehicles turn a pitch of freedom. The good gas mileage, storage capacity, fun of pushing and comfort supplement adult to weekend highway trips to pursue their passions. Athletes for life. VW owners for life.

At any given time during eventuality hours there were about 200 VWs in this owners parking lot. This reward will turn even some-more renouned in entrance years, expected branch into a possess automobile corral. Actually, it was such a success that Volkswagen is looking brazen to doing it again in a few weeks during a Pirelli World Challenge on May 11-12 behind during Laguna Seca Raceway.

Tell us what passion your VW helps we pursue.

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